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Participante do Big Brother, Bruna Griphão, cantando a música ‘Ana Júlia Vascaína’, fazendo o símbolo da Força Jovem e falando pro Fred que é vascaína. 🧐 Ela entrou na casa falando que torcia para Flamengo e Fluminense..

Campeã do BBB 21, Juliette faz agradecimento especial para seus fãs, os cactos, e relembra sua trajetória no programa.

🗣️Now that is how you enter the Big Brother Titans House!💃🏾🕺🏽🔥🔥 The giant has landed, let the show begin!🌶️🔥 Meet Miracle OP, Big Brother Titan housemate. Miracle is a 25-year-old from Anambra state who is based in Lagos.#bbtitans #bbtitan @bigbroafrica.

Monobloco, É o Tchan e o cantor Saulo Fernandes são as atrações da festa do Big Brother Brasil 23, da TV Globo, nesta sexta-feira. #ODia #BBB23.

@ChimmieeHQ Ha, my Bella and Sheggz are new housemates in big brother Titan CONGRATULATIONS BELLA BELLA X TECHNO CONGRATULATIONS BIG SHEGGZ SHEGGZ X TECHNO.

don’t care in Front of Everybody Else i’m my big sis’s Little brother That’ll beat you The Fk up but when its just me and my sister That means its BIG SIS AND LITTLE SIS TIME….

#bbb23 voce sabia dono Big Brother exigiu casais pretos com brancos #pintoawards.

@WIONews @alysonle This comedian president depends on others to fight a big brother. Who is advising him. Soon zelesky would understand how foolish he was.

@emiwaytweets Emiway Bantai jisme top 🛐🛐🛐👑🔥🦁 , big fan brother.

Big brother auditions in Nigeria are a scam #BBTitans #BBTitans2023.

#bbb23 Big Brother mundo todo ficava 1 grupo so de brancos e outro so de pretos #pintoawards.

@8bit__goldy came as an investor, stayed like a real one ,and big brother who keeps people together ! and certainly u help s8ul in their operations !.

@xaustenxz Her 1st season, the rookie girls like Amber M, Gabby and Even Big T were calling her fake before the others said that about her. On Big Brother, a lot of them called her fake too. Maybe there’s something we don’t see that others do that are in the house with her..

@stapuraliving_ big brother brought new housemates. one of them is a SA baddie with tattoos.

The Qanon/Big Lie film Mike Flynn and his brother were in. More history in quote In the film, Oltmann rehashed a baseless allegation he previously made against Dominion Voting Systems executive Eric Coomer that has led to him receiving death threats..

If there’s no beauty queen on big brother is it big brother ????.

Cuando nuestra paisana Karina la Chotis Martínez llegó a la final del Big Brother.

Big Brother Foto,Big Brother Foto by fritz,fritz on twitter tweets Big Brother Foto

@bbm_jazz For Saturday parties borrow Nigerian DJs the whole world will watch stop boring us with low funeral songs so bored! The only highlight this week r the new hmz which kind of big brother is this?.

@BigBroAfrica U people want to use naija to hype South Africa big brother… kan dey call am titans… do Nigerians like South Africans in real life and vice versa ? Mtcheww.

@actorbrahmaji Neku vunna respect pothadhi, P. K. Gurinchi matladithe Maybe he is a big boss brother. But an unworthy person in politics.

@LegendaryEnergy Brother you are missing the big picture here. Signing a contract is never in the best interest of the content creator especially if they control the money revenues. Own your work and invest in separating from the money leeches..

I’ve not watch it ever since it premiered but why would Big Brother allow this? Surely this should be against his rule book..

@HephzibahTweet1 Big Brother Titans Pool Party / Khosi And Yemi Having Fun Happening Now(WATCH).

#BBTitan Meet Sandra, Big brother titan New house mate. #BBTitans2023.

Monobloco, É o Tchan e o cantor Saulo Fernandes são as atrações da festa do Big Brother Brasil 23, da TV Globo, nesta sexta-feira. #MeiaHora #BBB23.

Call Alan and ask him to blitz the market with it. Anything. Essex anywhere. Apprentice and Celeb shows everything from love island to big brother to all the soaps emerald everyone. Reality buzz.

Seria muito bom se a xepa (tá com nada) do #BBB23 fosse igual a xepa do Big Brother Canada! Lá a galera não tem cama e come basicamente uma ração que parece um vômito!.

Big Brother Foto,Big Brother Foto by Patrick Gostosa,Patrick Gostosa on twitter tweets Big Brother Foto

@adeyanjudeji This deji is actually a confused man . Is like he is not Getting money from pdp and APC cos if that his anger has increased. This is what big brother fans are doing na that we called them childish..

Terrible idea. They must just bring back Big Brother Africa. This country by country thing is boring now..

@NoniMadueke_ welcome to Chelsea congratulations my but please take care of yourself, your injury profile is a big.

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