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🎶 He comes from São 🎶 ...and he plays for The Arsenal! ❤️

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Plague_Arsenal ()

@pulte I just gotta say Plute yah me for everything you do for people in these hard and tuff times and I thank you for giving away many to people innned of it I just can’t thank you enough ❤️❤️❤️

Swissgooner ()

@PoznanInMyPants Done. Fuck the US Health system (or lack of it). I really hope this changes one day. Richest country in the world FFS 😭. All the best to Vanessa. Love seeing Arsenal Twitter like this ❤️

Arsenal ()

🎶 He comes from São 🎶 ...and he plays for The Arsenal! ❤️

Arsenal Foto
Paul Butler
Paul Butler ()

If your playing against a physical side you need to turn that physicality into a weakness. The #Arsenal penalty proved it works

Colin ()

Currently a lot of Arsenal fans in it 😂. Would like some fans from other fanbases to join to balance it out. Like or reply to be added

Siya 🇸🇿
Siya 🇸🇿 ()

@BandzileMbd @Arsenal 😂😂 wakhuluma ngatsi lokuwina kwenteka kanye emva kweminyaka

Mason Van Gunwood
Mason Van Gunwood ()

@OmovighoJohn @abhiz30 I’m so sorry on hating on ur imaginary premier league winning arsenal team where tierney is the captain. In fact I feel sorry for u actually being this deluded.

Нетпрес ()

Арсенал преку Шефилд во полуфиналето на ФА Купот via @NetPress

Madhusudan Chouhan
Madhusudan Chouhan ()

@Arsenal The GUNNERS have used their weapons from their ARSENAL to clear the FIELDs at SHEFFIELD😂😂

Yahya3444 ()

@rioferdy5 He has everything in the locker to be a top cb but he makes too many mistakes which costs arsenal, they need solidity at the back, why dont they go for thiago silva for free this summer?

Granotafutebol 🇵🇹🐸
Granotafutebol 🇵🇹🐸 ()

Si viene el Arsenal y se llevan a Enis, lloraré, pero me alegraré. Un tío que siempre se ha dejado el corazón, muchas veces no le han tratado bien, humilde con la gente y creo que ya se podría haber y aquí sigue. Hagas lo que hagas, siempre serás de los nuestros @enisbardhi10

世界のスポーツ。最新トレンド&リアクション ()

The 27-year-old has been touted as a potential replacement for Ben Chilwell if the England international leaves the Foxes.


BREAKING NEWS: FIFA Have Allowed Arsenal To Use Two Goalkeepers In Their Next 😪🙄

Mourinhista fan .
Mourinhista fan . ()

Against Sheffield United think we Should play 3-5--2 Like Arsenal did today they are very Dangerous in a Long terms and free kicks and we hit them on the Counter Attack with Son pace.


Oxlade-Chamberlain is not the first player to leave Arsenal and win the Premier League title 👀

Arsenal Foto
James Woods
James Woods ()

You will have a lot of people supporting your care for your sister today. She’s had tremendous loss, and is clearly engaged in a terrible struggle. She has one unbelievable arsenal in her battle, however - your devotion and your love. You are a good one. @miswojo1

The_AyoOkunade🇳🇬 ()

@debbie_chelsea I think we shud help Arsenal in 2021/22 cos we are winning 2020/21😸😸

Adam ()

50 Million for Lacazette. 60 Million for Auba. 40 Million for Matteo. 10Million for Elneny. 15Million for sokartis. 20M for for Revamp @Arsenal @m8arteta

Iammartins ()

@Arsenal 😂😂😂😂😂😂 weak club Arsenal,go sign some good players and make your fans proud

Loudima.Dreamer ()

@Homa10i Ox continuing the trend of Arsenal players leaving to go win titles elsewhere 😂😂

Saga Gist
Saga Gist ()

Arsenal confirm two players to leave club: Arsenal on Thursday confirmed that two… #sagagist

JumpingJephcott ()

Now that the Premier League has been decided rank your all time Premier League champions Liverpool 19/20 Man city 17/18 Leicester 15/16 Man U 07/08 Chelsea 05/06 Arsenal 03/04 Man U 98/99

🌊 ()

@nico_vrsalovic es que en este Arsenal todos valen pico menos Auba, aunque este cabro igual es sub 21 de su selección

Justinus Lhaksana
Justinus Lhaksana ()

Hr ini gw bikin 2 video. 1 review Arsenal dan Celsi, sore di posting dan Special Edition ttg Klopp malam di posting.

Warrior of Light📙📖
Warrior of Light📙📖 ()

How does it feel like squeezing Arsenal in Champion League winning teams conversations🤷🏽‍♂️

HNK ()

@tahanoorullah City last season ko demolish ker dia iss side ne. Chelsea 05/06 and United 08 were better teams. Arsenal in invincibles too. Top 4 kerlo

SYÆ-12KIR ()

@izzatdasilva kalau cerita pasal trending,Arsenal menang 2-0 pun trending malam semalam

Jim Stevenson
Jim Stevenson ()

As Investors Move from China, Vietnam Adds EU Trade Pact to Arsenal @voanews

Lido Yulio
Lido Yulio ()

@RRachdy Btw yg kena sorot banyak sih kalo mu, kalo arsenal terakhir yg kena sorot guendouzi nyekik maupay

Okafor Nwakalor Ekwunaife Obiora
Okafor Nwakalor Ekwunaife Obiora ()

@von_Bismack @gimbakakanda bros arsenal on suffer for your hand sha. but if this present barca board no change soon, arsenal fit better pass us.

☚ hobi #Formel1 ☛
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