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Professor Brummer is one of the best legal minds of this age on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. It was an honor testifying with him.

President Kagame joins HRH Prince Charles, President @OfficialMasisi, Philip Isdor Mpango, Vice-President of Tanzania, @melindagates and other key stakeholders for the Kigali Summit on Malaria and NTDs, working towards united global action against these diseases..

Charles Foto,Charles Foto by Presidency | Rwanda,Presidency | Rwanda on twitter tweets Charles Foto

i think charles full of sht actually cause how you have a youtube premiere for a video the director supposedly already watched? 🤨 stop trying to manufacture headlines, its aint happening.

@FCChu_Charles @YuriSizukuH 姐係同埋佢要掛人戇鳩以為coding 入based on black ,咁佢應該係cap anya 同另一個人啦🥹佢兩個提出呢樣野,其他人都係講緊佢錯bot.

Ok not me seeing our 🐨 🐹 🐱 🐿 🐥 🐻 🐰 then 🦵 for Charles yall are sick 💀💀💀💀.

1959 Nu-Cards Rock & Roll Ray Charles #62 g3e via @eBay #eBay🇺🇸.

Its so cute!!!! I mean it’s understandable why Charles fell in love with jk cuz the way he looked in that mv!??.

Justice is ruling in favor of the Leftist agenda???.


not me giggling and kicking my feet okay charles you won this round but you will not win the war -__-.

Setting aside the ostentatious wealth, why would you decorate your condo to look like the engineering office of a tech company, except more sterile? via @WSJ.

Im annoyed. Joined in the middle of the bloody music video… Charles your team is ruining this for me.

Not I missed literally most of the premiere cause Charles ain’t have his shit together…I hate whyte ppl😑.

That was a cute mv but i can’t forgive charles for driving over jungkook 😭😭😭😭.


Charles Foto,Charles Foto by ★ ! dant,★ ! dant on twitter tweets Charles Foto

imagine jungkook going on vlive with charles explaining how weird it was the mv was nowhere to be found lmao.

Damn, just watched the bored ape conspiracy Personally, I very much believe it could be true. If you have ever seen the depths of the know how deep it really can I would love to hear what @IOHK_Charles thinks about it.

@IOHK_Charles And that phone, will it work on sol blockchain? I mean, will it.

♪ #nowplaying Eleanor Rigby - Ray Charles (The definitive Ray Charles - 1968).

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@AgathedeLili @ClarenceHouse Prince Charles is a Fool! Camilla is doing everything for her family to benefit from the royals. While Charles dividing & hurting his own son and grandchildren. While Camilla is Kissing daily mail owner in exchange for good coverage Charles is getting Attacked! Camilla is a 🐍.

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@IOHK_Charles Does cardona work already? Last time I heard it took longer to settle transactions than Bitcoin.

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” – Charles Kettering TUMAKAS PARA MAHANAP #RunToMeFinaleConcert.

@taes_pjs They was eating him alive, We know Charles want this song to do well so best believe they gon keep us on their good side and happy 😭.

The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was watched by 750 million people worldwide in 1981; sadly, billion watched her funeral in 1997 TUMAKAS PARA MAHANAP #RunToMeFinaleConcert.

« Alerte. Vers un moment Lehman Brothers avec l’explosion du marché des produits dérivés du gaz ! » L’édito de Charles SANNAT via @Insolentiae.

Prince Charles expected to address Commonwealth countries looking to cut ties with Royal Family | World News - { The Prince of Wales is expected to address the contentious issue of other Commonwealth countries cutting ties with the Royal.

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#NowPlaying Charles Aznavour - Allez Vai Marseille sur #VeryVintageRadio.

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En güvendiğin insanların, Bir yanılgıdan ibaret olduğunu anlayınca, Köşene çekilirsin. Charles Bukowski.


@TopNewsWorks Wrong! They are the second batch. Prince Charles and Camilla were first..

@IAML490 that was because I was next in line but Joon pulled me out for reasons so Charles Putt-Putt got his weekend.

lol reminds me of charles’ message to pierre during secret santa “congratulations on your first podium i hope many more will come but always stay behind me” 😂😂.

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