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Soooooo cool 😱🦸‍♂️🪄 Posted on Instagram by the incredibly talented Jonny Moore - “A relief of Julian Hilliard I did for in 2021. I was head of a crack team of sculptors working on and off through the lockdowns.”.

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Wait… I just watched Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There was a Latina lesbian couple in the movie… raising a child. Is Gym Jordan gonna be okay?.

Vir Das
Vir Das

I’m at the point in Dr Strange where two dudes are firing musical notes at each other..

Btw, gua juga kaget banget pas muncul karakter-karakter dari The Illuminati di film Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness. Katanya Bolt bisa ngebunuh cuma dari bisikan doang. Ya sama kayak para buaya bisa bikin klepek-klepek cuma dari omongan “Aku gak pernah sesayang ini sama kamu”..


Madness of Multiverse continues the decline in Marvel movies not that they were of The Dark Knight level before. What a silly plot and action sequences. I was expecting Mirror universe of Spock vs Evil Spock. It’d have been better to pitch Dr Strange vs Dr Strange. #underwhelming.

Good morning. Please enjoy this picture from the Van Gogh immersion experience. If you are within driving distance of this amazing traveling show, get your butt there..

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Wihh Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness udah tayang ya di @DisneyPlusID? scene favorit gue sih pas Dr. Strange ngelawan Wanda pake tubuh zombienya, keren! mending pada rewatch jg sekarang, diulang beberapa kali jg tetep seru, ngga bikin jenuh kayak lemak.

Yeah I decided it was a good idea to watch Dr Strange Mulitverse of Madness at 3:30am meaning the movie didn’t conclude till 5:30, I won’t regret this at all… Banger movie though.

Disney+, sen ülkemize dr strange getirene kadar biz hdfilmcehenneminden izledik, sorry.

Wong: Choose your words wisely the fate of the multiverse may depend on it Dr Strange: Wanda YOUR CHILDREN ARE MADE UP THEY DONT EXIST.

Momen favorit gw sih pas Dr. Strange jd zombie alias serem amat bayanginnya, zombie doang aja serem apalagi zombie bisa sulap buset auto rewatch nih Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness, kalian yg mau rewatch juga bisa lgsg streaming di @DisneyPlusID okee!.

🎬 Title: Dr Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness 2022 new release 🎥 First On telegram, 1080p HD Now Available Download it here 👇👇.

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Nah yall he deff meant this sarcastically 😭 he knows wanda and dr strange stans are eating him tf up for fuckin up mom 😭.

What of Dr strange was right and our dreams are real but it’s us in alternate realities?.

Viendo Dr Strange por milésima vez saque la conclusión que la escena MÁS ÉPICA es la pelea con las notas musicales amigo👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

Do I need to have seen Oops! All Spiders-Man before I watch Dr. Strange and the Mountains of Madness cause I am tired of waiting for Spidey to be on streaming and this movie looks insanely cool..

I bought a tent and didn’t tell the kids so for our movie night tonight we are setting the tent up in the living room and giving them the option of sleeping in there! We’re going to watch the new Dr. Strange.

Hace frío. Así que hoy se aplica Disney+, para ver el final de Obi-Wan Kenobi, Dr. Strange y en Necfli, ver el capítulo de El Idiota Preferido de Pensar que cuando era broca cochi, me estaba preparando para ir a cunetearme unas chelas con mis Ahora, NI CAGANDO!.

nak tengok Dr Strange but since ramai sangat asyik cakap kena tengok drama ni lah movie tu dulu lah jadi malas nak tengok.

To cheer myself up a little, I finally watched multiverse of madness. Terrible! Nobody loves Dr. Strange more than me, and this movie was a total failure. The writing was trash and I think sam raimi might need to hang it up now. Juvenile and looked cheap too..

Que puta chulada Dr Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, grande Raimi y que score mas chingon de Danny Elfman.

#JurassicWorldDominion ya es la 4ª película mas taquillera de 2022 con 639 millones de dólares. Siguiente objetivo es Batman en 3ª posición con 770 millones de dólares. Dr Strange sigue siendo 1ª con 953 millones de dólares..

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Qué divertida Dr. Strange en el multiverso de la locura. El tono no puede ser más distinto a la primera. Se nota la mano de Sam Raimi y la cantidad de referencias a la saga Evil Dead..

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I’m only 9 and a half minutes into MoM and Dr. Strange literally metro manned that bus.

⚠️⚠️⚠️PRECAUCIÓN CONTIENE SPOILER DE DR. STRANGE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS⚠️⚠️⚠️ ¿Que les parece mi intento de acento ruso eh? Esta culero :(.


omg marvel studios dr strange in the multiverse of madness is so funny, creative, goofy, and inventive!.

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Watching Dr Strange 2 (again, because Oldest LOVES the MCU) and it’s nice to see Scarlet Witch as truly evil. It’s a lot like S3 of Barry—although Barry is light years better: someone we want to root for, who chooses to be evil and has to pay the consequences..

그래서 누가 시츄스터라는 말을 처음 했다고? 내 친우를 놀리는 건 안좋은 버릇이네. (시침 뚝).

Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe is a better movie than Multiverse..

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@AvidCommentator Plenty: -We unleash an innovation powerhouse economy; MNEs restructure into 🇦🇺 -quality improvements in Australian construction -population boom from increased optimism each couple feels living in the Australian economy ^these were dimensions featured in that Dr Strange movie.

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