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Tim Pool
Tim Pool

if scotus drops roe and casey tomorrow and shuts em down itll prove they do this s*** on purpose a friday release means rioters have the weekend to riot and its fresh in their minds.

BREAKING: SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade, ruling, The Constitution does NOT confer a right to abortion; Roe & Casey are overruled. The authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people & their elected representatives. America regressed 50 years today. Horrific. #RoeVsWade.

Tim Pool
Tim Pool

lol if they release Roe and Casey on friday it will be a weekend of insanity.

Soooo apparently these are random #TMNT characters from the video game or something? I have no idea. But Kidboy wanted to teach me how to draw Casey Jones and this Foot Clan guy and we had a good time doing it..

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@JBVelas Sabemos de la inteligencia de Ivey, y del buen entorno que le ha rodeado en su formación. Y se sabe finalizador por encima de otras virtudes. Cuando ha “manoseado” ha sido por incapacidad de los demás Tengo a Casey y Cunningham por tipos muy serios Me chifla este proyecto 👌.

Jimmy G with Coach Shannahan is Casey Thompson with Coach Sark..

そもそも個人情報をUSBに入れること自体運用方法としておかしいのに、 さらにそれを持ち出した挙句紛失するとか、正気の沙汰とは思えないよ….

Guard of honour in Dungannon as late Tyrone GAA star Damian Casey repatriated.

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@robbo_casey Thank you bro, that means a I will make sure tomorrow is one to watch 😎👊🏽🔥🧡.

Roberts Tries To Wash Hands Of Overturning Roe While Joining Majority Judgment via @TPM.

I call on Merrick Garland to charge Brett Kavanaugh Amy Coney Barrett Sam Alito and Neil Gorsuch with perjury for lying under oath during their confirmation. They all said roe vs wade and Casey were all precedent on precedent. Lock them up!!! #RoeVsWade #RoeOverturned.

@followsherrie I remember being in a Lidl que and a woman in front wacks one out for £25 quid to wait an extra 5 mins to get the manager off their lunch break to come and verify it for some reason..

Casey is playing Crooked Teeth by Death Cab For Cutie from Plans on WPRB. Tune in here:.

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@SrNibb You literally used the hashtag in the tweet. If Amber Heard supporters were the only ones using it it wouldn’t be trending. Take a look, it’s basically ALL anti-turd at this point..

Por citar un caso, Rocky Stoutenburgh es una persona con discapacidad quien tiene una firma con Esports, la empresa más grande y relevante del mundo gamer (Casey, 2020)..

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Casey is playing Heavy Metal Drummer by Wilco from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot on WPRB. Tune in here:.

LISTEN | Co-host of SENZ Hoops Hedz Casey Frank joined us to chat about all of the latest news coming out of the NBA Draft. 🏀.

@screamlivez4eva I’d say this: S2: Almost every death was pretty memorable and inventive S1: Tatum’s death, along with Casey and Steve’s gutting are truly unforgettable S’22: Judy, Wes and Dewey’s deaths were great S4: Olivia’s is definitely the highlight S3: No really memorable kills IMO.

I am nervous about how Casey will use our transition offense. Our team scream transition basketball being our biggest offensive strength and i have my doubts he will let us utilize it close to our full potential..

casey vai voltar com evan ne certeza era oq eu mais queria mas wue vacilo tudo isso da izzie parece q vai atras do evan por ser a ultima opçao.

@pixlpit @netflix My brain went “Trans eye for the ‘NEW’ guy” 🤦🏻‍♀️.

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@LewisBr67448252 Morning Lewis, just checking i to see if you still need help with this? - Casey.


@littlebluee07 If you would rather chat to us online you can do so using the link below or by calling 150. Take care and have a great day 😊 - Casey.

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@JustLissa83 From my son a lawyer who will read the case. Worried about them coming after contraceptives next. The contraceptives case was what established the right if privacy that Roe and Casey relied on..

cae roe v wade, pero lo realmente importante es que producto de que cae, cae también planned parenthood v. casey. muchísimo más importante.

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