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I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and.

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Andrea Mitchell: Bolton not leaving quietly, will return to TV to bash Trump.

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I can’t believe our President consistently takes the side of Kim and Putin over US officials, even detestable ones like John Bolton..

İşte, John Bolton da tüm o şahin fikirleri ve Siyonist sözcülüğü ile çekti ’un gidişi, siyonizmin yenilgisi, üç ayrı zeminde anti-emperyalist direnişi sürdüren Türkiye, İran ve Venezuela’nın da başarısıdır… @stargazete yazım.

(接上) ...e Chinese communist party. 【GM18】 9月11日郭文贵先生直播精彩片段:John Bolton的辞职,让中共的美梦又破灭了!.

Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines John Bolton is finally gone. But can his path of destruction be reversed? Washington DC’s most famous warmonger might have lost his job, but this probably won’t be the last we hear of Bolton‘The tragic subplot to the….

Seth Meyers uses hilarious sports mascot fails to explain Trump’s John Bolton mess.

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@China_is_here @Todd_Spence I’d almost want him over Bolton in any role really Can you imagine the msm trying to parse out his promo on Iran lol Fuck now I gotta go find some jake matches on the network.

Donald Trump has bizarre Oval Office meltdown about John Bolton.


@rsmale @BlakelyAdrian Welcome to Freeloader Trump’s Continued Lying Campaign. We now know Trump put pressure on Mulvaney who put pressure on Wilbur Ross to force a US Administration to Lie to Americans putting Lives at Risk. Americans also know Bolton Resigned Trump Lied Again. Vote The Liars Out 2020.

Why is Bolton getting so much attention. Nobody cares. Neither side ever liked him. Everybody if united in relief he’s gone. Can we move on please?.

@SonOScrutinizer @costareports the one thing Bolton always has going for him is that the republicans can always be counted on to nominate an even more bat-shit-crazy-psychopath the next go-around..

Thank you Comrade Kim! If you convinced him to fire John Bolton..

Bolton is the embodiment of everything wrong with hawkish Republican foreign policy, and his role in the administration has been without question a purely destructive one. @GOP.

Man @HowardStern going after Bolton for being a chicken hawk all morning was what I needed to hear. Fuck these old assholes who never served yet who eagerly march men and women into war..

Caitlin Johnstone: Going Rogue: Sayonara John Bolton, Adios ThinkProgress, and MSM Shenanigans.

It remains a mystery why McMaster, Bolton, Coats, Mattis, Kelly and Rex Tillerson don’t come before Congress to explain to the American people that the president is unfit. If they think this will disturb allies, they are mistaken. Our allies already know..

El presidente de #EEUU, Donald Trump, sacó de la Casa Blanca, este martes, a su asesor de Seguridad Nacional, @AmbJohnBolton. @Twitter fue el medio para comunicar la cesantía de uno de los más rapaces halcones de este Gobierno.

@comradenewhope Skip the Hague, fire him straight into the.

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John Bolton’s two-sentence resignation letter is a big slap in the face to Trump -.

“Bolton thought a meeting on soil would legitimize the Taliban and considered it tone deaf to schedule the summit so close to the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. The meeting was Trump’s idea, and he bristled that Bolton objected to ”.

Not in a book, not in paid speeches, not in a year or two, but to Congress and now.

The American people are better off with John Bolton out of the White House. The world will be better off when the man who hired him in the first place is out too..

Breaking: Ben Shapiro upset after his hero, John Bolton, gets fired. Chin up, Mr. facts and logic..

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I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and.

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