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🚨🚨First fight for 2023🚨🚨 A flyweight bout between Jeff Molina and Jimmy Flick is a done deal for January 14th. Location TBA. Article soon on @Eurosport_NL.

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Timnas Jerman tumbang 0-1 atas tim tamu, Hungaria semalam. Kekalahan perdana Jerman semenjak Hansi Flick ditunjuk sebagai juru taktik. Hasil ini juga membuat mereka dipastiin gagal lolos ke semi-final UEFA Nations League. ⬇️.

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Siapa sangka orang yang memberikan kekalahan pertama bagi Hansi Flick di Timnas Jerman adalah Ádám Szalai 😭.

#sasmos Aδιαφορώ τέρμα για το τι θα γίνει με το ΑΑ αλλά αν Αστέρης-Αργυρώ τρέχουν πάλι ανέμελοι στα λιβάδια μετά από τόσους φόνους αγαπημένων προσώπων & Μαθιός-Βασιλική πεθάνουν ή δεν είναι μαζί στο τέλος εξαιτίας ενός βιαστή θα είναι ό,τι πιο άδικο @alphatvgreece.

Panthers do what Panthers do. We wait, we grind and we flick that switch and away we go! #PantherPride.

@cric_pundit Sawal ka jawab hoga k best 3 mai bhi nhi hai jb tk line sahi nh kr leta line and length sahi rkhe tw bn zarur skta hai. Abi wo over mai 2 balls down the leg side krata jisey flick pai 4 lgta wrna legbye ka 4 hojata..

Hansi Flick sih nggak ambil pusing. Dia meng-iyakan keadaan dengan bilang: Mending kalah sekarang dari pada di Piala Dunia nanti. Menarik, Timnas Jerman punya target luar biasa pastinya di Piala Dunia Qatar 2022 mendatang. Patut kita nantikan 👀.

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@24_Mills45 @CorkySwift2 When with the flick of a pen he shut down the Pipelines and was signing Executive Orders left and right. That was the beginning of the end..

🇩🇪 Flick veut tirer des leçons de la défaite contre la Hongrie pour la Coupe du monde !.

Hansi Flick o pierwszej porażce jako selekcjoner: Ta porażka nas denerwuje. Każdy z nas wyobrażał sobie coś innego. Pierwsza połowa była najgorszą połową w ostatnich 14 meczach. Mało odwagi, mało dynamiki, mało intensywności, dużo błędów. [DFB].

Ich weiß nicht ob ich es lustig oder traurig finden soll, dass manche Bayernfans ernsthaft Hansi Flick für den besten Bayerntrainer aller Zeiten halten. Eher.

Flick of the day, I got a lot of Kid Cudi around me 😂🙌🏽🌹💖🚀🌑.

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@heypigg @JomboyMedia I think it’s a promo for that new horror flick that’s coming out.

How can you say Flick > Hitzfeld? As much as I love Hansi, this is so disrespectful.

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@Elias_FCB19 Ja unfassbar wie krass er unter Flick ist Er hat letzes Jahr auch echt wenig Vorlagen gehabt komisch das seitdem ein Neuner nicht da ist er weniger Vorlagen macht 🤔.

Too tired to go see Marianne, sorry ol girl. Instead it’s steak filets (currently in their sous vide bath) and this flick that was recommended to me by a respected mutual.

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.@OfficialViji will be shooting action sequences for his debut Telugu flick, #NBK107, also starring #NandamuriBalakrishna aka Balayya.

@MrSquiggleAu @AFL How good is Robbie 👏🏼👏🏼🥳🥳😍😍 They should have given Delta the flick but 🤮🤮🤮🤮.


Jerman dikalahkan Hongaria di UEFA Nations League. Pelatih timnas Jerman Hansi Flick menyebut kekalahan itu membuka mata timnya..

✅ Ended England 22 Game unbeaten run ✅ Cause England heaviest defeat since 1928 ✅ Ended Hansi Flick unbeaten run with Germany ✅ Top of the Nations League Group A This Hungary team is so SPECIAL. 🇭🇺❤️.

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@mozarros1 @hjsedits for me a rainbow flick doesnt move the numbers, it made me sit up more in my seat and brightened my day, but i’m here to analyse taste and mouthfeel at the end of the day. anything outside that gets acknowledged in the comments.

@edvillainy @hjsedits if shaved ice with mango and condensed milk did a rainbow flick, give it a 9 imo. Or do you do .5s 🤔 either way the superiority of g/a with rainbow flick needs to be acknowledged ?.

@mozarros1 @hjsedits goal and assist vs goal and assist with a rainbow flick, the overall performance was the same but they leave you with a different feeling.

People think you have to flick your hair, bend your eyes, and dance a little bit before you become creative.😅.

i’ll flick the lighter. you’ll flick me away. it’s a give and take, i learned it well.

Pode ser q esteja equivocada ou falando sem pensar MAS Eu acho q foi n foi uma ideia de carreira o Flick trocar o Bayern pela seleção Em resumo esse time da Alemanha n sustenta o estilo de jogo do flick q venceu tudo com o Bayern.

an excuse to repost these first flick: @YadesPhoto #BIPOCvampday.

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@MorticiaVibes It’s strawberry mixe with a bit of orange Cuaraco, lime, rum AND tequila! 😄🤘🏼🤘🏼.

Will never not be amazed at this video. Vick uncorks from his own 4 to the opposing 35. 61 yards with the flick of the wrist..

@YunaSunaga Apparently the victim’s families couldn’t even consent to the making of this and they all just get retraumatized with every single new dahmer flick/show that comes every time. I think it’s pretty exploitative ngl..

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