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@geoffkeighley 2042. Looks absolutely bonkers in the best ways.

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Battlefield 2042 on Twitter

Waldorfia ()

「Battlefield 2042」公式ゲームプレイ・トレーラー @YouTubeより

理亜最推しのうにちゃん二号機 ()

Battlefield 2042のトレーラー見たけどやっぱ戦車かヘリやなぁ 気分が乗ったらまた日本上位ランク取りに行こうか〜 にしてもやっぱりC4特攻は恒例行事なのねw

Foxhound #Palestine
Foxhound #Palestine ()

Battlefield 2042 looks absolutely insane. Let’s see if COD can compete with Halo and Battlefield this year

だびそん ()

あーーーこういうのがやっぱいいんだよ。わちゃわちゃドンパチゲーム 「Battlefield 2042」公式ゲームプレイ・トレーラー @YouTubeより

Stan_chen18 ()

Canada represent 🇨🇦💪 Webster Mackay and robbo doggo from Battlefield 2042 #BATTLEFIELD2042 #Battlefield @Battlefield

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Shinobi602 ()

@geoffkeighley 2042. Looks absolutely bonkers in the best ways.

Trav [Creative Grenade]
Trav [Creative Grenade] ()

Battlefield 2042 might become my new main game. It’s been a long time since I’ve genuinely enjoyed the BF series🤞

Breon ()

Battlefield 2042 just looks like Battlefield. Halo Infinite just looks like Halo. Elden Ring just looks like another FromSoft game. yes. yes i hope that would be the case.

Tanner ()

I think my game of E3 right now is Battlefield 2042 which if you told me last week I would have laughed

Dean ()

[E3 2021] Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer via /r/Games

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Ah.V ()

It is official, after seeing the limited gameplay trailer, you guys can catch me grinding the fuck out of Battlefield 2042! Also -> I will be starting a regiment or clan whatever the system uses. Please join! #copypasta

MrGimms ()

Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay YES PLEASE! via @YouTube

JAP ()

The two games that I will no life the shit out of them this fall : Battlefield 2042 Halo Infinite 4K trailer :

RG | OhYeahSimulator
RG | OhYeahSimulator ()

@TeaWithMandyxo Forza Horizon 5, Halo: Infinite, Battlefield 2042 and Elden Ring. I am also sooo pumped that most of these are available day one through the Xbox Game Pass

CristianG RM™🇲🇽
CristianG RM™🇲🇽 ()

Pues de hueva todas las pinchis conferencias, del Jueves para acá solo me gustaron 4 cosas: - Battlefield: 2042 - Rainbow Six Extraction - FarCry 6: Season Pass | Villanos de FarCry - Halo Infinite Bonus: Evil Dead y Back 4 Blood

Battlefield 2042 Foto,Battlefield 2042 Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
Newsx24 ()

Battlefield 2042 adds tornadoes and 128-player matches, loses campaign

Detective Wang
Detective Wang ()

Really fucking happy Battlefield is back, that franchise is probably my favorite multiplayer FPS series and 2042 looks good so far but we shall see

Kaan ()

I am excited about 2042. Everything looks innovative with typical Battlefield warfare and touch! Now just gotta wait on COD kids to hop the bandwagon

IE壓一壓路DD攻擊 ()

After watching Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer and looking my graphic card Where I can buy a new graphic (´,_ゝ`)

BattlefieldNET ()

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Premiere – Der Gameplay Trailer zum neuen Battlefield 2042 ist da!

Mainz ()

Battlefield 2042 - Official Gameplay Trailer (4K) | E3 2021 через @YouTube

Blognone ()

ตัวอย่างใหม่ Battlefield 2042 โชว์สมรภูมิสเกลใหญ่ อุปสรรคสภาพอากาศ ปรับแต่งปืนได้กลางสนามรบ

William H
William H ()

@Jacksepticeye What did you think of the Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer? I remember watching your Bf3/Bf4 videos lol.

R3w1nd ()

Battlefield 2042 - Official Gameplay Trailer (4K) | E3 2021 via @YouTube

Hash Slinging Slasher
Hash Slinging Slasher ()

So basically Battlefield 2042 is an upgraded version of Battlefield 4!!!!!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO. Waited too long for this!!!!!!

マサネコa.k.aガソダム ()

「Battlefield 2042」公式発表トレーラーが万歳すぎる @YouTubeより ばんざああああああああああああああい

Iduna ()

@AfroSenju I never played Sea of Thieves or Halo but they look good. I might try them. But I’m hyped for Battlefield 2042

Murat çakır
Murat çakır ()

Battlefield 2042 ilk gün game Pass deselerdi sunum bitikten sonra Xbox series x siparişimi verirdim. Flight simülatör one x e gelmiyormuş aldıracaklar valla aleti

Un vato bien tryhard.
Un vato bien tryhard. ()

@Alination @DMtta Battlefield 2042 se ve increíble y Halo tuvo mucha mejora comparado a lo mostrado el año pasado

Momo tower
Momo tower ()

fuck battlefield 2042 que tristeza virou hero shooter apex legends e bf tiveram um filho

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