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FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton quietly settled campaign finance violation last year, was NEVER ARRESTED.

Hillary Clinton lied about campaign funds used to pay a foreign spy to frame Trump for treason. She paid a fine. She was never arrested..

@ColossusofNY to Wikipedia & read Paula Jones v. Bill Clinton. Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton & he paid her a settlement from that suit. How hard is that to !.

@EdKrassen It won’t go to trial. Hey fake fraud criminal bot remember when Clinton paid Paula Jones 850,000 dollars to go away and nobody arrested him.

Nasty woman suits you. He did not divide this country. Hilary Clinton and her Merry Men did. You & the rest of the country heard her say she was cheated out of the election. A Dem Congress believed her & refused to work with Trump, Tell the truth, if you can.

@MrJonCryer Like the standing ovation clapping reception we held for Clinton back in the 90s when he was impeached for lying about his affair with Monica?.

@mmpadellan she’s the biggest crook in Washington and got away with all her crimes because her name was Clinton but the people of the United States know exactly what she did especially in Benghazi and it’s people like you that phrase these criminals.

@barstoolsports This reminds me of 2016 when Trump trashed Hillary Clinton with all the democrats 😭. 😂 Grow up please 🙏.

With Obama Clinton & oh Soro behind it all. Biden, is the walking dead.

@MarieR1104 @ggreenwald “Hillary Clinton Democrat”… “Intolerant of abusers and their defenders” Ummmm 🤔🤔🤔 Okaaaaaaay LOL.

@WhetBecky @Travis_in_Flint It should be, Clinton paid hush money and nothing happened to him. Bidens gotten millions from China, nothings happened to him. The AG is corrupt and should he arrested, he said he wouldnt arrest others..

@Ngc70 @bennyjohnson That’s why I could not possibly vote for Clinton her husband is a rapist and he paid $850,000 to Paula Jones for sexually abusing her! Also, no one (regardless of sex) should idolize any man. You should worship God! 🙏🏼.

@EdKrassen Hey Ed. What about Clinton’s $850k payoff? Oh wait he’s a dem so it doesn’t count..

@RepAdamSchiff How about your playbook of not indicting criminal activity on the Democrat side. For example, the treason and Hillary Clinton committed. Or Joe Biden blackmailing an ally..

@RJBono18 @JoyceWhiteVance Speaking of her, why did she get a fine for this while Trump is facing indictment?.

I remember when the twenty sixteen election and everyone was saying it was a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and everyone was saying the lesser between two evil and we everyone else did but I voted for Hillary cause I knew that he was not qualified for off.

@Peoples_Pundit It’s obviously a highly political persecution BUT it does set a precedent that will not be undone. Ex Presidents like Clinton, Bush, Obama & Biden, & their wives - Hillary can ALL be arrested now!.

PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON Paid Paula Jones $850,000 To Shut Up About Sexual Harassment Charges While He Was In Middle Of Impeachment Hearings For Affair With 19-Yr-Old Was He Never Arrested?.

@David_J_Koch @RepSwalwell Yes who here thinks we should not allow a unprecedented arrest of a US President when Clinton did the same thing as Trumps being accused of and wasn’t even indicted. Just wanna know…..

@L0stCherokee @leslibless Bill Clinton was sued by Paula Jones, he didn’t pay her to go away. All Americans are able to remember that because that’s the reason Repubic hypocrites impeached him, how could you not know that, where are you from?.

@dcacb54 @CPyles8 Had Bill Clinton or Barack Obama been there would you comment the same way? Unlikely..


This is how sweet 16s get celebrated when you last won in the Clinton administration.

@catturd2 And this one just got a slap And good ole Bill is just lucky he was a democrat.

@SpeakerPelosi No one except Hillary the Biden every other major democratic player.

Rudy Giuliani: Trump case is personal, what about Bill Clinton | via @YouTube.

@DrShayPhD @DixT3 Bill Clinton used tax payers money to pay off rape charges! Why wasn’t he arrested???.

So EL bladum is showing video from the Clinton fund raiser and says Trump will be investigated for Biz dealings. 🤣🤣😂.

“There has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America.”- President Obama.

@catturd2 @SpeakerPelosi What Nancy meant only she and her husband are above the law. And Hunter. And Bill Clinton. And Hilary. And Barrack..

@mmpadellan Championing criminals? She’s the perfect leader for disgusting & revolting subhumans. You are a mindless NPC. Clinton has almost 2 dozen friends (caught in legal scandals) who all died in highly questionable circumstances. Anyone else would be investigated & prosecuted..

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