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Alphonso Davies revela solidão na Alemanha: - A vida como jogador profissional é genial, sem dúvidas. Para relaxar e desfrutar da vida. Mas depois dos treinos, não há nada para fazer. Para mim, como não tenho família e minha noiva não vive comigo, estou sozinho. Provavelmente….

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Two self-appointed voices of the GC ‘Women’s Rights’ movement crapping on, er, women. You know what? I think JK Rowling, Sharron Davies and the others KNOW deep down that they are bigots - and that most of the public are absolutely fine with Trans People. #RightSideofHistory ❤️🏳️‍⚧️.

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Jordan Morris joins Roger Davies (1980) and Derek Smethurst (1979) as only Sounders with 4 goals in top flight play. Five is record in 2nd division play..

Ojalá ser un perdedor popular como Davies y ver mi cuenta bancaria con siete ceros.

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@CanadaSoccerEN @CNationsLeague Can’t lie, Davies had a stinker tonight 🤷‍♂️.

And the winners are .... The Soo Greyhounds held their Annual Awards Banquet earlier tonight and handed out 11 team awards at the @DeltaSSM. Who left with the hardware? Find out 👇 (Photos by Bob Davies).

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Rooney played with Micheal Carrick Rio Ferdinand Evra Giggs Scholes Vidic Ronaldo Nani Mata Berbatov Van Persie Van Nistelrooy Kane played with Eriksen Son Dele Alli Eric Dier Lamela Lucas Moura Ben Davies Harry winks Nacer Chadli 😂😂😂.

🇨🇼 Curaçao 0x2 Canadá 🇨🇦 Davies: 64 min A próxima partida será no dia 28, contra Honduras. Quem vencer avança para a semifinal da Nations League 🏆..

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R2 #supercoach Price Projection* - Luke Davies-Uniacke 2022Av 101(21g) StartPrice $557k R1/R2Scores 143/155 R3BE 27 ProjScore 120 R3->$599k($42k)NewBE 75 R4->$619k($20k)NewBE 122 R5->$618k($-1k)NewBE 123 R6->$617k($-1k)NewBE 123 R7->$616k($-1k)NewBE 123 *approx.

R2 #supercoach Price Projection* - Luke Davies-Uniacke 2022Av 101(21g) StartPrice $557k R1/R2Scores 143/155😮 R3BE 27 ProjScore 149 R3->$612k($54k)NewBE 53 R4->$655k($43k)NewBE 85 R5->$683k($29k)NewBE 103 R6->$704k($21k)NewBE 116 R7->$719k($15k)NewBE 126 *approx.

@CanadaSoccerEN @CNationsLeague Alphonso Davies seemed off during this match it’s probably because of Julian Nagelsmann sudden sacking from Bayern Munich. ⚽️🔴.

Sam Adekugbe steps on for Alphonso Davies amazing player to be able to bring on to give Phonzie so much needed rest for Honduras at BMO. #CanMNT.

@w4nner7489 Many players Davies is really gonna get goals and assist Cancelo too Mane too Ur CBs Kimmich as well.

@kevinbonham Labor easily beating the Liberals in the Winston Hills LC count. Around even in Badgerys Creek too. Real chance both go Liberal in the LA though. Tanya Davies and Mark Taylor are strong MPs. Would be four straight victories for each of them..

@UpTheCityBlues @GeezyHuncho It’s a pretty shit lineup tbf, that back line reeks. I’d add Foden, Davies, Gabriel/Saliba in it tbh.

Congratulations to Ava Davies and Sofia Estrada for winning 3rd Place in Physics and Astronomy at the State Science Fair! 🎉🎉🎉💚🤍💚🤍🌟🌟🌟🏅🏅🏅🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻.

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@SomosAnalistas_ Alphonso Davies dando masterclass sobre que el dinero no da la felicidad..

@SaucePub @annastewartwho Davies should have stopped at Children of Earth. Miracle Day was a mess..

Davies and Royal - new injuries to add to Bentancur/Hugo/Bissouma/Richarlison.

@SomosAnalistas_ Ponchito Davies, no te preocupes vente a Barcelona aquí te amaremos , te cuidaremos y no hace tanto frío.

この冬に編み上げたもの。 その1) Kate Daviesさんデザインのプルオーバー「dathan 」。ゲーリック語(dathの複数形)で色とか染めるなどの意味。 ドルマンスリーブでどうなるのか心配しながら編み進めましたが、実際に着てみるとかっこいい。.

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Alphonso Davies needs to learn to respect his opponent no matter where he is playing. He tries things in concacaf play that would never fly in Germany #CanMNT.

Beau Is Afraid - Fiona Crombie Wonka - Nathan Crowley, Laura Ng Saltburn - Suzie Davies, Charlotte Dirickx Maestro - Kevin Thompson, Rena DeAngelo.

Writers Inspirational Quotes The most original thing a writer can do is write like himself. It is also his most difficult task. - Robertson Davies.

@LeBap92 @Konrad__FCB Difficile vu que notre club fuit la ldc et que le seul gros adversaire contre qui on joue c’est le Réal qui (on peut le dire hein) n’a pas de latéraux. Il a terminé Davies par contre..

@TheRealFlups Is this the real Greg Davies or the one that stalks Becky (@deathtospinach)? Greg Davies seems to be a common name..

@LeBap92 @Konrad__FCB Davies a dit que Dembélé est l’attaquant sur qui il a eu le plus de mal à défendre..

@lordknows999 @sugarbread__ We are not talking about left back pro max 🤩🤩🤩 Davies na promax.

@SomosAnalistas_ Me identifico con Davies fuera de mi trabajo también soy bastante solitario y casi nunca tengo algo que hacer 🤔.

@jonmorleylfc Holding, Emerson, Phillips, Adrian, Gallagher, Maguire. Only debateable ones to include are Henderson, Ben Davies, Forster and Mctominay.

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