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Ready to channel my inner Andy for tomorrow. BRING. IT. ONNNN..

Al menos 12 amigos de Gonzalo y Andy López Beltrán, hijos del presidente @lopezobrador_ se han incorporado al gobierno federal. ¿Conoces más casos? 🤔.

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今日もあんでぃ〜出勤しています‼️ 今日は金曜日✨️華金ですね❗️🤩 終日セット1000円です✨️ 初回、新規 お待ちしております✨️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️.

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thank you andy love and kay for composing such a banger 😔☝️☝️☝️☝️ LIKE DAMN OMG NEW SONG TO ADD TO MY FAVE BSIDES BY ONEUS LIST.

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@FIFAWorldCup @TeamMelliIran Absolutely battered Wales. Get those bags packed Bale, lad..


私のマミーがTikTokデビューしたよ㊗️ 祐輝くんの10倍くらい機械音痴だから、アカウント作るの大変だった😂🥹 @yukiando210.

#NowPlaying Terry Wollman - What Is Hip (feat. Andy Snitzer) :: Tune In : - Buy It ).

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Congratulations to Professor Andy Bush for being awarded the prestigious BTS Medal for his contribution to respiratory medicine and science, and to all others who took home an award at #BTSWinter2022.

@AndyLancasterUK Interesting Andy… just thinking of L&D (never D&L?) does reframing of sequence create a different perspective? Perhaps. Probably depends on the context, audience and elaboration on the point being made by the sequence. Familiarity and ease of language can matter too. #LDinsight.

@ferrazza Beh sono battaglie che possono far introitare nuove sovvenzioni statali visto che tutto si fa per solidarietà degli ultimi…peccato che questi vengono in buona parte trattati non proprio come esseri umani….


Andy Vermaut shares:Rapidly ageing China rolls out private pension scheme in 36 cities Thank you..

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@1980sHeaven @Andy_Iddon Didn’t all west him fans have a sit down protest at half time ?.

@himmel42 Guten Morgen Andy. Ich wünsche dir einen harmonischen Freitag mit hoffentlich vielen kleinen Glücksmomenten. Komme fröhlich ins Wochenende! Gebe auf dich acht, bleibe behütet und gesund! 🤗☕️🍀.

@titowankalaw Nadie te cuestiona que seas OPA pero, por que abusar? Por que ese afán de romper récords?.

FNS正座して待機🧎 たまたま休み!よかったぁ! #ジュンス #ジェジュン.

Andy Vermaut shares:Chuu removed from LOONA by agency for alleged “violent language and misuse of power” towards staff: The idol had been entered into a legal dispute with the agency, Blockberry Creative, earlier this year in a bid to suspend… Thank you..

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@sashamaromba Andy era 4 assunto por 1 bimestre e eu não aprendi nenhum o ano inteirinho😭.

@GutoLlewelyn @andy_harris75 I would rather not die wondering? I think it’s time for the Welsh Pirlo!!.

@Storch_i @CSU Komplett findet man ja selten. Nur bei Andy Scheuer. Der ist ein kompletter Vollidiot..


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@elonmusk We need a culture change to help American get back on track. You should do a podcast episode with Andy Frisella on the Real AF. We truly need influencer like you all to help lead this next generation and show them that with hard work anything is possible..

しごわしたけど今日これから人と飲みの約束ずっと前にしてたのすっかり忘れてて普通に電車乗って帰るところだった💦 あっぶね😂 人生初の仮歯で人と食事だよ🥹💦 いきなり難関過ぎて行く前から心の刃まで折れそうになってる😂.

Andy Vermaut shares:Tesla is recalling 81,000 cars in China for seat belt and software problems: The EV maker will call back 70,434 imported Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles, and 10,127 China-made Model 3 cars. Thank you..

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こいつイカれてんな!?って思う相手に誠意を持った態度をとってもダメ。 どうせ何にもわかってないんだから。.

@JasonManford are you sharing your video that you filmed at the end of the show last night #assemblybangers.

@sportbible Not since the invention of social media and seen how the other home nations really feel about us 🙄.

Andy to play at Christmas party backing St Richard’s -.

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Getting beyond a joke now with the amount of absolute nonsense these two come out with 🤡.

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