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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 18 May 2018, 20:08 PM IST

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  • I will not attend the meeting with Mr Zuckerberg if it’s held behind closed doors. It must be a public hearing – why not a Facebook Live? I strongly regret that the @EPPGroup has colluded with extreme right to keep everything behind closed doors..

  • One reason I don’t trust Facebook with my data is that this one time Mark Zuckerberg was trusted to help make a website for some college classmates & STOLE THE DATA AND MADE FACEBOOK..

  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and founder, has accepted our invitation. He will come to the European Parliament. My full statement ⤵️.

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  • Glad that Mark Zuckerberg accepted invitation from @Europarl_EN and will come to Brussels to answer European questions on privacy. Pity this will not be a public hearing. There are more EU users on FB than there are in the US & Europeans deserve to know how their data is handled..

  • EP President Tajani forced by five of the eight political groups - representing a majority of MEPs - to open the meeting with #Zuckerberg by webstreaming the hearing..

  • Sweet minor victory? Parliament party leaders want to live-stream Tuesday Mark Zuckerberg meeting. Those supportive of the move included Greens, the liberal ALDE group, Socialists, far-left GUE/NGL group and the far-right EFDD. Now what will @EP_President do? #EU #transparency.

  • World’s richest people, May 2018 1. Jeff Bezos 2. Bill Gates 3. Warren Buffett 4. Bernard Arnault 5. Mark Zuckerberg 6. Amancio Ortega 7. Carlos Slim 8. Larry Page #3usiness #Microsoft #Amazon.

  • 📰 #DailyCaller Article First Published April 25, [email protected]:05pm | ‘Profoundly Dangerous’ — Ted Cruz Just Put Mark Zuckerberg On Notice |.

  • @Dertydog_Games @ScottyDontTwit Zuckerberg 😂.

  • #Zuckerberg tendrá que dar explicaciones al Parlamento Europeo por las filtraciones de datos..

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  • @Autolikos1 Już od jakiegoś czasu w mediach pojawiają się spekulację, że Zuckerberg wystartuje w wyścigu do Białego Domu. Być może już w 2020..

  • @arawnsley @luke_j_obrien @andrewrawnsley @lukeobrien The best example of these is Nats beat writer @MarkZuckerman who gets hate mail for Zuckerberg all the time and just retweets them with baseball takes..

  • @apyus @TonhoDrinks Facebook pode ser empresa privada, mas como qualquer empresa, deve respeitar a lei. Acham q Zuckerberg foi convidado a se apresentar no Congresso americano p tomar chá? Não esqueçam da enquadrada q levou do sen. Ted Cruz por censurar posts conservadores. 👍.

  • Most of you are "dumb fucks". Just quoting the #facebook CEO! Who probably wishes his privacy was better protected as this quote comes from a leaked conversation. #privacy #security #selfhosting #.

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  • se nao bastasse o mark zuckerberg do caralho criar o facebook ele acaba duplamente com a nossa paz com esse inutil do messenger.

  • A majority of EU Parliament leaders agreed to demand that Mark Zuckerberg testify in a meeting that’s live-streamed, not behind closed doors.

  • Mark #quote #image.

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  • @ramzpaul After puberty it is quite difficult, if not impossible for the majority of people to learn a foreign language without an accent. It has to do with brain neurology. Yes there are exceptions. Zuckerberg is a billionaire but he’s an exception as well 😉.

  • Growing pressure from most political groups in European Parliament to webstream meeting w/ Zuckerberg. Socialist leader @UdoBullmann "If anybody, Mark Zuckerberg should be open to this. After all, his business model is all about sending out messages into the world." #eudatap.

  • Comparecerá Mark Zuckerberg ante el Parlamento Europeo.

  • Zuckerberg will meet with European parliament in private next week: Who says privacy is dead? Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to take European parliamentarians’ questions about how his platform impacts the privacy of hundreds of millions of….

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  • Mark Zuckerberg, fundador de Facebook, comparecerá ante el Parlamento Europeo por la filtración de los datos personales de usuarios. #HechosAM.

  • Facebook : Zuckerberg accepte de rencontrer des eurodéputés, mais à huis clos.

  • Die tägliche Dosis #GoodNews auf : Zuckerberg vor dem EU-Parlament, Malaysischer Oppositionsführer ist frei und Ms. Marvel als erste muslimische Superheldin #Zuckerberg #Facebook #AnwarIbrahim #MsMarvel (Foto: @TechCrunch ).

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  • Facebook privacy: MEPs to press Zuckerberg -.

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  • Zuckerberg se presentará ante el Parlamento de la Unión Europea por datos de Facebook - El Mostrador.

  • Que Zuckerberg haya aceptado comparecer en el Parlamento Europeo y se haya negado a hacerlo en el británico es toda una señal #Brexit.

  • Zuckerberg gets it right, kind of. His success is not an ‘only in America’ story..

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  • Randi Zuck is on the move. #women #Success #technology.

  • "Given Zuckerberg has thrice denied requests from UK lawmakers to take questions about his platform in a public hearing we can only assume the company made the CEO’.

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