germany Chuck Norris Twitter: Die Beliebtesten Tweets Germany

Chuck Norris Twitter: Die Beliebtesten Tweets Germany

Chuck Norris Twitter

Chuck Norris sat by a fire with Stallone, Jet Lee and several other highly respected tough men of cinema. They told tales of how tough they all were. Chuck Norris said nothing, he just sat there poking the fire….with his penis.


The Statue of Liberty is a real person but Chuck Norris told her to stand still (NY NY, Vegas).

Chuck Norris Foto,Chuck Norris Foto by AXL,AXL on twitter tweets Chuck Norris Foto

@A3Noticias Qué pretendéis hacer con esta noticia? Infundir miedo? Un caníbal? En la guerra? Como si va a combatir Chuck Norris o Rasputin… un balazo bien apuntado y se acabó el problema….

Y’all changed the name from Chuck Norris to Bajwa and thought you guys achieved comedy. Disrespectful to my dude chuck!.

Hundred bucks says that the Boogie Man checks under his bed for Chuck Norris at night..

Chuck Norris was born May 6, 1945. The Nazis surrendered May 7, 1945. Coincidence? I think not..

@haiderkazmi @mahobili Its a genre. They have been used for chuck norris, bruce lee, ibrahimovic, vladimir putin and many more.

@DamCou Do it. But it might work better if you Milli Vanilli it with a guy who looks like Chuck Norris..

@OTRSCentral Who had better footwork? Chuck Norris at Survivor Series 1994 or Sid when he took the big boot of justice? #AskOTRS.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. He had two missed calls from Chuck Norris..

@Creydesign Chuck Norris ist ein homophober, erzkonservativer rechtschristlicher Waffennarr, der die Evolutionstheorie ablehnt. Ach Mist, das war ja jetzt gar kein Witz sondern ein echter Chuck Norris Fact..

Chuck Norris can beat Arnie in an Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonation contest. #KingBibi #BlaBla.

Bir ara Google a Where is Chuck Norris? yazınca Google Chuck Norris will find you diye cevap veriyordu :) 😂 😂 😂.

@EstoyAvisando Y Chuck Norris no es más que Sirron Kcuhc escrito al revés. Ahí lo dejo 😌.

Michael Jordan was recently asked who he thought was the greatest basketball player in the world. His answer? Chuck Norris..

@its_anyw vdd oeneor, pois a internet é um lugar que há mta informação, e informação de mais para a cabeça de um ser humano é maléfico E por isso, a ignorância às vezes estranhamente acaba sendo uma benção. Por exemplo: vc fala pro seu gato:Plínio do céu, c viu que mataro o chuck norris?.

Ik ben onder de indruk, van die blik wordt zelfs Chuck Norris bang. @FvA1964.

Chuck Norris gets a happy ending when strangling mountain lions. #KingBibi #BlaBla.

@SanjayS49917075 Increible tecnica de Chuck norris aplicada por la señora para romperle el cuello a ese niño, asi aprendera 👍.

Chuck Norris Foto,Chuck Norris Foto by Lomito lo Explica Todo🍖,Lomito lo Explica Todo🍖 on twitter tweets Chuck Norris Foto

@FonsiLoaiza Una semana de baja por dos puñetazos de un señor de 67 años? Quien era el jubilado, Chuck Norris? Madre en P3 le quitan hasta el bocadillo!!.

“A lot of people give up just before they’re about to make it. You know you never know when that next obstacle is going to be the last one.” – Chuck Norris HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANJI #AnjiSalvacion @anjisalvacion.

Sometimes my cat Chuck Norris acts like a Karen [by Allie_Kat008] #lovely #pet.

Chuck Norris Foto,Chuck Norris Foto by Adorable cats,Adorable cats on twitter tweets Chuck Norris Foto

@GamerOTFuture @Juidodin Chuck Norris hat noch nie den Joker gespielt #Servicetweet.

A girl asked Chuck Norris to shave his beard. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked her #KingBibi #BlaBla.

House of the dragon me está gustando pero la forma en la que me han reventado al personaje de ser Criston en un solo episodio no tiene perdón de Diosito ni jesusito ni Chuck norris en persona..

@narkosedoc Chuck Norris heilt Krankheiten durch bloße Anwesenheit. Krankheiten haben Angst vor Chuck Norris und steckt sie mit sich an..

Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that plans a date for Chuck Norris and shows up instead..

@mahobili Probably trained by Thalaiva Rajnikanth and Chuck Norris at some point. Would have been after Unnee Sau Ikhattar for Nahi taan Bajju ne kalle ne saariyaan ladayiaab CHUCK deniyaan seegiyan 😂😂😂.

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