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Sky Data poll finds 90% of Brits think the Brexit talks have been a “national humiliation”.

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URI Geller AKA Lemony Snickett from Series of Unfortunate Events!! Funniest letter EVER!! 🤣 #urigeller #brexit.

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Premier @MorawieckiM po Szczycie Rady Europejskiej: Staramy się dać Wielkiej Brytanii pewne pole manewru i nie dociskając naszych partnerów na wielu polach, będziemy w stanie wypracować odpowiednie relacje. #Brexit.

16M walked to the polling stations and actually voted for no Brexit 3M have actually bothered to click their mouse for no Brexit. Lazy shits.

Sky Data poll finds 90% of Brits think the Brexit talks have been a “national humiliation”.

A brexit supporting MP said: “I believe in brexit but I now wish remain had won. This is such a hassle. We could be talking about other things”.

Once again the commentators & reporters on TV and radio are talking about “hardline” Brexit MPs who won’t “compromise”. The hardliners are the Remain MPs who refuse to respect the EU referendum result. The Brexit MPs are simply standing by their own party’s manifestos. Sigh..

Coming home, I’ve caught up with 2 favourite magazines. Prospect says Brexit has broken the BBC (not true, but disturbing) & explains how France no longer envies British stability. NY Review of Books calls UK ‘a backward & dilapidated province’. What have we done to ourselves?.

10 days until Brexit, still no deal, & no one knows what Mrs May intends to do at the European Council in 48 hours time This is the greatest peacetime catastrophe perpetrated by a British government.

I tried to explain #Brexit and its current state to @amgreenberg but I think he threw his phone and walked into the sea..

WOW. “Brexit” (on HBO w/Benedict Cumberbatch) INCREDIBLE true story how a *handful of people* engineered plans to manipulate masses —using algorithms of language, catch-phrases, Facebook surveys, Cambridge Analytica, human gullibility + predictability..

Listening to my parents talk about Brexit as Theresa May is trying her best is too infuriating to listen to..

@DavidLammy @markpalexander Not to mention that Australia is half the size of Spain. Do the #Brexit ultras even know this?.

STOP THE PRESS: After Brexit we can continue trading with Iceland (population 338,000), Liechtenstein (population 37,000) and Norway (population 5 million) - all of which are already trading partners. This changes everything..

The Speaker has added to the government’s grief when you might’ve thought the pain threshold couldn’t be greater. Political Editor @GaryGibbonBlog on what will be the effect of the Speaker’s ruling:.

- Bercow rules out third Brexit vote unless there are fundamental changes to the deal - say change in UK legal opinion not enough, govt has to renegotiate the deal with the EU if it wants another Commons vote.

Still can’t believe we’re two weeks away from Brexit and we don’t even know if we’re two weeks away from Brexit.

This superb @newyorker article makes an overwhelming case against @arron_banks: his wife a suspected Russian asset, his business littered with ‘red flags for money laundering’. 11 days to Brexit. And govt maintains TOTAL silence. Britain is so very lost.

Brave is facing cancer in the absence of radio-isotopes. Brave is having type 1 diabetes, yet knowing your insulin supply is threatened. Brave is gritting your teeth & doing the job of 3 nurses, because 2 have quit over Brexit. Brave is *not* going for a walk..

I keep seeing tweets about Brexiteer MPs who have “changed their minds” & will now vote for Theresa May’s deal. They haven’t changed their minds, they still know her deal is terrible. They’ve been bullied & blackmailed by a Remain Parliament threatening to stop Brexit altogether..

СМИ: Консерваторы поддержат Brexit в обмен на отставку Мэй.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay hints he could quit over Brexit delay.

According to the Telegraph May can only get her deal through if she promises to quit. Another case of party before country. It is said she can then retire with dignity as the woman who delivered Brexit. Who are they kidding? The deal is an abortion. But you can never trust Tories.

UM DAS MAL ZU KLÄREN !!! Britische Radio-Legende: „Für viele war #Merkel der Grund für das #Brexit -Votum“ ‼️‼️‼️‼️.

This evening the Brexit Secretary voted against his Government’s own motion on Brexit, which earlier in the day he had defended in the House of Commons. That’s the equivalent of the Chancellor voting against his own Budget. This is a Government that has lost complete control..

I’ve heard it all now. The Brexit Secretary has just voted against the motion that he’d just been arguing for. Anyone got a better word than Omnishambles?.

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