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I have no apology for being a bachelor at 70 – Odia Ofeimun

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David Cable ()

Trump Wants You to Know He’s More Popular than ‘The Bachelor’ via @RollingStone

Eprider ()

@realDonaldTrump What!!are you comparing your Coronavirus updates to the bachelor tv reality show ratings!!! Seriously as people are dying!! No mores today after that! Wake up America!!

Set Me Free ()

@tailopez There is no secret. You just become an alcoholic because you either relinquish control to her or you stay a bachelor forever.

David A. Robertson ()

Imagine you’re the leader of a country that’s suffering terribly through a pandemic and you brag about your press conference ratings being higher than The Bachelor.

Wizardsfanreaction ()

@hen_ease can you please update him on the Bachelor? You do great job!

E. Smith ()

@PodcastATI Thoughts on Trump’s comments about his ratings being better than The Bachelor?

Natalie Wilson ()

Like literally he mentioned The Bachelor finale in a press briefing and his ratings. He is NUTS! A Nut!!! We’re doomed!!!

Sachsy mom 🧡🐊💙 ()

@Scaramucci Still sticking with this? Talking about his ratings and the Bachelor? In whose world is this normal??

John Kim ()

@PDXEleven @AdamParkhomenko Fox News cut into commentary when babbling about the bachelor

Adelaide (Addie)🌊 ()

@realDonaldTrump Your Fox plants are as disgusting as you for you to talk during a pandemic castraphoe like this you brag about your ratings being higher than the Bachelor are you fucking kiddingNetworks legitimate ones are seriously thinking of not carrying rallies

SRSLY? Just #staythefuckhome ()

Maybe @realDonaldTrump should watch this instead of The Bachelor. 😢

Danielle M ()

@Acosta He actually mentioned “The Bachelor” ratings and how people on his team have become “stars” because of this. This is what he cares about: ratings, stardom, crowd size, and praise for himself.

Daisy Maxey ()

Trump appears to be spouting nonsense: We got lucky.? June 1, we may be at the bottom of the hill.? His ratings are like bachelor finale ratings or Monday night football ratings ? What the??? Some people just wanted to ride it ride it like a cowboy? What?

Cheryl ()

@Acosta My prediction: he loses the presidency and Melania. Goes on the Bachelor, gets the highest ratings ever. Agreed?

Brad Colby ()

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump “My people have become BIG STARS!” “We have bigger ratings than The Bachelor.” Do you think this is the COVID-19 reality show? People are DYING BECAUSE OF YOU

West Virginia Topics ()

Colton Underwood Surfaces for First Time Since Coronavirus Diagnosis

Emily ()

I’m seriously blown away that out of THREE bachelor franchise shows. Literally none of them are airing during this time. #covid19

Tori Watkins ()

One of my favorite things is that we have a twitter group chat and an iMessage group chat just to talk all things bachelor 😂

Access ()

#HannahBrown and #TylerCameron are spending a lot of time together.

أنا ‏اكل طيز ()

@dwayneallenJ we were up there for a bachelor party not to see cherry blossoms LMFAO

Aaron Johnson ()

@lilbabyashleyy If it’s my wife giving the blowjob, DIVORCE ASAP!! Bachelor and bachelorette parties are not a last night of freedom. That would just show me that she can’t be trusted not to cheat.

Kamel. ()

La modestie je la laisse aux gens qui sont pas serieux Jocelyn bachelor Armel, 2020

Judge Josh Berkowitz 🇺🇸 ()

@AndrewDBailey 1. The Money Pit 2. Dragnet 3. Bachelor Party 4. Big 5. Turner & Hooch

波ちゃん(フクオカYK426、JG6NEF) ()

@Bg37Ji6uwy 660は、エアバンドを受信できるのが面白いですね。中華クオリティーなのかロッドアンテナが壊れやすいので、秋葉で適当な奴を買ってきて交換しました。 もっぱら山口放送専用ラジオです(笑)。

😇Little Fucker😇 ()

@SUCKAFREEGRAMZZ @TeejSmoothDude Man look y’all fuck all the time at y’all bachelor parties bye

DeWayne Escobar ()

I never agreed with the bachelor/bachelorette idea cause it’s still cheating. And if you really fw that one person and want to fw that person for life you wouldn’t even want one. Can’t change my mind on that.

Lana Adames ()

@JoshBogorad Holy ish! I never watched this The Bachelor, but that’s hilarious and Stars fans could definitely use more of this from you and @Razor5Hole right now! 😂😂😂

Nele Guinée ()

@liese04872639 @therealMiette Yesss, zit in mijn 2de bachelor Psychologie aan de UGent. Je mag me altijd sturen als je vragen hebt!

Breitbart News ()

Bravo host Andy Cohen and The Bachelor contestant Colton Underwood revealed separately Friday that they have the coronavirus, with both urging the public to stay home and self-quarantine.

The Punch Newspapers ()

I have no apology for being a bachelor at 70 – Odia Ofeimun

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