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Updated: September 11th, 2021 04:37 PM IST

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Senior Minister Tells Steve Bray to “F**k Off”

Bray Twitter

@cornwall70001 @PoliticsForAlI He doesn’t speak for me. If u think an idiot like Bray represents u,u maybe have a social problem

@LBC He speaks for a great number of us who are sick to death of Bray, his loud mouth and his EU obsession

Another new addition to our small selection of Books is 😍 Marcus (by John Bray) 😍 many more books coming soon!

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@BBCPolitics Good because you know what Steve bray is a soap dodging scrounging C U N T

@LeaveEUOfficial @DonHectorHogan Quite right too. Mr Bray has made our lives a misery for far too long.

i’m so tired of FBPE libs not realising how dangerous they are to trans lives steve bray is a transphobe

@LBC Steve Bray needs arresting - he has harassed MP’s going to work for 5 years - FIVE YEARS and nothing has been done it’s shameful, no different to the lads arrested for Whitty last month

@LBC Good Steve Bray needs to get a job or face sanctions if not demonstrating a will to work. If he wants to hold MPs to account he should become a political journalist not some gobby character that shouts over anyone he disagrees with

@Rebel48247268 “Say what you like about Steve Bray”. Glad you agree it was fine to tell Dave to FO. 👍

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00L yg masih sibuk nugas, yg abis lulus nanti pusing nyari kerja dimana, speechless sih, kalo gue gak siap Bray rumah tangga dibangun gak semudah pikiran gue waktu kecil 😭

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@many_bray 😇当たるといいですね 😈PROが出るまで待て 💩うんこ

@husky_pilen @LBC An elected representative works for the people he represents, which is his own constituents. That’s why the MP told Bray to take it up with his own MP. You may not like it, but that’s how the system works.

Still being a pain in the Video footage appears to show MP swearing at activist

@bray_berrios @FreddyBernal El lema en vez de Amemos el Táchira, es desarmemos el Táchira, porque eso es lo que saben, dañar las cosas.

Birthday dinner & play with my babies in bray 💚🙏❤

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(5/5)…think they are being a tad over confident about what judgement of succeeding generations would have been. Some times muddling on, running out of money and ‘red tape’ can be a good thing.

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(4/5) I love a good model, the beautiful drawings and have a sneaking admiration for a boldness we don’t possess anymore. In this case turning York into a kind of campus where you can drive to, and then walk around the historical artefacts which are now in a park. But…

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(3/5) Good to see York gets an integrated bus and rail station (or kind of as it’s the other side of the wall so as not to get in the way of the cars). And check out the ‘majestic’, Roman straight, new inner ring road. Drop the hood and cruise round those walls.

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(2/5) York needs more green space, and a better view of the walls would be nice but that’s, er, half of Gillygate gone. Well it had a good innings is the general tone.

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(1/5) Can’t go to @yorkbookfair today but reminded me of this treasure from previous visit. Weren’t many towns and cities that wouldn’t have been, er, decluttered post war in some kind of clean lines Scandi / 🇺🇸 mash up (If there had been the money). Including #York.

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Today’s plan: empty boat, get diesel (full tank to prevent condensation) and hand over final meter reading at Bray, then down to @BoatsTbs at Penton Hook 🚤🌊

@DMinghella I imagine Mr Bray is annoying but he isnt abusive. A government minister telling someone to F*** off says more about the standards in government than anything else.

@GBNEWS Given MPs are put in office to represent and speak for their constituents it’s actually the first time I have witnessed one doing so. Well done for telling Bray what we are all thinking and don’t you dare apologise

@GuidoFawkes Steve Bray is laughing at you. Not in the least bothered. Why should he be by such an insignificant Tory lick-spittle?

@Chris_Rich_Bray It better not happen ahah. Spending my cold earned cash to watch this shit later 😂😂

@FrankieGem57 I’d still rather be stuck in a lift with a wanky crab than Steve Bray.

Steve Bray needs to seriously get a life. I think many of us would tell him to fu*k off if we saw him. A complete tosser in my opinion.

Senior Minister Tells Steve Bray to “F**k Off”

Bray Foto,Bray Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
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