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Tweet247 | Updated: Tue, 24 Apr 2018, 18:08 PM IST

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  • イベント、ミニオンズランの最高最悪のボスとして仙台に行かせてもらって楽しいイベントしてきたぜぇ^_^ 折角の大好きミニオンズなので、奥さんとJrと一緒に来たぜぇ^_^ 服もミニオンズっぽくして^_^ デッカチャンに抱っこされてお父さんより大きい人見て驚きの表情だぜぇ 終わりで一緒に撮ったぜぇ.

    #Wild Photo
  • "Jah bless the earth" @JoakimNoah is out here living his best (wild)life 🌲.

  • Call me white all you want. And I never attacked your freedom to think or speak, you’re just wrong. Instead of engaging me with facts, which is what I did with you, you’ve just gone the path of personal insults. What’s wild is that you are now claiming to be a victim..

  • Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo are killing it in the playoffs and Kanye (re)joining Twitter has dominated the news cycle for a week. 2009 is wild..

  • Bon choix !! Ils ont bien faut d’avoir choisi Emmanuel & Remi #Wild #M6.

  • SpotifyでTMネットワークをシャッフルしたらあまりのGet Wildのバージョンの多さに小室💢💢💢ってなった.

  • @tenpa_man707 @tetsubo77 GET WILD に1票(^ω^).

  • @TheCorageous65 @PrimeTime846 @sidiovs @OpTic_Crimsix @OpTic_FormaL @OpTic_DKarma @OpTic_Scumper Well don’t bro. It’s obviously a pro doing all this to hype up rostermania. You never know, this could be true but in the mean time, just wait for Optic to say something. Tonight is a very wild night. Some stuff is going down my dude but don’t listen to him..

  • @JimmieDaPlug @MELOD1P was just saying this this man Carmelo is wild trash now smh.

  • There’s a man downtown that’s carrying a bucket and a wooden stick. Wild..

  • C’est pas comme dans koh lanta ou les lâches choisissent le plus faible lol #Wild.

  • Mais c’est quoi ces règles là entre Laurence qui revient du début à la fin alors qu’elle est nulle à chier et Laura et Adrien qui gagne la course ils ont même pas les 50 000€ ????? #Wild.

  • Happy birthday man, hope you make it worth wild big fella! @tbpeterson24 #gobuckeyes.

  • @sheLLbeLL_xo @amlivemon Because you are making wild assumptions and because there’s no sane reason to think it was anything but an accident. His actions or lack of action afterward? Bang on him all you want for that. But the rest is really nasty speculation and nothing more. Plus the guy is dead..

  • Très classe de choisir Rémy pour l’épreuve finale ! Bravo Adrien 👏🏻 #Wild.

  • Ugh! Just saw a vid on FB where she picked up a wild opossum and licked it in the mouth. In the description, she called it an armadillo. Who Frenches a wild animal you don’t even know?!?!.

  • #WILD super Adrien , ne choisit pas la facilité, il affrontera Remi !! Belle finale.

  • #Wild au moins une finale avec les plus méritants ! Fair play bravo !!.

  • @DayBracey_ Which was wild to me cuz he was the one dropping the racist comments from what I remember.

  • @PANCHOSAAVEDRA @edit_planeta El libro de mi vida es “Into the Wild” de Jon Krakauer que habla de la vida de Christopher McCandless. Me identifica su disyuntiva entre la civilización y la naturaleza, todos deberían leerlo y desconectarse un poco de la naturaleza en los hermosos lugares de Chile que muestras!.

  • Niggas are wild lmaoooooo idk how else to put it.

  • Spring Greens and Wild Rice Salad.

  • today I’m running around campus hanging posters for a vegan seminar while barefoot and judging by the looks I’m recieving I don’t think I’ve ever achieved this level of crazed wild child before.

  • Suscribo 100%. Hace años q discuto sobre esto. Que VOS , pedazo de un pelotudo, cantes en el estadio “lo de Maldonado no se olvida +” “nunca en tu vida barrabrava serás” o “vamo a quemar el cerro y el parque central” NO VA A HACER Q LOS JUGADORES METAN O JUEGUEN MAS Reaccionen!.

  • I’m expecting some wild Supernatural Increase this Friday!!! #TimeWithTheProphet #PropheticAllNight #loveeconomy.

    #Wild Photo
  • I talk wild shit on the timeline but I be by myself all the time. I be lying..

  • My neighbor let me look through his telescope at the moon. It was wild.

  • Thought I saw a fox outside my place, but it was a badger! Wild.

  • Dans Wild Remy c’est un très bon gars , bonne mentalité respect 👍.

  • heres a wild game imma tweet a 1 use invite to the wew lads and first dudebro to click it gets in (probably temporarily idk).

  • @Freedom4Horses Free the wild horses!!!!!.

  • Describe yourself with five words. — Timid, Nice, Loving, Wild, Rough~.

  • I Was Scheming Running Wild And Then I Caught A Case.

  • Candidates who could replace Chuck Fletcher as Wild GM.

    #Wild Photo
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