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The moment this cat gives kisses to his dog brother #Caturday 😭💕

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Kára the Pug
Kára the Pug ()

Happy #caturday with Lusi among lots of dog toys😸❤️🐾

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Tara ()

Live now on twitch! Happy house party CATurday! Come party with us and one lucky person will win a spooky bundle!

Cindy Wedding
Cindy Wedding ()

@ArtisiticKitty @LolaLegged Socks + Groot. Sister Rocket all welcome you to #Caturday

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The Dodo
The Dodo ()

The moment this cat gives kisses to his dog brother #Caturday 😭💕

Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine
Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine ()

#Caturday is @EDirewolf’s favorite day of the week when he gets to break out his high-pitched husky cat call.

Hazel & Remy
Hazel & Remy ()

It’s fixin’ to be a great #Caturday! Happy day to you! ❤️🐾 - Hazel

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Lord Graydon 🇨🇦
Lord Graydon 🇨🇦 ()

Pondering what to do ...or not #Caturday Enjoy your day #CatsOfTwitter

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Undine ()

Our #Caturday Feline of the Week is Lolly, who does a better death scene than Sarah Bernhardt. via @MetroUK

British Museum
British Museum ()

Happy #Caturday 🐱 #DYK that between the 1970s and 1990s, the Museum kept between four and seven cats to deter rats and mice? Pictured here are Pippin, Maisie and Poppet 🐈👋 Paws for a moment and read the story of cats at the Museum in our blog:

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70 years ago, Kazakhstan’s Caspian tiger was declared extinct. However, there are now plans to bring tigers back! 🐅 Thanks to the work of the Government of Kazakhstan supported by @WWFRu, this could become the first ever international tiger reintroduction. #Caturday

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Adrianna & Winston 🐈🐾
Adrianna & Winston 🐈🐾 ()

Open it! Louie & Lucy love their sunny new kickers 🌻 #Caturday #4thofJuly @BooBoyCatToys

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Lola The 3-Legged Cat
Lola The 3-Legged Cat ()

#ZSHQ back to normal pawtrol after I dealt with the zombie tuxedo cat 🐾🧟‍♂️🙀🧟‍♂️🙀🐾 #Caturday

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Mark 🐧
Mark 🐧 ()

#Caturday Cuz Finch is always a Viking when it comes to sleeping in the sun!

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JD 🏁🏴‍☠️
JD 🏁🏴‍☠️ ()

The 4th of July is Indepedence day AND #Caturday ?!?! Meet our two new mouths to feed.

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Mingo ()

Laptop weg, da will ich schlafen! Laptop weg. 30 Sekunden später: 💤 #Caturday

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Lou Diamond Phillips
Lou Diamond Phillips ()

“Use well thy freedom.” from ‘Freedom’ by Jonathan Franzen. It comes with Responsibility. Thoughtfulness. Compassion. Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July. #Caturday #WearAMask photo by ⁦@YMPhillips⁩

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Sox and Daisy
Sox and Daisy ()

@merryme300 Yes they took far too long 😹😽💗🐾😻happy caturday 🤗

☠️Metal Godz☠️
☠️Metal Godz☠️ ()

Juice says happy #caturday why can’t every day be #Caturday ?

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Sian ()

It has been a traumatic few days with our little kitten with lung draining, two emergency vet stays and then coming home and blowing a small clot in his back leg, but he is still with us, fighting and has the bald patches and a camouflage plaster to prove it. #Caturday #cats

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Þófaför: I follow back anipals!
Þófaför: I follow back anipals! ()

[email protected]: Woman reunited with cat 12 years after he went missing via @TrackingPaws Showing how important and useful microchipping can be! #Caturday

💨🧝🏻‍♀️ (Stoned Elf CHRONICles)
💨🧝🏻‍♀️ (Stoned Elf CHRONICles) ()

Since its #Caturday, here’s something for the want one!!!!! (Ok, so I ordered 2) 😂🤣😂🤣 Yea, I see now that I am a #crazycatlady!

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James Moulding ⧖
James Moulding ⧖ ()

Someone’s mog just waltzed into my boat, sat on my lap, ate my plants and purred for a bit. #caturday

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KayTMo 🧵🌈
KayTMo 🧵🌈 ()

The tiny pickle hopes you have a lovely weekend, make sure to take some time to look after you 💜 #Caturday #CatsofTwitter

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Princess Betty 👑😻👑
Princess Betty 👑😻👑 ()

Well we won’t be going out today - that’s fur sure ☔️😿☔️ #Caturday #SuperSaturday Rain Stops Play 🐾

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JJ! ()

Saturday lie in, someone doesn’t want to get up - well it is #Caturday after all. #maxcam

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Narrowboat Experience
Narrowboat Experience ()

Munchy realising that he’ll have to stay on this sign for two days. Rules are rules even for fluffy grey boat cats #caturday

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Tweedy ()

Cute cat for #Caturday . She is lying on the road! Daft thing 😄 she soon followed us down the path though 😍

#Caturday Foto
Mark Rees
Mark Rees ()

This is Louis Coulon. He was famous for his 11-foot long beard, which could be used as a nest by cats. Yes, a NEST FOR CATS. These photos were taken for postcards in 1904. #Caturday #CatsOfTwitter

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BM_AG ()

Is it the weekend yet? Cats are leading the way, getting the practice in early for a snooze Caturday! Study of a Sleeping Cat by William Holman Hunt.

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Wolf Conservation Center
Wolf Conservation Center ()

Months of sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to significantly fewer wild animals becoming roadkill, including California’s mountain lions. #Caturday

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