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Well over one million whites were enslaved in North Africa between the 16th and 19th centuries, most of them abducted and sold by Muslim pirates. Africans were raiding Europe for slaves for hundreds of years. The school system has totally erased this fact from history..

🇹🇼 My Asia Twitter followers know this, but for those in Europe, Taiwan: 💲 21st largest economy in the world 🗳 elections and democracy 🛂 own passport 💪🏼 own military ✈️ if you fly from PEK, even Beijing acknowledges passengers must pass the international terminal.

bakhmut. europe. 2022. russian terrorism. don’t you dare to look away.

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To look at twitter in the past few days, this is the most accurate picture of Russian behavior in the West and especially Europe, that I have yet encountered..

Spanish premier: “Stop wearing ties to save energy” 🤡 Europe is doomed. _.

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@netflix and @Stranger_Things please in the final episode of stranger things season 5 when the gang battles the evil in the upside down. Seeing how music being incorporated in the franchise has resulted to a huge success. I suggest Europe’s “final countdown” to do the trick.

Every time I see pics of my friends screwing around in Europe I’m amazed that people really live and work in Disneyland for American and Asian adults.

At the same he continue developing lots of buildings for rentals and also built a huge malls, bought a bunch of soccer players and trade them to Europe, was the president of a very successful soccer club. I could go on and on the point is…. He buy land develop keep repeat repeat.

“This summer is set to be among the top 10 hottest on record with heat waves melting roads across Europe, causing thousand-acre fires in Texas and California…”—@LVikkiml Read the words of incarcerated people at the front lines of these unbearable temperatures in @truthout ⬇️.

@KyivIndependent Ukraine is living an epic battle, facing the largest invasion in Europe, Russia with all its weapons will not be able to make Ukraine suffer by hitting it, and Ukraine will stand again and return the blows, and soon Russia will withdraw in the face of Ukrainian steadfastness.

@NW_Horadam NC was, still maybe the most rural state. Due to telecommuting people don’t have to move to big cities like Atlanta to earn big city money. They can move to less expensive midsize cities & enjoy a higher quality of life. I protect more of this will occur like it has in Europe..

@logical_conor Comparing a power sharing adminstration, with the most conservative political party in Europe, in a regional assembly, with limited executive,and budgeting power, to the actual state power held by Fine Gael, and Fianna Fail for nearly a century, is absurd. Colin Farrell..

@Pourre18 @Rutti_OpS Tu parles des ressources minérales ? L’Europe a aussi des ressources..

@KyivIndependent Ukraine is fighting Russia alone. The world must act to help Ukraine. Fear of a nuclear Russia made Putin believe that he will rule the planet and topple Europe. Help Ukraine. Russia is a country and we are the Retweet.

The rouble is soaring and Putin is stronger than ever - our sanctions have backfired | Simon Jenkins.

@lapatina_ historic pic, you got there, Anastasíí yo will receive all this - late night posters of europe in the evening!.

@Colteastwood @VGC_News Yes, in the US maybe. They sell in Europe and a strong $ is bad for earnings. euro is 1 dollar. Just a year ago it was euro to $1. Strong $ great for US tourists, bad for Europeans (makes things even more expensive) & bad for imports ( consoles) = bad for revenue.

@SizeMeUpp that was my damn godson being in europe for his birthday this year… like wow, the wealth. lmao..

@JamaicanJihadi Maybe. But even before white people got here from Europe, this land had diverse groups of people, multiple nations. Would you say Europe (lots of countries) has a common culture? Or Asia (lots of countries)? Or Africa (lots of countries)?.

This article I was sent has me thinking, because I cant find anything I can prove false or bigoted written in it, and they cite their sources and explicitly say Africa and Europe has the same issue with India. It also fits my own lived experiences in tech..

A trip to West Africa sounds like the moves 👀 I’ve been to Europe and South America, I wanna go explore my other roots ✈️.


@GamerSkilz @europe_enjoyer Telling me I don’t know shit about Iraq while also trying to say it was better post-Saddam, & that his ideologically incoherent Ba’athism was socialist tells me you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Not even a little..

Factbox: Europe ramps up coal imports as energy supply fears grow We continue to see the lunacy of the European green energy policy every day. Why would the US want to emulate these disastrous results. Both sides of the aisle are living in a dream world.

@SRuhle @Adrian_Fontes “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every country in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed,....

@vanivist ? hes literally in europe please get ur eyes checked or maybe ur hallucinating ? are u that lonely to the point where ur hallucinating MY boyfriend ?? insane literally insane.


Russia, Ukraine trade blame for dozens of deaths in Donetsk prison destruction.

Russia, Ukraine trade blame for dozens of deaths in Donetsk prison destruction.

#Prabhas leaves for Europe ✈️ for medical treatment 🏥 via (@DeccanChronicle) 🛍.

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L’Europe ends in hausse, revival of optimism after the Fed – 07/29/2022 at 18:32.

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