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I’m not sayyyyiinnngg what #Eggboy did was “right”. But I AM saying that if I was his mom, he definitely wouldn’t be grounded 💁.

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an ally to the muslim community. he and his friends who planned this chose to stand up against hate. they refused to be complicit. #EggBoy 💜🥚.

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Faşizmin ve şovenizmin kafasında omlet yaptın koca yürekli çocuk ♥️ Saldırı değil Protesto #eggboy.

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Shipping eggboy and woman who yelled at Clinton to have the most antifa baby imaginable.

I’m not sayyyyiinnngg what #Eggboy did was “right”. But I AM saying that if I was his mom, he definitely wouldn’t be grounded 💁.

Props to eggboy for selecting the ideal ammunition for his attack, the humble egg, which is funny, harmless, available everywhere, cheap, easy to transport, nice sound on impact, makes the target change their clothes. The perfect weapon for these times..

If the greatest consequence a white supremacist politician faces for his violent rhetoric is an egg to the head--not impeachment, not removal of powers, not shunning by his constituents--that should probably ring alarm bells that something is deeply wrong w/ the system. #eggboy.

الشاب ده اسمه ويل كونلي 17سنة ، قام بضرب العنصري النازي اللي أثنى على الارهابي اللي قتل المصليين في نيوزيلندا بالبيض ، فعل رمزي عظيم ، الاعظم منه ، حملة دعمه اللي اظهرت رفض الملايين للخطاب العنصري. شكرا والهاشتاج بتاعه #EggBoy.

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Someone put us in touch with #eggboy because we want to give him free tickets for life 🙏.

Watch the moment when Australian Senator Fraser Anning was slapped with an egg during a news conference #eggboy.

@ellle_em I am prepared to name my next child Eggboy, after seeing that video this morning..

#eggboy Four fully grown men holding down a 17 year old kid who has just been punched in the face? Truly, these men are heroes..

#eggboy is getting a lot of love over on his instagram 🥰.

Solid work from # this is my all-time favourite protest on dumb The Ooops, my bad. shtick from her afterwards was gold. #auspol.

#eggboy from Oz wins the best omelete station chef of the year award🏆 #egganazi.

Can we just go ahead and award #EggBoy Australian of the year already.

Who is #Eggboy? I want to thank his parents for a job well done. He is a credit to his folks and his education system..

Can confirm that there are people actively nominating #Eggboy for Australia Day honours. #auspol.

psa: if someone could tell me egg boys @ that would be great. I’m giving him my inheritance #eggboy #FraserAnning.

Fanning describes job as Fighting for Rural and North Queensland! Good one #EggBoy.

@7NewsSydney @fraser_anning Anning didn’t hesitate, whack! Whack! Eggboy splat!.

I taught my kids to egg. I always knew it would come in handy. #eggboy as they now live in Brisbane I expect them to go into action.

Someone egged me once. I cried. Prob still would. Big ups to Egg Boy though, respect. #eggboy.

In my twenties I got hit from behind in Kings Cross, I turned to see who I was going to hit before I hit them, he knew he was hitting a kid, twice. #eggboy.

@TomRBlike EggBoy - Early nomination and front runner for Australian Of The Year.

Rhys Palmer couldn’t have piffed his shoes at Fraser Anning could he. #eggboy #Milleggium.

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