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Bobby Shmurda responds to NBA YoungBoy dissing him and says when he sees Wack 100 he will “boom” him.

just need them to fully stick with storylines, have the sperm donor be something that really makes buck grow, have eddie and chris continue to figure out their relationship as chris gets older, give madney more screentime, give us happy henren, and let Bobby heal..

Nos ayudan a encontrar a BOBBY, se perdió en el parque el principito ayer domingo, alguna información nos la hacen saber por redes sociales, mil gracias..

Bobby Foto,Bobby Foto by Diego Selva,Diego Selva on twitter tweets Bobby Foto

the way this was the exact inverse of the s6 said NO we will not leave you with a life ruining bobby relapse cliffhanger and 609 said YES we will leave you with an incredibly invigorating bobby murder cliffhanger.

Should have been another ep after this one with more of the Bobby stuff and more of a cliff hanger. This was a good ep just not a mid season finale type ep.

@WrestlingHumble I love KO man but how many times is Sheamus gonna be pushed out of the title scene for someone else. Happened when Drew was champ, happened when Bobby was champ, now it’s happening with Roman. The upside I guess is that Sheamus isn’t taking a guaranteed loss..

@IGN We’re talking 10 year olds. They should be worried about whether or not little Bobby is adding and subtracting correctly not what transsexuals and transgenderism is..

@Bobby_BankroII Agreed especially when the defense only gives up ppg and only have 4 wins.

@GZ3TVPV0ICHM0RU わかりますわかります〜!! 私も具合悪くて最近ボビ活できてなくて😭 痛いってレーディオ聴くのも無理だったりしますよね🥲 Bobbyさんが言う通り無理はせず、のんびり〜筑前煮〜で何事も活動できるといいですよね☺️ 穏やかな年になることを祈ってます!.

@BobsPlaceNoBS Do you enjoy cooking Bobby? I don’t think in all these years, it’s ever come up in conversation..

@Bobby_BankroII I think he’s a guy irsay out in place to try and reinstill the old culture.

@heymrsbond Planet Money’s episode on Bobby Bonilla Day (baseball and economics, 20 ish minutes).

@TrapCinephile Wait a minute, I need context regarding Bobby Fischer. But yeah, that’s weak sauce to walk out of an interview when the person asking you questions isn’t immediately agreeing with whatever you’re saying..

What will this episode of #911onFOX mean for Bobby moving forward? Spoke to showrunner Kristen Reidel about 6B and how the Grant-Nash family will come together..

@Bobby_BankroII Most of the backups in the league coulda made the playoffs with this squad.

Blueface, OG Bobby Billions - Better Days 2 (Pain In The Ghetto) [ via @YouTube.

how funny would it be if bobby did something crazy at the rehab in 6b and went to jail.

@606BUCKLEY they were all sleeping in their houses while bobby held jis monologue, he went to the rehab facility and took pictures kf the couple exiting their car and said something about it will burn.

@Bobby_Bonsai @brithume You are killed me right now. Russia did not like Trump because he was unpredictable, unlike Biden which is why they waited until Biden was in office before invading Ukraine. This is not rocket.

@AlGaldi If healthy, I think 10 of 11 of our defensive starters were drafted by the franchise. Everyone except bobby mcaine. So young and home grown..

it really ends w the 118 sleeping and bobby starting his own investigation .. i don’t wanna wait til march 😭.

@ESPNNBA Gastrocnemius strain. Tell tale is when you turn around thinking someone threw the ball at your calf..

Antony Sassoon Astrid Bobby #时时彩 #世界杯 Rose Meredith.

You are aroace and not gay! I got it all wrong! However,you are lesbian too. Your name is not bobby now with a random code coded with tracery called joe mama.

@Blitz_Burgh Remember how they benched Trubiskys cause this guy was supposed to be the man?.

@ClownWorld_ Hey dats my wife! She a good woman to my kid, but dat kid belongs to either Jimbo, Billy, Jethro, Bobby, Jed, or Julio Iglesias..

@The_Creasy Have you not seen Joel Edmondson it there, he’s like a cross between Bobby Orr and Serge Savard No other defenseman can pass the puck immediately to the opposing player with such flair.

Not Bobby fucked Andre the first night 😭😂 they so messy I love it #bobbyiloveyoupurrrreunion.

Yeahhhhh Bobby got his shit rocked play with your momma and not my son Dinga ling 🍆#BobbyILoveYouPurrReunion.

@ThePrydonian This Ood looks like he should be yelling at Bobby for not driving the lane for the layup hard enough - or else disgusted that the referee missed the call..

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