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having to explain to my mom how andrew tate cost me a job is not where i thought id be a month ago.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

The truth on Logan Paul Vs. Andrew Tate is revealed 👀👀… @BSJakePaul GO PEEP 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼.

Stell dir vor du musst als CEO deiner selbstgegründeten Firma zurücktreten weil du ein Video mit einer Länge von wenigen Sekunden mit Andrew Tate hochlädst 🤣.

Only one person ever blocked me because I don’t like his favorite fighter, and that person is a massive Andrew Tate fan. This the masculinity I hear so much about? 🤪.

follow me if u like the following: ben shapiro matt walsh donald trump andrew tate joe rogan sneako ron desantis jordan peterson kyle rittenhouse alex jones.


edtwt fatphobic kpoedtwt daughter or gymbros andrew tate bad music taste so.

Some people want to be Ryan Gosling other people want to be Andrew Tate, i aspire to have as much wisdom as @lewis15_.

my very christian mother jus said she’d beat the fuck outta andrew tate and then castrate him “in jesus name”. on God praise jesus 할렐루야 🙌🏻🙏🏻.

Andrew Tate was right about your punk a** y’all nothing but opportunists! Shut your a** up and go pay someone to fight you..

This the same dude that said Andrew Tate is toxic. Guess it takes one to know one..

i just met a dude that looked and talked like andrew tate who claimed he was a tiktok chef.

if he cheats put nair in his shampoo. wanna act like andrew tate u gon look like him too 💀.

Ser mulher deve ser uma merda mesmo né bixo, um monte de gente relevante dizendo q o cara tem o direito de ser amigo do Andrew.


@eyeluding @Hamb1no None of these decisions have any literally 0 impact on Andrew Tate so how do they make any sense or justify the means? He literally couldn’t care less and gets to just go to another party and do what he does but people who literally have 0 affiliation just lost their jobs.

@rob4493 @G2esports lol people like u are fucking losers and don’t have anything else to do but spend their whole day on twitter, the guy who made G2 had to step down from his position from partying with andrew tate so bs, go fuckursef.

one friend comes out as anti vax and the other as pro andrew tate within 2 weeks what the fuck is going on. AND THE DAX INVITE.

Next guy that wants to treat me like I’m an option, I’m putting hair remover in his shampoo. You wanna act like Andrew Tate you going to look like him too..

@Coke3232 G2 won some Valo shit then he celebrated with Andrew Tate, people got mad, new Valo vct leagues got announced, G2 is not in them, so he basically lost them idk 50 millions? He was forced to step down I assume.

Yo its kinda crazy that somebody just lost their position at their own company bc they partied with Andrew Tate. Its gotten to the point where the left is controlling every narrative no matter what the argument 😲.


Andrew Tate givs off such a dark energy i can feel it through the phone. His vibes are definitely off the charts and problematic. Its giving libra manwhore twink.

@lurteaa It’s only a PR catastrophe because of cancel culture…lol. Hanging out with Andrew Tate shouldn’t be controversial.

🎯 عاجل: استقالة كارلوس أوسيلوت الرئيس التنفيذي لنادي G2 Esports بعد ظهوره مع الشخصية المنبوذة بسبب خطابات الكراهية و آرائه تجاه النساء (Andrew Tate) وتعرضه لهجوم حاد من الجمهور و وسائل الإعلام نتيجة لذلك ‼️ نادي @G2esports نشر بيانًا يعتذر فيه للجماهير 📜 #eSports.

Andrew Tate Foto,Andrew Tate Foto by TrueGaming Esports,TrueGaming Esports on twitter tweets Andrew Tate Foto

@ElHolaSilver No lo sacaron, el renuncio. La fiesta que tuvo fue con Andrew Tate, ya sabes, el misogeno que lo banearon de redes sociales, libero un video donde golpea a su novia, trata a las mujeres de objeto y esta actualmente acusado de tráfico de personas.

@rEvLx22 @Jusaain Nein Bruder, wieso wurde denn der Deal abgebrochen? Ja weil das Internet andrew tate nicht mag und er mit ihm gepartied hat, das ist der Grund, nur wegen den tate Hatern und wegen nichts anderem.

How Andrew Tate Really Feels About Islam and Religion | COMPILATION via @YouTube.

@BzhNath @weazsorya Kamel ne supporterait jamais andrew tate et encore si apres les 8 semaines y’a encore des soucis ok mais la c’etait juste trop top.

Was haben Tweets gegen Andrew Tate und ein Scheißhaufen gemeinsam? Bei beidem kann man sich sicher sein, dass schon sehr bald die Mistfliegen drumherum schwirren..

Carlos Rodriguez has stepped down as CEO of G2 Esports after partying with Andrew Tate..

Having a HUGE ego isn’t the problem. Every successful person has one. Your problem is you have a huge ego not based on real world achievements. Fix that. - Andrew Tate.

@_I_uka @lenroc777 No tam w tle jest ten Andrew Tate a kilka dni wcześniej G2 ogłosiło żeński skład w Valoranta chyba..

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