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Updated: January 22nd, 2022 08:39 PM IST

The NFL should implement a rule this offseason where defensive players are allowed to do their job and not get flagged for a personal Foul.

Foul Twitter

Howard Stern should be taken off the air for his foul and demeaning racist rant. Saying to the unvaccinated that they deserve to go home and die; what a moron!

This should be interesting. @Twitter need held to account for silencing gender critical women while ignoring violent threats made against us and foul mouthed abuse. I hope one of the MPs on this committee will raise this issue tomorrow.

Cade Cunningham was ejected for this. 😱 (2nd technical foul)

The NFL should implement a rule this offseason where defensive players are allowed to do their job and not get flagged for a personal foul.

ライブというか普段あんま泣かないけど 今日のライブFOULからずっと涙止まらんくて べびのMCで余計に泣いちゃってなんかもう よくわからんくらい泣いてた、しあわせ すぎた!!

I think the ‘foul nasty village’ is in for a revenge attack …. *rubs hands with glee*#thearchers

Bruno Fernandes vs AV[team rank] -2 goals[1️⃣] -5 prog passes[1️⃣] -7 passes into the final 1/3[1️⃣] -2 passes into pen area[1️⃣] -2 tackles won[2️⃣] -9 prog carries[2️⃣] -3 carries into final 1/3[2️⃣] -1 foul drawn[2️⃣] great display. not his best creatively but back among the goals.

There should not have been as much of a foul disparity as there was in that first half. Both teams playing very physical. Call it both ways

OSU is called for its 3rd offensive foul. UCLA has been doing a good job of getting good defensive positioning the last few OSU possessions.

Russ and Aaron Gordon exchanged some words after the foul call 👀

lol Giddey arguing that Okoro did NOT foul him on that rebound. Giddey wanted to get out and run, but Okoro clearly hit him in the head

@ShannonSharpe Are you seriously focused on that over lebron missing shit and crying for foul calls he dont deserve giving up free points?

I’ve never seen a perfect half before where a team does not commit a foul but it may happen.

Rojas draws the foul and knocks down a free throw 🐂 Mississippi State 66, Alabama 64 | 5:57 2nd H #RollTide | #BlueCollarBasketball

Nick challenging an Achiuwa foul down 6 about 70 seconds into the second half is a decision I might not have made

Portis received a technical foul for this. He has done this in the past few weeks, typically telling a player they made a nice drive or block or whatever it might be and officials have let them play on without a T. Not tonight.

Boeheim started his postgame presser and ended it by complaining about not getting a foul call late in the game. Cool. Cool.

Yeah, these dudes are having a ROUGH go of here, to the point where Tony Bennett basically just ran onto the floor to dispute a non-shooting foul and almost picked up what I believe is his second technical ever. Bench warning instead.


@JayMorrisonATH @tashanreed So on that play, the refs missed: (1) calling the play dead after blowing their whistle, and (2) a personal foul on Boyd for taunting.

Under 4 timeout; Ky up 96-70. Last foul call vs Washington easily a no-call; one of few bad ones today. Game being played at a high

Three cynical fouls from Villa players gone without punishment. Matic and Bruno got booked on their first foul. This campaign against United is sickening.

Yerry Mina was just called for a foul for being jumped into by Tim Krul. Oh my days. Goalkeeper protection has been way out of hand for ages. *except for Bernd Leno against Brentford :wink: (extremely tongue-in-cheek voice)

I have never been more surprised by a penalty/red card decision in all my life than that. It was a foul and dangerous/reckless play, but how often do you ever see those given? Kudos to the ref. #stfc

43 - Francis goes into the book for a cynical foul. ⚫️ #Notts 1-1 Eastleigh 🔵

Need Joao and Camara on and we need to play with some more urgency. We’re getting bullied down our left hand side and Bristow is 1 foul away from being sent off #readingfc


How is that not a foul on Lukaku? Same thing happened to Grealish earlier, no hesitation from the referee.

Bernardo Silva can foul as many times as he wants but gets the free kicks as soon as someone touches him. Magical player.

Steph Curry had his right hand looked at that entire timeout. Landed hard on it falling to the ground on a foul. Shook it off at the free throw line and left a FT short. Trainers had him doing flexing exercises. Looks like he is staying in the game.

The Proclaimers look like every kid who ever finished a Little League season 0-for-43 with 43 strikeouts and one lucky foul ball that gave their dad false hope.

Foul Foto,Foul Twitter Trends : Top Tweets

This woman is master in creating false narratives. She was hitting #PratikIsTheBoss with iron parts & kept crying foul #BBKingPratik got hurt, she implied it was karma @justvoot @VootSelect Slow claps for such a brilliant casting. The vilest of vile, your MG

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