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Updated: September 26th, 2021 09:38 AM IST

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Rudy Giuliani getting banned from Fox after losing his law license and being humiliated everywhere for free has the power of 1 million Red Bulls.

Bulls Twitter

#BYU leads @USFFootball 21-0 after the first quarter. The Cougars are 3-for-3 in the red zone while the Bulls have looked undersized, and lost. Bulls facing a 3rd and 7 from the BYU 45 when we return

Did not look like the same team out there today. The ghost of the ref on Wednesday definitely affected the team today. Still #NYCFC have to do better than this. Not acceptable at home. And definitely not against the Ref bulls.


@ragiing_bull @prettypadmaja She is from JNU, but with a different attitude. Bulls eye to pakis heart, get out from PoK.

I wish you could mainline caffeine before bed and it would carry over into energy the next day. Like 3 Red Bulls before hitting the pillow= 12 hours of sleep instead of 4

@alec_zamora @ChatterQuant Fridays close was also an inside day. The pivot is $181, then bulls have control.

Buffalo gets a break! DJ Mack Jr. had Isiah Paige wide open for a touchdown but the ball was dropped. ODU forced to punt. Bulls take over on own 9.

@ConservBlue2020 I live in Iowa, i usually root for the Minnesota except for Basketball, im a Bulls fan

A pale russian whore please 2 Black Bulls with her asshole 😈

try to picture black clover without the black bulls, it would easily drop to a 4/10 lol

Que al que va con gorra y camiseta de los Chicago bulls le daba

Thinking about the fuel crisis in UK, just remembered when we got our first vehicle in our household in I was 25, bought a honda activa for my dad. Until then, only fuel I had to get was kerosene for lamps, wood/gas for cooking, dry grass for cows/bulls. 😄 No Panic.

$BBIG YEET!!!! 🌈 🐻 are worried 😆 🤣 We been patiently waiting tho. 🦧Next stop $20!!! Loving the shares and calls I loaded up at ➡️$⬅️ recently up over 📈 1200% 📉 CONGRATZ BULLS!!! 🐮 Keep an eye on the $7 and $8 levels here. THIS IS AN AMAZING COMPANY. 👏

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José Brujo Martínez 🇻🇪 fue titular, DIÓ ASISTENCIA y salió sustituido al minuto 79 con el Philadelphia Union que venció 1-0 al Atlanta United, en la MLS 🇺🇸. Con esta victoria el Philadelphia se coloca cuarto con 38 pts. Su próximo partido será el miércoles vs el NY Red Bulls.

Bulls Foto,Bulls Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

Good luck against @BYUfootball tonight, Bulls! #US2F #HornsUp 🤘 📸: rishithreddy_3

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$AFRM nice bullish algo signal since 9/14 - watch that block @ 9:31am blocks mark key levels to maintain for bears or bulls

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@lafindubal C’est un lieutenant comme Scotie Pippen aux Bulls, mais ça sera jamais un Jordan. Lewandoski est un Jordan.

We are getting close to puck drop here in Orlando! You can follow along on our socials or watch at (for a fee). Go Bulls! 🤘🏒🤩

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My non biased rankings for the NBA next year: 1) Lakers 2) Nets 3) Heat 4) Bucks 5) Nuggets 6) Jazz 7) Hawks 8) Suns 9) Sixers 10) Celtics 11) Warriors 12) Clippers 13) Bulls 14) Mavericks 15) Knicks 16) Grizzlies 17) Trailblazers 18) Timberwolves 19) Raptors 20) Wizards

The @BlueBullsRugby ito performance more 14 points than 28 off the pace at moment v best team in comp, at home & with all their internationals. 18 rounds. @URCOfficial is a marathon. Bulls won’t play a better team in league stages.

Official images of the NBA x Nike Dunk Low Chicago Bulls

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@cryptoein @CryptoWhale Wealth is created even in bear markets , imagine #Bitcoin last year (13/03/2020 when i bought it for 4000€). Fool investors dislike Bear , but Bears and Bulls are like Yin and Yang bro. Opportunities are everywere 🙏

HALFTIME Bulls heading into changeroom for a proper talking to, which normally pays Some very positive signs for Bulls but scoreboard is beating them good and proper LEI 17 - 3 BUL #LEIvBUL #URC

he limited I appreciate him for comin, but its time for the young bulls

I’m just excited to see the young bulls in action. I still need to see taylor and thad

40 pages of everything Chicago/Midwest sports: Sox, Cubs, Bears, Hawks, Bulls, Sky, Fire, Sting (yes, a flashback), Red Stars, ND/Wisconsin, Ryder Cup, outdoors and, of course, preps. All for $2!

Bulls Foto,Bulls Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

Two lineouts in the red zone. Twice couldnt find the jumpers. Bulls have only themselves to blame. Basics.

Clarification on Williams’ injury I just got confirmed through team: 4-6 week timeline is retroactive to the injury date (9/15) Four weeks from 9/15 = Oct. 13, seven days before the regular season opener. Six weeks = Oct. 27, at which point Bulls will have played 4 games

Bulls second-year forward Patrick Williams suffered a severe left ankle sprain and is anticipated to return in 4-to-6 weeks.

Rudy Giuliani getting banned from Fox after losing his law license and being humiliated everywhere for free has the power of 1 million Red Bulls.

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