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What a foul piece of work this guy is. Looking forward to The Guardian and the Mirror disassociating themselves from him and never offering him work again in the future.

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Kruhd ()

Who want my 2K acc 6’2 0 layup 0 foul 100 dunk 100 steal BP with working GymRat 6’2 Reg o threat 75 overall maxed out 6’1 Reg o threat (could be 93) 93 Maxed out sharp 92 Ruffles Playglass (Formula won, unlimited boosts and clothes) (SS3) and more!


please , do not attempt to r*pe my muses or anyone else’s . im disgusted . exit my dms , foul beast .

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AA ()

And yes, it’s probably who you imagine I’m talking about. Don’t let her foul ass self fool you. She ain’t shit.

G Bandz⚔️🖤 ()

Smfh that’s the target I work at and we have to clean up after these losers so foul ruining the whole movement

Ramon Foster ()

I’m logging off. The amount of hoods being pulled off of people heads is amazing. People get more mad at a 15 yard penalty or technical foul than human life being taken by people who are supposed to PROTECT AND SERVE. #BlackLivesMatter

SARAKI_🤴🏻 ()

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: The believer does not insult the honor of others, nor curse, nor commit Fahishah, nor is he foul. Reference : Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1977

Cza 🌿 ()

Lahat ng foul words don sa reply section sa Myx paki delete. Wag tayong magpabibo sa article ng ibang artists. Dito lang tayo sa homerun natin. Dito kayo mag rant. Dito kayo magalit. Mygahd. SB19 BILLBOARD MAINSTAY #SB19OnWishConnect @SB19Official

月刊ファウル ()

今日は比較的涼しい盛岡 街中で水分補給しています😆

Foul Foto


What point of your undeveloped brain doesn’t understand as soon as you made that foul comparison your time of having a civil conversation with me expired?

Nah ()

SIU investigating means there was foul play do these people think we’re idiots?????

Kevin Donohue ()

@Jaceohara12 @scott_waters9 We’re winning that playoff game against Coffaro and Ronzio and the championship if Riley doesn’t foul out

Paul Goldenberg ()

@Super70sSports And he was not called for a foul, no personal, no technical, nothing.

Your cousin at the pentagon ()

it’s the way tarek ain’t have just one foul he had hundreds

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Candice Marie Benbow ()

Y’all real foul for not telling about this DYNASTY reboot. Chile this thing is good and messy and I love it!

Dingus junior ()

i really want mero to get in trouble for his shit cuz he was 30 years old tweeting the most foul shit

Yelohill ()

Aye is Cuz dead that did that foul shit to George Floyd yesterday ? Fuc jail , Chip Cuhz!

𝓣𝓮𝓷𝓪𝓬𝓲𝓸𝓾𝓼 𝓣𝓮𝓪𝓱 ()

The foul stench of this admin. This will allow foreign interests to sneak in without knowledge. This is outlandish. This is corruption, this is the *Republican* party. This is the time to vote them out.

Nimrod ()

Na so I reach house with am laslas and I didn’t say a word. There was no need to suspect any foul play (thats what I told myself) but I could smell his perfume on her shaa but as a chineked son, I had given up my berserker rage days

Philip Pullman ()

The smooth-voiced Tory lickspittle who was being interviewed by Mishal Husain just now, or rather speaking all the way through her questions, is no less foul than Cummings, and deserves to be swept into the same bottomless oblivion.

月刊ファウル ()

岩手の飲食店情報誌 月刊ファウル6月号発売中!

Foul Foto

Tuso ()

@fuckenjustine use to say can’t hate the player hate the game but yo some of these women play there cards too foul bruh

FriendlyBlackHottie ()

I feel like everyone said some foul shit back then, I don’t know why but almost everyone was just problematic af? The main butt of everyone’s jokes were darkskin black women. It’s sad that people had to “grow up” and “learn from their mistakes” at the expense of our feelings.

Mel Immortal ✿ Love Rowan & Villy 2020 ()

I am 13 years old, and I am different from the spawn of my generation. I am not out with boys, or shopping. No, I am listening to beautiful music that is not about sex, money, drugs, and is not foiled by foul language. Vocaloids are much better than that low-life level of what pe

Marcia La Résistance (@🏡) ()

@SethAbramson No harm, no foul, Seth—after all, your research has exposed you to so much more than the rest of us have seen. It was time, that’s all.

BIG NINA💘 “Pimptation” ()

If I laugh after some questionable/foul shit has been I’m bout to knock you tf AHT.

Boogie Bousins ()

Other side to this coin is James couldn’t close the door even when steph went scoreless for a half (in foul trouble) Then steph scores 23 in the 4th including 16 in the last 3:10 (!) to send him home. in his own gym. Without kd While James is throwing the ball to the other team

このみのえ ()

@keyki_izumo0426 @foul_lolipop 描いてたんかーい…( ゚д゚) 単眼いいよな~(∩˘ω˘∩ )♡

Adv Manish Shandilya ()

Not possible to walk on road, nights sleepless due to foul smell. Hope, it will be done at the earliest. We the presidents would be really obliged for all of you.

★ ()

tell me why I got a call from a homies girl asking if he slid up on my shit n he’s in the background tryna explain himself 😭 foul LMAO

Iain Dale ()

What a foul piece of work this guy is. Looking forward to The Guardian and the Mirror disassociating themselves from him and never offering him work again in the future.

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