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Biden Twitter

. @ElonMusk, there is a declared candidate for President of the United States who has been banned from Twitter, while the incumbent Joe Biden is allowed to tweet every day. Will Twitter allow the challenger to use the platform as well in the 2024 election?.

Wow. President Biden just came out swinging with this new ad..

Biden’s HHS is trying to implement mask mandates again. Retweet if you’re not putting up with this nonsense anymore!.

LOL. Instead of paying off student loans, Biden is going to launder another $40 billion thru Ukraine..

Biden will not get impeached at this point. Gingrich had a larger majority than this in 98 and he was far more competent than McCarthy.

Wybuch w Przewodowie. Joe Biden odpowiada Zełenskiemu via @OnetWiadomosci.

@strategieduchoc Oui ,cet être démoniaque n’a rien à faire au G20. Vous avez vu ! biden et trudeau Portent la même veste de gourou que Schwab . C’est le signe d’appartenance à une secte!.

@CBSNews All news,phenomenas have been fake by China that killed all westerners. All relations are reversed from they should,such as Russia and Japan,Palestine and Israel. Biden,Scholz meeting Xi jinping is protecting China’s life-open with deception,that’s Western theories perishing!.

@unholyhello @JackPosobiec Funny why does he Joe Biden need to go to Little Saint James (Epstein Island), when he has his own Island neighbouring it and an Estate in Ukraine where he molests little children. If this is slander come at me. I am easy to find..

@thehill @TheHillOpinion And the latest Ipsos poll shows just 39 percent of respondents approved of the job Biden is doing as president. 9 percent said they believe the country is heading in the right direction and Democratic leadership, with a whopping 74 percent saying America is on the wrong track..

Hunter Biden Twitter Account Discovered and Deleted 4 Hours Later.

There are enough weenies on the Republican side to keep the Biden agenda flowing..

So Biden is giving billions to Ukraine, then Ukraine gives tons of money to FTX, then FTX is one of the Democrats biggest donors. That is textbook money laundering. Like I said all along all sides are pieces of shit. Russia, Ukraine, and the Biden Administration. Pieces of shit..

@PaulSorrentino3 Your conservative SCOTUS TOOK A FEDERAL RIGHT that AFFECTS EVERYONE AWAY. Your conservative judge BLOCKED LOAN FORGIVENESS FOR WORKING CLASS STUDENTS. That Satanic Republican Admin before Biden handed out PPP loans like candy to rich Americans, but denies US students!.


officials have carried out more than million expulsions, mainly from the southern border, since the previous administration issued the order in March 2020. Most expulsions have been under President Biden because the number of arriving migrants has soared.

@GregAbbott_TX President Biden should cut off All federal funding to the state of Texas. Until Greg Abbott stops his foolishness if that happened watch out fast Hot Wheels changes his tune..

@BrianClowdus So, basically we will have a divided gov’t which means not a damn thing will get done; only good thing is it basically stops Biden’s agenda in its tracks.

Ted Cruz is constantly trying to blame Biden for inflation. He doesn’t hold the companies that actually raised prices for no reason except greed. I think the hundreds of thousands of $ these same companies gave him speak volumes. He got rich off inflation. $41M. Hypocrite #GOP.

@mattgaetz Hunter Biden interview goes off the rails as host says his ‘hands were tied’ from asking political questions #FoxNews.

Many in SE Asia said they were relieved by the outcome of Mr. Biden and Mr. Xi’s meeting. “I would not use the word reset, but I hope it sets a floor to how low the relationship can fall,” said Chan Heng Chee, the ambassador at large with Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs..

@theRealKiyosaki Democrats new philosophy; steal from the poor to give the rich. That’s why they the their elite media are quite about Sam and FTX. Nothing new here. Didn’t we see how they cover up Hunter Biden crimes and now some mercenaries influencers are hosting him to steal more money!.

@AndreaR9Md And what’s this little twerp’s plan? Party with Don Jr. and waste money going after Biden’s family? The whole bunch are worthless grifters..

@kellwoohoo @finchler If he runs for Speaker (and gets in) the plan will be non stop investigations into Biden…keep the base rabid..


Biden Foto,Biden Foto by tony boots,tony boots on twitter tweets Biden Foto

@DrewPavlou Your beloved Biden allowed all this, look how happily Biden is shilling for King Xi :).

@Kennykwh1120 @JohnFetterman I am not suggesting as some have that President Biden is the best President ever, but he is within the top best 5 and perhaps by the end of his second term the top best 3 Presidents. We can only hope..

@kabarsanur Terima kasih kepada Bapak Joe Biden dan pejabat negara dari USA dan Canada Ottawa. Serta terima kasih kepada Bapak Presiden Republik Indonesia Widodo. Terima kasih kepada keluarga besar dari Anderson.

A couple of Missiles have hit Poland killing a few People. War escalation imminent and we have Fucking Joe Biden. God help us!.

Pregunta: ¿El misil fue disparado desde Rusia? Biden: Hay información preliminar que refuta eso. No quiero decir eso hasta que lo investiguemos por completo, pero es poco probable por la trayectoria que haya sido disparado desde Rusia..

@Pedrolimaf1 @eixopolitico Acho o contrário, governo Trump teve seus contra mas o biden teve muitos contra tbm, biden perdeu popularidade Trump tem chances boas.

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