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A Trump indictment would be a national disaster. It is un-American for the ruling party to use police power to arrest its political rivals. If a Republican prosecutor in 2004 had used a campaign finance technicality to arrest then-candidate John Kerry while Bush & Cheney were in….


Seahawks signing LB Devin Bush to a 1-year deal. (via @RapSheet).

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Trump and Russia. Bush and his brother. Nixon and Watergate. Now finally confirmation of Reagan and Iran. Republicans have been criminally conspiring to steal presidential elections for half a century..

Murdoch is running cover for DeSantis right now. There is currently a segment on Fox called “the establishment vs. Ron DeSantis.” What a crock of sh*t. DeSantis is the establishment’s candidate! Backed & funded by America Last globalists like Ryan & Bush. (Also Skull & bones?).

This is Pakistan’s PM. Instead of condemning the police brutality on innocent civilians, he is beating about the bush. He never was worthy of representing Pakistan. Abomination..

@SkyNews We in the west have lost the plot! Any warrants issued for George Bush or Tony ?.

From 2000 to 2020, Kane County, IL went from a nearly 12 point margin for Bush to a margin of over 14 points for Biden, a swing towards Democrats of over 26 points. Prior to flipping in 2008, the county last voted for a non-Republican on the presidential level in 1912..

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Well said! Right to the point no beating around the bush (No pun intended) !.

@anasalhajji Shame on you Dr. Anas for supporting this- you know too well that the US sanctioned the ICC when they tried to prosecute Bush for Iraq war crimes (Abu Ghraib) all parties of this conflict are not a member of ICC (US/Russia/Ukraine) - we expect more of you to denounce hypocrisy..

@MusanaMAM Did they issue warrants for Blair, Bush, Nicholas, Obama, MBA, Netanyahu tooo. Whites joke alot..

@Optical_Bush @197315unaunazun いつもニコニコ現金払い派のクレジットカードもってない俺涙目すぎます😭.

@scrappe55278381 Biden is without a doubt, the greatest traitor to America I have seen in my lifetime. Obama was close and Clinton too. Bush jr. was no bargain either..

being able to see that actors smoke when you’re in extreme close up on their mouths.

You think you’ve seen stupid. Then the ICC issues an arrest warrant for Putin & “obliges” party states to extradite him. Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s burning down Israel in the name of his own vanity project, and Blair & Bush are living their best lives on the golf course🤔..

The 2003 Iraq war led to huge numbers of civilian deaths, and continuing insurgencies in the Middle East and Africa.

@CharlesTannock @apmassaro3 You want absurd disconnect? Bush Clinton and Obama are still breathing..

@cspanwj Trump is a clown that should be in jail but Bush and Cheney are war criminals who should be in prison. These Republican presidents gave us trillions in tax cut debt and world wide insecurity. Keep that party of the rich away from the levers of power at any cost..

Happy Mother’s Day to every lady standing in gap for her junior ones after the death of their mother. May God continue to strengthen and bless you. #MothersDay2023.

🌍 #INTERNACIONAL El periodista que despidió a zapatazos a Bush: «Me habría encantado lanzar otro par a la cabeza de Aznar» #Irak.

Randolph Barrie #重庆 #重庆同城 Clara David Burgess Mackintosh Augus Bush.

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THE USA is N O T Member of ICC. Bush/Cheney afraid they get arrested for War Crimes. . ..


@HalimaNyomi Still waiting on warrants for Bush Cheney Tony Blair Rumsfeld and Netanyahu.

@PeImeniPusha Yet Tony Blair and George Bush are free to do lucrative talks around the world..

Those who issued an arrest warrant for president Putin can go fuck themselves. Until they arrest George Bush, Tony Blair & Obama for the crimes they committed in Iraq and Lybia, no one will arrest Putin..

Adolph Yerkes Dominic Bush Berg Helin(a) #武汉按摩 #武汉.

qui sont apparus dans ce bulletin : la reine Elizabeth Ruth Ginsberg Bill et Melinda Gates Hillary Clinton Trudeau Marina Abramovic Tom Hanks Boris Johnson prince Philip Jeb Bush George Bush Pence Jared Kushner John Kerry Buhari John Podesta Angela Merkel Lindsey Graham.

Randolph Barrie #重庆 #重庆同城 Clara David Burgess Mackintosh Augus Bush.

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Zustände. Die Regierung Bush Jr. weigerte sich, sich am Römischen Statut zu beteiligen, und bezeichnete diese Vereinigung als „Verletzung der nationalen Interessen und der Souveränität der Staaten“.⬇️.

War criminals like Tony Blair, Clinton, Bush, Obama are having a good laugh rn.

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