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Updated: October 14th, 2021 06:44 PM IST

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Pensée décoloniale, études de genre, cancel culture… Pour Brice Couturier, la culture “woke” nuit dangereusement à la démocratie.

Woke Twitter

Tell me you’re pregnant without telling me you’re I had a dream about someone throwing my food away that I had JUST made and I woke up crying actual tears 🥲

@SindiswaNene Yoh I’m tired. Imagine waking up to someone saying they saw your brother standing over you when your snoring woke them up 😭

@GBNEWS Problem with the woke stuff is the black people conflate criticism with their standards are on the decline

@RannySpoon i’m ok! just woke up and checking twitter while i get ready for school :)

it was bound to happen sooner or later but today’s sure feeling like a Monday because I slept thru alarms and woke up and had to sprint to catch the bus to work with ~3 minutes but luckily the bus driver waited and I’m just 💦💦💦 small gifts even if I’m a frazzled mess

Kaeya woke up and chose violence against artists in particular with that outfit of his.

if u half sleep. very tired & just woke up. dont take ur ass in that kitchen making some grits for breakfast. grits gon be missing butter & salt! grits gon taste like ASS & water 🤣

Just when you thought you could have a slow morning in this busy mess of a month…nope. Woke up to emails that gave me a massive anxiety attack. Quick coffee, shower and off to Uni to finish a massive project before 11:45 🙃

@jason_mao16 HAHAHAHA Your tweets are controversial! I might lose about 500 of my super liberal woke followers on my main account. 😂

like I said, fake woke lol. Man says a whole bunch of nothing

Woke up with a a fever of 102 just fml yo 😩🤦🏾‍♀️ I feel like pure shit

Woke up this morning realizing my. Little sister was planning on dressing up with my youngest son for Halloween like she AINT got 3 other nieces and nephews 🤣 and wasn’t going to tell me either. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

woke up an dame dame was on facebook talking about a loose member still talking .... further investigation leads me to a @DoggieDiamonds interview with hollywood ferg Currently listening .... damn doggie, he spilling all the beans 🤣🤣

@Jody_McFly @Kareem_is_it Most of the shit he does makes 0 sense but fake woke niggas love him cause he says a lot of things that sound deep unless you actually take 10 to think about what he’s actually saying then you realize he’s full of shit.

But it lasted only one night. In the morning, when I woke and got out of bed, I was again the shallow poseur of a clown. The weak fear happiness itself. They can harm themselves on cotton wool. Sometimes they are wounded even by happiness.

@LissaKEvans What a horrible advert. No doubt John Lewis thiught it was being edgy and woke showing a boy dressed up in women’s clothes and wearing make up, but most people don’t care about that- all they see is his appalling, destructive, spoilt-brat behaviour. Thoroughly unpleasant

It was 5am and he got up to go to the restroom and I woke up. Then he can back to bed and made himself comfortable next to me. Then out of nowhere our ferret starts to shake the cage (2/4)

@MonstaTofu Yep. Only woke losers and trans themselves. In fact most trans don’t care what other trans say to be honest. My cat certainly doesn’t care!

Raccoucir être une personne censée contre les discriminations à « être woke » un terme qui n’est pas de l’âge jurassique des politiciens qui l’utilisent et qu’ils ne comprennent donc pas est dangereux. Qu’il se contente de la fermer la chèvre de Mister Macron

there’s a couple in boston where one is into me and one is not….woke up to a late night text from the interested one #mypower

@Cass_ndr mdrrrrr en gros être woke c’est un peu être contre les injustices qu’il peut exister genre racisme, homophobie, misoginie etc

Waking up feeling any type of under the weather has me so paranoid. Went to bed fine, woke up with a dry throat.

En ik maar denken dat Brown Sugar over heroïne Als je maar woke bent. #RollingStones

I never understood how people could listen to Soca as soon as they woke up, but I have seen the light.

@CTVNews Cancel culture of woke millennials. It doesn’t apply the other way where violence and vulgar language is the norm.

Woke up today still pissed at my nails … I’m seriously thinking about going back and taking these shits off

I woke up and my brain stopped functioning immediately 😳🤯

I just slept then woke up to T43 having a dating rumor. Warahell jis happening 🧍🏻‍♀️

Katie Couric deems RBG “unworthy” because she wasn’t sufficiently woke. Ridiculous. #CorruptCorporateMedia

Pensée décoloniale, études de genre, cancel culture… Pour Brice Couturier, la culture “woke” nuit dangereusement à la démocratie.

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