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Updated: January 17th, 2022 04:37 PM IST

The international signing period opened today. Here’s Kenny Gomez, a lefthanded hitting Cuban center fielder ranked No. 47 on Baseball America’s Top 100. He signed with the Astros for $775,000, a source said.

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@vaporsge Chandler management position asap. Get him helping the academy or something

Gracious Father🙏🏾 I put my faith in Jesus, my anchor to the ground. My hope and firm foundation, He’ll never let me down No Promises - Chandler Moore

David Chandler demonstrating (again) the ‘visible and vocal’ leadership that we are sadly lacking here ⁦@team_greenhalgh⁩ ⁦@H_S_E⁩ #buildingsafetycrisis

I just need an opportunity, they won’t take the chance because I’m not 6,4 ima keep working tho…

Chandler Foto,Chandler Twitter Trends : Top Tweets

Looking at draft prospects because I can’t sleep. It’s likely the #Grizzlies will be searching for backup PG options to replace Tyus Jones. Outside of the obvious names (Kennedy Chandler/TyTy Washington) a guy I like a lot is Jean Montero from Overtime Elite.

괁캐가 잇음 근데 관캐한테 고백받음 고백받앗는데 싹이 뽑히면 전어떡하조?

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) Un investigador tan noir que se llama Chandler investiga un caso de desaparición y se topa con una secta de prostitutas que matan a sus clientes con motosierras para ofrecerlos como sacrificios a los dioses. Cutre y tediosa desde la mitad. 5/10B

Chandler Foto,Chandler Twitter Trends : Top Tweets

1955: hot magazine ad for Jane Russell and Jeff Chandler in FOXFIRE vs. the movie one-sheet.

Chandler Foto,Chandler Twitter Trends : Top Tweets

SITCOMTWT LISTEN UP! we should all make gcs with people who got different characters from charactour like for example if you got chandler you would be in a gc with people who got monica, ross, joey, phoebe and rachel

Ross, Chandler, and Joey would be going as Kendall, Connor, and Roman for Halloween, were they still around today ❤️

@dang_chandler @BarbieTheeStar And Makhyli… they were wearing the living daylight out of tennis skirts especially Jules and Maddy

Wrote about this last week but looks like Caleb Chandler is officially coming back to Louisville. Huge for U of L.

@Tottenham_Feed You know it was totally wrong when you find yourself agreeing with Keys & Gray.

💜💜💜 I wonder if will pop up in the News FOLLOW Q @TORNADOSTORM17 Q

Chandler Foto,Chandler Twitter Trends : Top Tweets

Vi só agora a Teresa Cristina e o Lúcio Mauro Filho cantando Endless Love no Caldeirão e imediatamente os coloquei no meu top 3 de interpretações mais maravilhosas dessa música. No topo, lógico, Diana Ross e Lionel Richie. Tb no pódio, Chandler e Phoebe.

Brady crying because Gronk got breathed on. He’d shit his pants if he saw what defenses are allowed to do to Kelce.

I think the worst thing that ever happened on television was when Monica thought Chandler masturbated to sharks

Madurar es aceptar que el único personaje de Friends que tiene una evolución y por eso es el mejor es Chandler

@BounceManAutumn tyler laughin ab how he was ab to torture @shlofolina with the cut he was ab to put on his nose amongst many other things he did last night😂😂

@boswells731 I wonder if something really clunky like a TV script could work: have them read it, then play the scene in a clip. something from Friends with Chandler, who is sarcastic and ironic often. Then if they can internalize that voice when they go back to the page?


@OpenGymAnunoby This rare win aside, Hollinger doesn’t get enough shit for giving Chandler Parsons 94m.

Just off the top of my head, no real reason… Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel?

Upsets by Philly and Pittsburgh could bump the Patriots to 19th in the draft. They can’t do worse than 21st, a position they’ve held 4 other times in the Belichick era (Chandler Jones, Maroney, Wilfork, Graham). They’ve had just 5 1st-round picks better than 21st in that time.

This Augsburg / Eintracht match was open, and Pepi had chances - didn’t take them He didn’t stand out as either good or bad at this level - not sure what that means Chandler actually performed better - several key passes that could have taken all the points

How good does Timothy Chandler look?! Going in a time machine today watching Augsburg.

@HalloServusGude Chandler-->Touré-->Tor eben, und wir wären ruhig gewesen 😅

Acts 29 president Matt Chandler discusses a new initiative for church planters as well as the challenges around assessing character in young pastors. I think that’s how you get in trouble, he said, when the dynamic gift trumps everything else.

@ani_berny @iam_kiddee House on the rock with black american style is spot on. Chandler Moore, Travis Greene, Phil Thompson, Donnie Macclurkin etc

The international signing period opened today. Here’s Kenny Gomez, a lefthanded hitting Cuban center fielder ranked No. 47 on Baseball America’s Top 100. He signed with the Astros for $775,000, a source said.

Chandler Foto,Chandler Twitter Trends : Top Tweets

The Republican Party has put together a very impressive bench political stars with roots in the African-American Democratic Party can no longer take African-Americans for granted says Newsmax Magazine Executive Editor Ken Chandler. @Tom_Basile

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