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✍️ Deontay Wilder returning is excellent news for boxing. Sign me up for… 🥊 Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua 🥊 Deontay Wilder vs Andy Ruiz Jr 🥊 Deontay Wilder vs Dillian Whyte 🥊 Deontay Wilder vs Oleksandr Usyk.

Deontay Wilder unveiling the statue created in honour of him in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama today… [📽️ @TelliSwift].

Meet my Pro-Abortion, Anti-2A, Anti-American opponent that advocates for Illegal Aliens & Transgender Bathrooms. Shocking, huh? What’s even wilder… she’s one of my PRIMARY opponents & actually calls herself “Republican” Thankfully we are polling 25 points over this RINO!.

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Adulto-jovem de cobra-d’água-de-colar-mediterrânica (Natrix astreptophora) observado a 23 de Maio na garagem do leitor Agostinho Oliveira em Travasso. Identificação por José Carlos Brito. @CIBIO_InBIO.

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Je ne peux pas m’arrêter maintenant, je dois poursuivre mon chemin. Je ne peux pas finir ma carrière de la sorte ! Mon parcours n’est pas terminé. Je dois poursuivre ➡️ @BronzeBomber Wilder , 36 ans, (42-2-1, 41 KOs)..

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@LewisC1402 The ppl who talk about wilder like that are black American obsessed fighters, fury super fans desperate to make his best wins look better or pure casuals who can see past a headline ko%. I refuse to believe actual boxing fans are this dumb (I hope).

@Boropolis @FootballLeagueW Wilder said best striker in the Championship for holding the ball up and work rate, so I fully expected this rumour..


£10m is £10m at the end of the day. Let wilder play with it and we will see results imo.

In my saner moments i am more than a little eccentric, in my wilder moments i am a fraction away from lunacy; but inbetween those two extremes i can be a.

@seiha_wilder 井上vsドネアなら日本人の9割はさすがに井上応援だろう。ドネアに勝ってほしいって日本人はごくごく一部だろう。ただ2人とも最高のジェントルマンだから同じくらい愛されてるよね。.

@MichaelBensonn Has the highest KO ratio in boxing history. Stop hating the man. I lived to see the greatest trilogy (in my lifetime). Thank You Deontay The Bronze Bomber Wilder and Tyson The Gypsy King Fury..

Good morning twitter Non stop since 6am . Coaching talking pting resolving problems for others 🙏 My glove collection is building aswell Amir Khan Buster Douglas @Savmarshall1 Deontay wilder.

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It’s this one girl from hs. I just have a soft spot for her. And I begged my bitch to leave her BD alone! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 she didn’t. Now I feel so crazy showing her love but even wilder not giving what She was used to. Careful of the company you keep.

@MollyJongFast It makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that “Conservatives” want to shut down public education, , to basically close all the doors to public schools..

Cumlouder-COM MEGA leaks Aiysha Diaz MEGA leaks Maya khalifa MEGA leaks Dainty wilder MEGA leaks.

@OSHI_GATOUTOI_ りょうかい〜! じゃあしろちゃんって呼ぼうかな😌.

@DevSahni_ @MichaelBensonn An active wilder undefeated was great for boxing because he had his belt. The guys gonna struggle for a match up in my opinion because it’s a big risk to anyone to step foot in there with him. It’s anyone’s guess to who he fights next.

Deontay Wilder confirms boxing return as he unveils statue of himself while fans eye fights with Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk, Dillian Whyte and Andy Ruiz Jr following Tyson Fury defeat.

@Siegismund Die werden immer wilder da drüben, rechne mittlerweile schon fest damit das Trump wieder der nächste Präsident.

ワイが友人だと思ってるだけで向こうにとっては友人じゃないのかもしれない 何もわからない.

【Vバックル】 鏡みたいに姿が映るところにカードデッキをかざすと出てくる、ベルト型のカードデッキホルダー…早い話が変身ベルトです。カードデッキをケースごとはめると変身しますが、その前にポーズを取らないといけないわけではないです。なんでみんなあんなにポーズ取りたがるんです?.

Here’s a picture of Wilder next to a statue of @DerekBrunson.

A couple years ago it was a more competitive fight(on paper at least). Whytes work rate has slowed, he’s looked dull in the ring and his chin doesn’t seem to hold up. Wilder in 2-3 rounds.


Deontay Wilder will ‘continue journey’ as he rules out retirement after Tyson Fury defeats.

Deontay Wilder will ‘continue journey’ as he rules out retirement after Tyson Fury defeats.

@Wilder__G 「メキシカンミートタコス発売記念フォロー&RTキャンペーン」へのご応募ありがとうございます✨ 抽選結果は動画の最後に発表📣 「メキシカンミートタコスor贅沢チーズタコス無料クーポン」が当たるチャンス❗ 期間中毎日応募できます‼ ▼詳細.

@Babs_SP Wilder is prob more attractive to women than what Crawford, Stevenson, Tank, Spence could be. To be honest.


Deontay Wilder will ‘continue journey’ as he rules out retirement after Tyson Fury defeats.

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