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Guest host @AaronRodgers12 is honored to have shared the stage with Alex when he won #CelebrityJeopardy in 2015.

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Alex Kirshner
Alex Kirshner ()

A dude in serious contention at the Masters is putting with a fairway wood because he lost his temper and snapped his putter. All-time golf moment

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Antonio Ledezma
Antonio Ledezma ()

Ni las vacunas, ni las escuelas, ni resolver el drama de hospitales ni de servicios de agua, gas y luz, es prioridad para Maduro. Para él lo que cuenta es atender los asuntos de la narcoguerrilla, enviar gasolina a Cuba, defender a Alex Saab y equipar a sus grupos de represión.

Alex Brosch 🔴
Alex Brosch 🔴 ()

@everesists @proletin Aber immerhin eine deutliche Verbesserung zum vorherigen Zustand mit den freien bettten

Declan B
Declan B ()

Imagine not seeing anyone for a year and then you open your door to Alex Cole Hamilton? Absolutely not.

Johan lyset har gått i mikron
Johan lyset har gått i mikron ()

@Svedberg_Alex Ja, hon har inte fått träffa minstingen, och missat ett år av tvååringen typ


WATCH: Vicki Belo candidly asks Alex Gonzaga intimate questions about her married life

bianca 🌈
Bianca 🌈 ()

i’m fucking speechless. one scene where alex tells kelly and she has that positive and supportive reaction is all people wanted and needed to see. SHOW DON’T TELL. you’re bad storytellers if that is something you don’t understand. #Supergirl

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Alex Faust
Alex Faust ()

The date is set: SCSU vs UMass. There will be a first-time national champion on Saturday night.

Lolloll ()

Not me making tiktoks for events in the future of the book WHILE I DONG HAVE MY LAPTOP FUCKING FUCK FUCKS

Keith Myer 📳
Keith Myer 📳 ()

@FacesOfCOVID @CObituaries Much appreciated, Alex. Multiple people sent me the article and were very troubled. Thank you for understanding.

𝕻𝖆𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖆 ()

meu sobrinho chegou bravo perguntando do alex eu: na casa dele “mai eu quero ir lá 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Cassandra Fairbanks
Cassandra Fairbanks ()

WATCH: Alex Jones Physically Stops Vehicle After Witnessing Migrant Children Being Stuffed in the Luggage Compartment

The Financer
The Financer ()

🍿 EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO! The CEL 7 video just unlocked, its title? The Crypto Song, feat. Alex @Mashinsky in a brief cameo. Thank you to Stinow for the support. Go!

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Sukanz ()

Ulasan Sukanz: Alex, Fadzrul & Fayyadh Menjadi ‘Game Changer’ Kebangkitan Kedah Ikuti ulasan daripada Sukanz mengenai perlawanan di antara Selangor dan Kedah Darul Aman, semalam: Artikel penuh ➡️ #LigaSuper2021

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Mila ()

room on fire deberia ser el primero loco hasta alex estaria de acuerdo es literalmente este

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Medusa ()

as cenas do william completamente inuteis que poderiam ter sido substituídas por alex contando pra kelly sobre a kara ou sei lá QUALQUER outra coisa

Dandara ˢᵖᶠᶜ 🇾🇪 🦌
Dandara ˢᵖᶠᶜ 🇾🇪 🦌 ()

E ainda tentando entender onde está o caralho da cena que a Alex conta pra Kelly que a Kara é a Supergirl #Supergirl

snixx ミ☆
Snixx ミ☆ ()

se tirasse todas as cenas do william dava pra ter mostrado a alex contando pra kelly sobre a kara #supergirl

Jeopardy! ()

Guest host @AaronRodgers12 is honored to have shared the stage with Alex when he won #CelebrityJeopardy in 2015.

RickySantoro ()

Pons out, tb positivo , va Víctor Hugo crema o Alex Rossi de 9

RazörFist ()

I only know of the animated series that the legendary Alex Toth was designing in the 1970s, if you can believe it. We might have had The Shadow equivalent 20 years before Batman TAS ever happened. Sadly, it never panned out.

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Wanna Vision
Wanna Vision ()

Alex Isley is one of the best — period. She deserves all the recognition and flowers.

rizos - CEO of Antonie
Rizos - CEO of Antonie ()

a veces estoy tranquilita y sosegada y me acuerdo de que álex carasa vive en valladolid y es bastante probable que alguna vez me lo encuentre y me entra un mal cuerpo increíble

Tom Pelissero
Tom Pelissero ()

The #Texans still haven’t engaged in trade talks, but they continue to get calls about Deshaun Watson. And if it becomes clear Watson won’t be there — via trade, holdout or otherwise — don’t rule out Alex Smith landing in Houston. @nflnetwork

Juliet♡ ()

willie loves sunsets and while jatp is on tour every time alex sees a pretty sunset he takes a picture and sends it to willie and says this reminded me of you


@theeliberty Alex Jones shout the chemicals in the water are inducing Puberty earlier and earlier it’s real madness I tell you slam his fist on desk

ô carolzinha🦋
ô carolzinha🦋 ()

só n falo gostoso tbm, pq não é a foto do mas JÁ SABEM

フミおじ🐶🍸🔞プラベ垢 ()

@Hd_Alex_b02 食べるだけでカロリー消費するからむしろダイエット

YouR WitnesS
YouR WitnesS ()

And Alex lied about being d owner of the cars (and we called him boss) , Itunu be doing his thing on a low, Atom b snitching and always b friends with the rich one, there goes Korede who can explain for Africa 🤣... and the Odogwu who wants to be feared 👹 #EndSars #Mmemberville

Karlaa ()

le copeo a alex comenta y te digo: • primera impresión: • tu user en mi cabeza: • nivel de cercanía (1-10): • ¿te quiero?: • eres mi: • honestamente:

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