Elon Musk Twitter: Die Beliebtesten Tweets Germany

Elon Musk Twitter

EXCLUSIVE: Elon Musk has used Twitter polls to justify moves such as reinstating Trump’s account, but employees tell Rolling Stone the social network’s surveys are magnets for bots. They’re literally designed to be spammed and gamed..

In less than a month, Elon Musk has driven away half of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers. List below:.

@AVindman I’ve never once heard Elon Musk lie or have I heard anyone accuse him of lying. I have witnessed Alexander Vidman lie giving testimony because he dislikes Donald Trump, so I’m going to side with the Elon, the much smarter of the 2 individuals.

Sounds like a good plan, but Elon Musk doesn’t have the balls..

Elon Musk Foto,Elon Musk Foto by Louis Cyphre,Louis Cyphre on twitter tweets Elon Musk Foto

@elonmusk I like Apple. But, I love everything Musk is doing. I would drop my iPhone in the lake and replace it with a good phone developed by Elon..

Elon Musk aleja a decenas de anunciantes que gastan US$ millones en Twitter.

トンネル掘削の革命をぶち上げたようだけど、いろいろgdgdらしいThe Boring Company(退屈な会社)の話。 / “Elon Musk’s Boring Company Ghosts Cities Across America”.

@Chilenoapie2249 @Alberto85366967 Y qué vas a hacer? Sólo lamentarte en Twitter como las gallinas de la derecha por si te escucha Elon Musk y nos salva?.

Remember when Elon Musk promised to work with the United Nations to eradicate world hunger, and then pulled out of the agreement?.

@elonmusk. Elon Musk is the hero of our time for fighting tyranny and moving freedom of speech. Human he represent will succeed. Thank you @elonmusk.

@Karolecream @foganoli Eu deve ser zoeira do Elon Musk FBI investigando gente no Brasil?.

Someone should tell Elon Musk that I don’t follow him… and don’t want to. He should quit whining to me that Apple wants to stop advertising on Twitter. Freedom means Apple can choose not to advertise with you if they don’t like you promoting hatred and lies-or any other reason..

@Apple you want to remove Twitter from the App Store to remove the consumers voice? You get to speak for me or the millions of apple users? Many have deleted their accounts because of Elon musk. But you want to Silence those in support?! Shame on you!.

Kesal Twitter Diblokir Android dan Apple, Elon Musk Bakal Buat HP Baru.

Elon Musk bunun altında kalmayıp telefon çıkarırsa şaşırmam. Yerinde duramıyor adam. Apple kork 😂.

Elon Musk prepares to release sensitive ‘Twitter Files’ on suppression.

Elon Musk reveals he sleeps next to two guns and a painting of George Washington #FoxBusiness.

@chicodelaredes Están verificados porque con la nueva actualización y la compra de Twitter por Elon Musk, ahora cobra $8 al mes para que verifiquen su cuenta aunque no tengan demasiados seguidores.

@ddanpereira I feel bad for you. H L, Chick Fil A are owned by strong Christians. Tesla’s Elon Musk believes in free speech for everyone, not just liberals. How can anyone be against that???.

Elon Musk’s Twitter is now open to QAnon again. The lie about Tom Hanks is making the rounds again. Unfuckenbelievable!! #TwitterTakeover #TwitterHell.

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Absolutely wild. #HuntersLaptopEpisode2. Tomorrow with Star Elon Musk 🇺🇲🔥. Unlocking the truth about the Digitial Insurrection for the world to see. Share this with everyone you know..

Elon Musk Foto,Elon Musk Foto by Kristopher Anderson, Akron Conservative.,Kristopher Anderson, Akron Conservative. on twitter tweets Elon Musk Foto

Coin Jazeera is the only logical next choice @ elonmusk ❤️.

@catturd2 Why is it on our side….it’s private citizens that have to do the leg work???? Where the is the republican party tonight???? And I don’t mean the bullshitters like Lindsey Graham. Mike Lindell, Elon Musk…all on their own..

@DeshiProfessor Could be worse than you is saying ! By Elon Musk proposal he recognize russian occupation, russian revisionism and imperialism. It will be a precedent for further wars in Europe and all over the globe ! Never such stupid things !.

Twitter docs released by Musk and journalist suggest Democrats could manipulate speech on platform.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Did Not Perform at Its Best on Election Day #Twitter.

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odeio clicar na lupinha pra ver os trends e automaticamente abrir o diabo do pesquisar, esse elon musk é um desserviço pra sociedade.

Washington Post on Elon Musk’s ‘free speech’ agenda after reinstating via @YouTube.

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