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Don’t let the Eagles blowing a 14-point lead to the Saints distract you from the fact that Kylie Jenner blew an 18,000,000 like lead to an egg.

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Alshon Jeffery Sends Emotional Message to Eagles Fans After Drop Against Saints 👀.

“I’d root for the Eagles if Lucifer himself was playing quarterback” [email protected]

フォロバって難しい、未だに慣れない 一人したらみんなしないといけないような気がしてな…してない人に悪いというか.


@JoeCordy23 😂😂 fair enough reason. Finally someone who shares my hawthorn hatred! Watching footy at aurora/Utas stadium for years I just find them and their fans insufferable. Richmond are the Philly Eagles. One title to go with years of mediocrity..

That was a crazy but really fun #Eagles season. A quick thank you for everyone who followed along throughout the year. You guys make this job so much fun..

稀勢の里はもちろんだけど、大関横綱陣(白鵬は除く)不甲斐なさすぎる 番付上位の力士は最低でも中日まで勝ち続けないと.

Buenos días!! Gran victoria ayer, muy trabajada, ante un equipo que es campeón por algo. Grandes @Eagles_Spain , muchos ánimos. Seguimos una semana más adelante. Atentos que seguiremos con la juguesca que iniciamos ayer esta semana y se va a añadir un premio más a la cesta..

Back in the states, Pats won and the Eagles lost. I couldn’t be in a better state of mind 🤙🏾.

@DAtkinson94 They are such haters toward the Eagles and I’ll never understand it.

Don’t let the Eagles blowing a 14-point lead to the Saints distract you from the fact that Kylie Jenner blew an 18,000,000 like lead to an egg..

Previous 10 defending Super Bowl champions follow up season: 2 won more than one playoff game 1 won a playoff game 3 lost their first playoff game 4 missed the playoffs Compared to their peers, the Eagles were very good defending champs.

The eagles defense has actually never gotten off the field after 3rd down in franchise history.

Eagles 14, Saints 10, HALFTIME - NFC Divisional Playoffs.

Eagles 14, Saints 10, HALFTIME - NFC Divisional Playoffs Foto

I wish the Vikings Defense could show up to games like the Eagles are right now .. Vikings players are never Hype!!.

The #Eagles 🦅 came to play today! 💪🏽 #NFLPlayoffs.

It’s something about the eagles w/ nick foles that I can’t wrap my finger around 🤨.

@robertwolf32 Fair enough. I will say this: I wonder what odds you’d have got on an Eagles- Patriots Super Bowl repeat back in about week 8 and what odds you’d get now?.

@getnickwright U been picking against the eagles to lose every game this game not over but dam.

Eagles + On Fire = Somos capaces de todo! La defensa está hiper enchufada. #FlyEaglesFly.

Eagles are back to back champs. That’s what’s going on..

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Philadelphia Eagles vs New Orleans Saints LIVE STREAM.

@americocap I hope Foles wins the SB again this year because then the Eagles risk mutiny if they let him leave..

Just wished that I could have someone sitting on the couch with me watching this Saints vs Eagles game. Could be playing a nice game that everytime my team punts, I have do something to her amd vice versa..

Eagles-Saints right now is a mix of these past postseason matchups - NYJ over NE (2010 AFCD) and NYG over GB (2011 NFCD).

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