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In Premier League Faltering Manager Royal Rumble, Poch first over the ropes. Emery and Ole still barely conscious in the ring.

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Werid desicion Emery and Ole keeps on thier Even after poorer.

@SpursOfficial WOW 😳 and we still have Unai fucking Emery as coach🤦‍♂️.

Spurs can sack poch but we can’t sack Emery the clown ffs.

@LuisElFurby Y ahora quien para tomar su puesto? Fueron grandes 4 años, pero sin títulos lo que le costó el puesto. Ese nivel los tiene ahora un par de escalones arriba de mis Gunners. Ojalá el Arsenal lo tome en lugar de Emery. Saludos..

@B_rizzle42 Emery will be gone before they play again. It’s going to be all up in the air..

@DannyShephard I don’t think emery will be there another 5 months let alone 5 years ! Would u say spurs had a world class squad ? I wouldn’t think he’s done well with what he had to work with.

Pochettino no longer has a job in north London, but Unai Emery still does. State of affairs..

@AFC_KC They’re 14th right now. If Emery ever gets anywhere near 14th he will be sacked..

Gonna talk about football for this tweet only: How the fuck is Emery still a head coach, while Pochettino from the (god knows who) Sp*rs just got sacked, even when they just went into the UCL final?? How??.

EPL: Senior Arsenal players told to confront Unai Emery over tactics.

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@GoonerViews Emery has honestly been sent to Arsenal to tear the club limb from limb, some of his decisions cant be justified..

@DavidLawTennis Good question but it’s not really about what I want. One thing is for sure though. Emery will not last 5 & a half years without success. As big clubs, if you define success as runner up in one major final over the same time period then you’re dead in the.

I find it puzzling that unai Emery, solskjaer and valverde are still employed while a superb manager like poch just lost his job in account of an early season slump, I hope he lands another job in a club that will appreciate the great manager that he is..

@Arsenal see what the Lord is doing for @SpursOfficial even though Poch has been decent and delivering for the last five years. What has Emery got on you?.

I’d 100% take this over Emery though, give him 2 years.

How has Pochettino been sacked before Emery, and how has Boris got away with all that bs. #godhelpus.

@ASB_YT How the fuck has Poch been sacked before Emery 🤔 Football, it’s a funny old game.

Imagine the chaos and pandemonium if arsenal sack emery between today and tomorrow 😂😂.

@snowydanger I’m actually shocked 😂🤣 fucked my bet i thought Emery was next out..

In Premier League Faltering Manager Royal Rumble, Poch first over the ropes. Emery and Ole still barely conscious in the ring.

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