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I am very worried now by @RishiSunak silence on the effect of Brexit on the economy ... I mean, it must be really bad.

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Lucchese ()

@prideveteran1 Yanılıyor olabilirim keşke geleceği bilebilsek zengin olurdum😂 sadece tahmin ama ben abd de politik kaos AB de ise brexit ve pandemi nedeniyle eko bozulmalar bekliyorum borsa bu Bi sebep bulur şişmek için paylaşımlarınızı beğenerek takip ediyorum teşekkürler 🙏

C4 News FactCheck
C4 News FactCheck ()

Brexit did not speed up UK vaccine authorisation. Read the full @FactCheck analysis here:


The liars and charlatans are so desperate to rescue anything from the Brexit wreckage that they have fabricated a gigantic Trumpian lie about the vaccine being a post Brexit regulatory success story. When they should be thanking worldwide science and European manufacturers


Trying to decide which of its two big challenges the @BorisJohnson government is handling worse. Retweet for Brexit. Like for Covid

Deborah Meaden
Deborah Meaden ()

No @Telegraph these are not NEW rules these are THE RULES for Third Countries. There for all to see when you were promoting Brexit so please don’t act surprised.


Well well well. Mail on Sunday, as well as having @BorisJohnson article on sunlit uplands and barbed wire, also has a poll. For some reason the question on how people would vote on Brexit today not reported. For those interested, eight point lead for staying in the EU


A reminder that the same people who have presided over one of the world’s worst pandemic managements, with one of the highest death tolls and biggest economic hit, are in charge of Brexit. The thing they never talk about now. Which will be with us a lot longer #letthemownit

Murmuration ()

@carryonkeith Chimes with Brexit mentality. We are an island and we don’t like people who we don’t know

Kalypso Nicolaidis
Kalypso Nicolaidis ()

Join me for Reflections on Brexit: How should we ‘read’ Brexit four years later? What does Brexit do to the UK and to the EU? What could a new partnership look like? 📅 Tue, 1 Dec ⏰ 5pm

Designs_On_Your_Soul🤘🏻 ()

@BorisJohnson Dear Boris, You can stop now, take a look at the devastation Covid has caused, because of your failure to act. Brexit will finish the UK off, & that will be on you, your epitaph, forever. The Xmas gift we need, is to cancel Brexit, a yUle-Turn we all need!

Marianne M #FBPE 3.5% #The5Million #dogooder
Marianne M #FBPE 3.5% #The5Million #dogooder ()

@RoryStewartUK There are no One Nation conservatives left, only spivs, charlatans and corrput frauds giving our taxpayer ££ to their mates in dodgy contracts. Stopping Freedom of Information requests. Not listening to stakeholders (RHA for example) and going for a very, very damaging #Brexit.

HijackedEUrophile #WearADamnMask #3Point5PerCent
HijackedEUrophile #WearADamnMask #3Point5PerCent ()

“..on Cummings’ other big legacy – Brexit – Sunak was totally, utterly silent. The Chancellor, himself a Brexiter, had no comment.” Rishi Sunak Hits The Pause Button As The Dominic Cummings Legacy Lives On | HuffPost UK

Deborah Meaden
Deborah Meaden ()

I am very worried now by @RishiSunak silence on the effect of Brexit on the economy ... I mean, it must be really bad.

Politico Digital UK
Politico Digital UK ()

Brexit news – live: Biden says Irish border must remain open as Sunak to make jobs ‘number one priority’

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Harvest ()

You might know @13sarahmurphy . In the posts stating the damage that Brexit will cause there seems to be a consistent response from leave contingent. The approach is to be ‘outraged’ whenever they see an ‘arrogant’ post asking what the point of leaving was. They forget the

Bon Jour, Wilkommen, Bienvenue 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
Bon Jour, Wilkommen, Bienvenue 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺 ()

@ASollowayUK Were you praying that these ludicrous Christmas bubble plans don’t lead to the third wave and more Tory facilitated deaths from mid January onwards? Then again I guess you need a distraction from the brexit food shortages around then .

Liz Martin🌹 #BlackLivesMatter🖤 #JoinaUnion✊
Liz Martin🌹 #BlackLivesMatter🖤 #JoinaUnion✊ ()

Brexit stems from a civil war in capitalism – we are all just collateral damage | Brexit | The Guardian

Financial News
Financial News ()

Biden fires warning against ‘guarded’ Irish border post-Brexit

Jarek Maznas
Jarek Maznas ()

Brexit bez umowy to dla brytyjskiej motoryzacji strata ponad 55 miliardów funtów w ciągu pięciu lat z powodu ceł, to spadek produkcji o 2 mln samochodów, to średnio wzrost ceny o 2000 funtów każdego auta z powodu ceł - ostrzega @SMMT i dodaje, że już wydano 1 mld funtów

Brexit Foto,Brexit Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
Enrico Franceschini
Enrico Franceschini ()

Biden sulla Brexit: Non vogliamo un confine chiuso in Irlanda @fedeinlondon

Tony Belvore
Tony Belvore ()

FDA approval under 2 weeks, with big meeting due, Brexit deal imminent, big moments ahead, December could see 60p here #lloy

Ellenieanna ()

@JamieWoodhouse I will be staying home for the festival of Brexit. I don’t wish to catch Covid. I don’t wish to leave the EU. The event, not for me thank you!

Kerry Burgess
Kerry Burgess ()

@tonypatt2000 First off, a bit of respect Tony. Socialists & your fellow members (not the Corbyn lot) want a Labour leadership and manifesto that reflects the political make up of the Party. (not sure @Keir_Starmer whipping MPs to accept ANY Brexit deal the Tories negotiate is a great start)

Andbank España
Andbank España ()

El #Brexit, más cerca. Los laboristas apoyan el acuerdo y Reino Unido urgiendo a la UE a dar pasos. Probabilidad de acuerdo al alza para el mercado #BuenosDíasAndbank ()

UK businesses face aggregate costs of up to billion if no adequacy decision post-Brexit transition period, report finds ()

Joe Biden says Northern Ireland border must remain open after Brexit

Albert Schram
Albert Schram ()

The persistent trick of modern politics – that appears to fool us repeatedly – is to disguise economic and political interests as cultural movements

Frank Mash - 11⭐️11 - 1️⃣1️⃣*️⃣1️⃣1️⃣
Frank Mash - 11⭐️11 - 1️⃣1️⃣*️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ ()

@jonvoight @realDonaldTrump The #Brexit silent majority the 52% is with the #Patriots

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Obsidian #BLM #3.5%
Obsidian #BLM #3.5% ()

One of the many reasons why I’ll never forgive the Tories for their decade of shame. Add Brexit and Covid handling to that list.

Carole Cadwalladr
Carole Cadwalladr ()

NEW: Government privately admits UK faces possibility of “systemic economic crisis” because of Brexit + pandemic. Confidential docs warn UK could face perfect storm of simultaneous disasters. By @_EmmaGH & me

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