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Last week some fans wished Willian dead because of his poor performance and today they called sterling a black cunt. Chelsea fan base are so disgusting

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I really loved him a lot today. . He started a lot of counters .. i think sarri should use this 11 more .. coz its rare to see pedro and willian impress in the same match.

@WAGNH_CFC Agreed, but it leave us with a lack of wings. Pedro and Willian and then the kids CHO and RLC..

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Got fodderized by an Alonso/Willian/Azpi/Pedro wing all 2nd half LOL.

2018 to chyba najlepszy rok Messiego, jeśli chodzi o gole z rzutów wolnych, mocno sobie tę skuteczność poprawił. Willian za Mourinho miał swego czasu świetną serię, co strzelał, to wpadało. Mój ulubiony jego gol z wolnego to ten przeciwko Dynamo Kijów w końcówce meczu, kozak..

3ª partida rankeada perdida nesse csgo, não tá dando mais prazer de jogar pq esses hacks desgraçados estão acabando com o jogo.


@Tony952__ Mdr h24 je pense à ses matchs , surtout avec les occasions de Willian contre West Ham.

Last week some fans wished Willian dead because of his poor performance and today they called sterling a black cunt. Chelsea fan base are so disgusting.

@danlevene So he doesn’t like Kante, Willian, Rudiger, Moses, Oslo, Abraham, didn’t like Drogba? These idiots think that it’s acceptable no matter what the call the opposition players when in fact they are severely insulting their own players too! Kick him out for life and get him done!.

@Shewton_Willian Ta foda mano, eu doido pra ver o jogo, Messi deitando como sempre e essa Fox faz isso com o telespectador.

Willian still vexed me in some moments sha and alonslow that sterling turned like amala..

Can’t believe some of you were against swapping Willian for Dembele. I just can’t..

-Hazard 8 -Willian -Pedro -Kovacic -Jorginho -Kante 9 -Alonso 7 -David Luiz 9 -Azpilicueta 9 -Kepa -RLC -Barkley -Giroud NA.

por isso digo que a torcida do Chelsea é um lixo. fizeram até pouco tempo com o Willian também.

@Lamelo1i willian attitude is soo weird, looks depressed on the pitch. kovacic has to come forward and press for him.

Dia de buscar conhecimentos com os caras e valorizando os nossos conterrâneos. Show de treinamento! Parabéns Diego Canovas , Willian Vitale e Ricardo Lorente. @ Villa 459 Buffet e Eventos — at Villa 459 Buffet e Eventos.

Vim trabalhar com o Willian mas meus pensamentos tão na minha roupa que poderia estar secando nesse sol tão lindo mas como saí cedo não deu tempo de lavar.

@KarimElhamy4 @CFCWriter No it was more of hazard and Pedro staring with Willian playing at lw which is his preferred position.

So we all know Pedro >>> Willian. Well at least this season. Pedro deserves to be the starter of those two..

hazard with two assists lowest on the list, this is why this club deserves willian and giroud.

@dinomonicfc Plus for these pattern who work perfectly,we need Hazard,Pedro and Willian to move the ball as fast as possible and not to hold on to the ball too much hereby loosing possession. First pieces of passes stringed together in the 1st half and we had a goal..

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