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To the city of Boston, thank you for embracing me as your own these last 3 years. I cannot say thank you enough to all the fans, my teammates, coaches and everyone in the organization I built such strong relationships with.

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Frankie Grizzle-Malgrat
Frankie Grizzle-Malgrat ()

In all seriousness, this has to be a rule against this from now on. If you can’t handle the the up-tempo of teams then you need to condition better. Like I said a couple weeks ago: players who did this are soft and coaches who coach it are even softer.

Zack Raslan
Zack Raslan ()

@ItsKingsBruh His ceiling prolly gonna be capped as long as he a Charger. They got a talented roster but all their coaches needa go

The Wealth Zone
The Wealth Zone ()

We will document the classified concepts to retrieve ones physical health soon

210bri ()

That’s the play the coaches lamar has to get comfortable checking down and getting the 1st

Jay ()

@alex_galt @Davekellymp I think it may have a niche in light goods vehicles and possibly buses/coaches long-term, but it does seem mostly a distraction, especially once you combine catenary electric with battery electric for freight.

Jordan Perri
Jordan Perri ()

2020 OG 6’0 250Lb Contact: @Jamalkeaton2 Very coachable, hard working an loves to get better every day! Msg me or him coaches!

Grace Folds
Grace Folds ()

It was a great weekend of ball. It’s always fun being on the field with these girls and coaches.@GAImpactDeyton Here’s my first at bat of the 🥎💣

Micah KAΨ
Micah KAΨ ()

Week to week we will see why the DOLPHINS ARE IN SERIOUS NEED OF MORE offensive lineman and skill players that can make plays. NFL coaches will find and attack weaknesses.

Rob ()

If the coaches can’t keep safe, how is the NCAA taking care of the players?

AJ♍ 🎙🎧🎛📻
AJ♍ 🎙🎧🎛📻 ()

Lol i like emotion in my got zombies right now and i wanna kick all their asses

F.A.R.T. Commish
F.A.R.T. Commish ()

@TheRealPres10 @NFL_DovKleiman Harbaughs continue to lose to Buckeyes!!! Love it. Cry baby coaches.

Johnny Four Seasons
Johnny Four Seasons ()

Quarterbacks have a salary cap hit. Coaches don’t. Sitting here on Nov. 22, 2020, I don’t know how Doug survives this.

SC Wave 04 Girls
SC Wave 04 Girls ()

@KylieMaderski thank you for your wonderful approach day after day; you are a tremendous teammate. And we are blessed to have you locking down the right side over and over! Coaches - check her out as she is an #uncommitted 2022!

michael christopher
Michael christopher ()

@RichCimini He has talent usually coaches try to give him easy catches to get confidence back but not these coaches no tight end screens no encouragement

Football Coach Daily
Football Coach Daily ()

Coaches can lead defenders away from the play using PassLab, a one-of-a-kind hardware and software combination that teaches quarterbacks to play their cards close to their vest.

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Jon Holmes
Jon Holmes ()

College coaches please take a look at @mack_moeller Senior tape. Going to be a good one at the next level. Can play multiple spots. Also used in run game in our Offense. Finished with 65 catches for 1,161 yards 12 TD’s in 10 games.

502🍊🏈🏀 ()

@j_train18 Two younger coaches with some of the younger talent in the league, it could sure end up a rivalry. Another playoff game with you two would be 🔥

Howsurmomdoin ()

@V_Broncos We’re in line for season we started at 25,000! We r now within 10,000 we need to keep theses same players/coaches and especially the GM for 3-5 more years until we get season tix!!! That’s how big of a Broncos fan I am!!!

Lucas Oliver
Lucas Oliver ()

@JFergusonAU Based on their personalities, what do you think each sec coaches favorite Thanksgiving food is?

Brandon ()

@MikeReiss Well, the Texans were 2-7 so clearly other teams have figured out how to beat them. Weird the “goat” of coaches can’t seem to figure it out. 2 years in a row

Stephen Samuel
Stephen Samuel ()

@bigjimmurray I think what makes your show (with Felger n Mazz) so good is that you guys stay away from interviews with players n coaches. Listening to zo and Bettle interview the Revs coach and David Andrews are just pointless. Chase Win, is the only player worth having on.

AJ♍ 🎙🎧🎛📻
AJ♍ 🎙🎧🎛📻 ()

@PhillyWill11 You need those Coaches to stop playing around and get you more time or what they need more of speed

Harry Woodley
Harry Woodley ()

Starting with a new time mid-lockdown is an interesting challenge but I think this academic year will be huge for prospective coaches re: building coaching experience in a uniquely volatile climate. Buzzing to get started myself. ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Dustin Del Rio
Dustin Del Rio ()

@nickeatman Can dalton get it done? Glad the coaches put that 3rd and 5 in Zeke’s hands cause I didn’t trust dalton either.

Derek Bertlio
Derek Bertlio ()

@ChickLudwig (Also, these post-game interviews with the players and coaches are garbage. The questions are terrible, the answers are worse, no one wants to do it, why are radio listeners subjected to them?)

Frankie Kenneth ✭
Frankie Kenneth ✭ ()

@TheMan8043 I concur. I wish the coaches would pair him with Lee more often. Sit 54 more

Chuck Gawne
Chuck Gawne ()

@CoachLisle I am gladd you did note with good coaches. I agree with good coaches this is how it works.

Senator Shehu Sani
Senator Shehu Sani ()

When the train broke down in the bushes between Kaduna to Abuja,the Coaches turned to interdenominational Mosques and the Indian Hindus joined in fervent God in one train.

Brad Wanamaker
Brad Wanamaker ()

Appreciate you Boston! Signed my first and second lol NBA contracts with a great organization. Loved hooping with all my teammates and coaches I came across my two season there, wish you guys all the best going forward and I’ll always be grateful for my time there. 💚

Gordon Hayward
Gordon Hayward ()

To the city of Boston, thank you for embracing me as your own these last 3 years. I cannot say thank you enough to all the fans, my teammates, coaches and everyone in the organization I built such strong relationships with.

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