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Seven years ago today, we were blessed with ‘Cruel Summer.’ What’s your favorite track?.

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I think I did this right. Anyway Cruel Summer wins for me..

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@billboard For few days its False before that The Man and Cruel Summer was ...

“miss americana & the heartbreak prince”, “cruel summer” & “afterglow”, I know i’m basic.

a month later and my holy trinity are still Afterglow, Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince, and False God with Cruel Summer right after.

1. I Think He Knows 2. Afterglow 3. The Man 4. Cruel Summer 5. Death By Thousand Cuts 6. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince.

@TSUpdatesNYBU This is hard🤔... Cruel summer, After glow, Cornelia street.

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@TSUpdatesNYBU miss americana & the heartbreak prince the archer cruel summer.


Tough to only choose 3, but: - Daylight - False God - Cruel Summer (Shout out to Cornelia St & Afterglow who also deserve mentions) 💖 @TSwiftNZ.

Taylor Swift - Cruel Summer (Official Audio) via @YouTube.

@erlinnatawiria @TSwift_ID No. 1 still Cruel Summer, Afterglow, Cornelia Street, Daylight and False God..

songs off lover that will make the best singles: - cruel summer - the man - I think he knows - london boy - paper rings - cornelia street.

I can’t believe that a month ago today I completely lost my god damn mind when I heard Cruel Summer for the first time.

I also wanna add that there’s SO MUCH single potential on this album!?!? Cruel Summer, The Man, I think He Knows, Paper Rings, Afterglow ?? And this is a really great pop record..

Update: Mary’s Lover ranking 1. Daylight 2. Cornelia Street 3. DBATC 4. The Archer 5. Lover 6. False God 7. Miss Americana 8. SYGB 9. Cruel Summer 10. Afterglow 11. I Think He Knows 12. Paper Rings 13. London Boy 14. INTHAF 15. The Man 16. me 17. IFTYE 18. YNTCD.

@jessica_parks @taylorswift13 Cruel summer Holy Ground I know Places Wonderland Death by a thousand cuts.

not as much as I’ll cry (and we all will) when shouting the bridge of cruel summer.

today is the first month of #Lover and my current top 5 is cruel summer, i think he knows, paper rings, cornelia street and daylight 💗💖.

@dressfearless13 palm trees = cruel summer kaleidoscope = lover album in general.

@swiftmarvelete the man e seria pedir demais um clipezinho bem brega de cornelia street??? 👺 e cruel summer no verão dos eua (?).

Cruel Summer reminds me so much of me and Blake in 2016, where was this song then? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.

just got chills as the bridge of cruel summer hit. it’s a dramatic morning for me.

@TSwiftNZ London boy, Cornelia Street and cruel summer (@sweetsandswift are you proud of me yet).

Cruel Summer (he looks up grinning like a devil😈), I Think He Knows (got that UHHHH I mean) and Death By A Thousand Cuts (my heart!!!!! My hips!!!!! The entire bridge, at the top of my lungs).

Seven years ago today, we were blessed with ‘Cruel Summer.’ What’s your favorite track?.

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