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Foul Twitter

The NBA has already determined in its postgame review that the officials got the call wrong on the Lakers’ last possession of the 4th Q and a Jayson Tatum should have been called for a shooting foul on LeBron James, league sources told ESPN..

Eric Bailly has been given a 𝐬𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧-𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞 ban for this foul in the French Cup 😳.

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The foul that caused Christian Eriksen’s injury. No card was shown..

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…No it should not. There needs to be contact to be considered an offensive foul. You are right that Harden abnormally extends his legs, but he doesn’t make illegal contact with Curry..

US attack on Adani related to his refusal to fund US think tanks the way other Indian billionaires have funded? Blackmail by Wokeists & ⁦@wef⁩?.

Monster win. Just a huge road win. Guys didn’t quit when shots weren’t falling and T out with foul issues. Burns is the man. #FeelsLike83.

HALFTIME IN KNOXVILLE: No. 4 Tennessee 40, No. 10 Texas 28. #Vols not quite at their absolute best, but very, very good. Olivier Nkamhoua with 14p, Zakai Zeigler with 8p, 6a, JoJo James 9p, 3r despite foul trouble. Marcus Carr scoreless for the Horns..

NBA’s L2M states that this swipe down steal from Klay Thompson was incorrectly called a foul. The play occurred with about a minute left in OT, Warriors were down by 5 before Jaylen Brown was sent to the FT line to shoot 2..

Blatant foul but missed, won’t be called as ball wasn’t tipped, WVU will get the ball back. Lmao.

@BrianTRobb What about the obvious fake foul call on Horford or the missed out of bounds call giving the Warriors a chance late?.

Context for non-Memphis crowd - Jenkins has constantly had JJJ on bench for rest of night after 5th foul.

Purdue trying to intentionally foul to mess up the flow of the offense but MSU commits a moving screen and Purdue gets an extra possession. left. Up 37-22..

@warriorsworld On the radio he dropped the horse sh*t twice right after the game regarding that foul 😂.

Denver now leads 66-53 late in the first half, and is shooting a cool percent overall, and 9-for-16 from 3-point range. Philly is 9-for-17 from 3, but just 2-or-8 from the foul line, and 12-for-27 on 2-point shots. Embiid has 19 and 9, and Jokic has 16, 4 and 3..

Last man doesn’t mean anything - only question is; does the foul deny an obvious goal scoring opportunity? And there were two defenders close. 4 point checklist for a red #Bundesliga #RBLFCB.

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Ich dachte ja immer, letzter Mann foult, Rot von 🐺🦶 habe ich gelernt, Entfernung zum Tor entscheidet bei Foul von letztem Mann über über Rot 🤷🏻‍♂️ #RBLFCB 1:1.

Mathurin, Turner, Nembhard, Nesmith, and Hield seem to be the ideal 5 right now. unfortunately Nembhard picks up his 3 foul.

Our game at @parksteelsfc has fallen foul of the weather and is officially off. A new date will be announced soon. #PitchingIn @NorthernPremLge.

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❌ GAMES OFF 🥶 The following games have fallen foul of the weather today. 🏆 Scottish Cup Cove vs Ayr Utd Linlithgow Rose vs Raith Elgin vs Drumchapel League 2 Stirling vs Forfar.

that should have been a foul. They should give us the ball just for that missed foul call..

After a bad first half, DJ Burns has a career game with 31 points, coming up huge when Baby T got into serious foul trouble early. That’s a big, big road win where Wake was 10-1 at home. Someone tell KK that Kilwins is the best ice cream shop in Winston-Salem!.

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RJ Luis with an unreal play right there, kept that alive and drew another foul after two missed FTs.

Jaylen Brown just got whistled for a foul, but Luke Kornet argued that he was the one who committed the foul so they changed the call. Whatta guy..

Why on earth is Cason on the bench with only one foul while Lance and sahvir are on the floor together.

Mazzulla calls timeout and Jaylen is back in with his fourth foul after just a 40-second break..

We get away with one from a free kick so Joe Gomez 10 seconds later gives away exactly the same stupid sums everything up really. Poor..

4/ He constantly talks drunk on the radio, sends someone away, swears in foul language, threatens to shoot someone. Since the first day we arrived, he has been threatening to shoot people. As a result, he says, the situation among his comrades is tense..

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Rui Hachimura on no foul call vs. Celtics: It was too obvious. I was right in front of it too. We heard the noise, the sound and everybody saw it. And the referee was right there in front of them..

Jenkins drains a 3 at the halftime buzzer after a MSU offensive foul gave the Boilers another chance #Purdue 40, MSU 22 And MSU gets a technical at the end of the half.

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