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On this day last year, the 2019-20 season began. The Clippers beat the Lakers 112-102. How it started How it’s going

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OG Slim 
OG Slim  ()

“You guys are Clippers?” “ ” 😂😂😂😂

Max ()

its bc she used clippers in the back but in a very hererosexual way+also didnt leave me my pointy bit of hair at the nape of my neck but yeah. definitely karen-adjacent. which is fine cause itll look less Like That when its not blow-dried and the back will grow in like 30 seconds

Clippers Foto,Clippers Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
TrashTalk ()

Nike PG 4 Clippers : une paire qui ne protège pas des chokes en Playoffs

Jandles ()

Can’t believe the dodgers essentially left the clippers twitter account on read 😂😂😂

Barry Jackson
Barry Jackson ()

Can confirm that Heat assistant coach Dan Craig has left to take a job as an assistant coach with the LA Clippers, per source. Clippers offered more money and he hopes this becomes pathway to becoming head coach somewhere eventually, per source.

RickyRaccoon🐺 ()

@redditmavericks Being A #MFFL in Los Ángeles, there’s always billboards of Lakers 😏, Clippers 🤢🤮 all around the County, Do the Mavs have a decent amount, and what’s the vibe when there’s a person wearing a California team jersey? Ps. I 4give y’all for threatening Cali on the last pod 😂

Chris ()

@DalvinEra2 @PeakLuka Now look at the first matchup between the two. Giannis and Middleton in foul trouble and Bucks still won sleepwalking. But Lebron who averaged roughly six free throws a game needed 30 over two games to barely beat the Bucks and Clippers in one weekend. What a legend.

Josué 🇭🇹
Josué 🇭🇹 ()

Me when Benny said “hoes get fucked and sent home early like the Clippers“ my wordd!! 🤯

Jan Estevez
Jan Estevez ()

@TopBallCoverage Almost agree, but Bucks vs Heat (East upset 1:00 pm est) Clippers vs Nuggets (West upset 3:30 pm et) Mavs vs Pels (young players hype 6:30 pm et) Lakers vs Nets (favorites for finals 9:00 pm et) Rockets vs Warriors (semi rivalry 11:30 pm et)


LMFAOOO NAH man it’s okay to say I was wrong. I can’t believe he won’t say it. Btw I called the clippers losing. I love going against what the top analysts say. It show who really know ball.

WaptorsWan➐ ()

List of Christmas games that would be good if they happen Clippers/Lakers Raptors/Celtics Heat/Bucks Mavs/Knicks Utah/Denver

NicoDubz ()

Warriors vs Nets Lakers vs Clippers Heat vs Nuggets Pelicans vs Grizzlies Bucks vs Sixers

213Hoops ()

Our exit interview series continues with Amir Coffey, a two-way rookie wing who showed flashes of being an interesting NBA player.

Iz ()

ANYTHING BUT CLIPPERS VS LAKERS They’re Dallas Mavericks tier now

Red Nation BR 🇧🇷 (de 🏠)
Red Nation BR 🇧🇷 (de 🏠) ()

Game 6 Josh Smith lenda eterna! As crianças de hoje em dia não sabem que a gente já tava virando 3-1 contra o Clippers bem antes disso virar moda.

Hijo De Diana
Hijo De Diana ()

Heat vs Lakers Clippers vs Mavericks Bucks vs Rockets Nets vs Warriors Pelicans vs Grizzlies Blazers vs Nuggets

Sam Amico
Sam Amico ()

ICYMI. Shaq says Clippers’ best move is to move Paul George.

Ryan Sieve
Ryan Sieve ()

Lakers - Clippers Nuggets - Celtics Raptors - Bucks Nets - Warriors Heat - Pelicans

🇮🇹 ()

Bucks/Raptors Celtics/Heat Nets/Warriors Lakers/Clippers Mavs/Nuggets

David... ()

Nets vs Warriors Celtics vs Heat Bucks vs Lakers Clippers vs Nuggets Blazers vs Pelicans Rockets vs Mavs

Silk Shirt Skunk
Silk Shirt Skunk ()

@LowLife_Mack Imma give that a try, actually, next ’t thought about clippers exfoliating dead skin until just

🦈 Stesso World 🌎
🦈 Stesso World 🌎 ()

@_SkunkyBeaumont I prefer Before because you cleaning ya pores out ...and then the clippers exfoliate dead after ain’t bad either

Nanaimo Clippers
Nanaimo Clippers ()

Thank you to Wheatcroft Construction Ltd for once again supporting the Clippers!

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Loan ®️
Loan ®️ ()

Lakers-Nets Bucks-Heat Raptors-Celtics Clippers-Dallas Phila-Portland

Fidel ()

@JoshEberley Clippers don’t deserve this matchup anymore they’re just some second round exit team

Phil Sizemore
Phil Sizemore ()

Sixers/Pels Warriors/Clippers Bucks/Nuggets Nets/Celtics Lakers/Heat

Maxime 🏆⚽️🏀📽🤘🏻
Maxime 🏆⚽️🏀📽🤘🏻 ()

Lakers - Clippers Warriors - Heat Denver - Celtics Nets - Boston Dallas - Bucks

Catch N’ Shoot
Catch N’ Shoot ()

Lakers - Clippers Nets - Warriors Heat - Bucks Celtics - 76ers Rockets - Mavs


Lakers - Nets Bucks - Nuggets Warriors - Heat Celtics - Sixers Rockets - Clippers

Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Sports ()

On this day last year, the 2019-20 season began. The Clippers beat the Lakers 112-102. How it started How it’s going

Clippers Foto,Clippers Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
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