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I stand in solidarity with those who participated in yesterday’s youth organized climate strike. I hope everyone is inspired by this movement to continue to address climate change. #FridaysForFuture.

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#FridaysForFuture movement in Mauritius. “Planet p sofe, zenes p leve!” - “Planet is heating, youngsters are rising!” Message for world leaders to take action against #globalwarming and prioritise the protection of life on earth. The youth are rising and they will be heard!.

Meet the 16-year-old climate activist nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize: #FridaysForFuture.

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Hundreds of millions of today’s children live in areas that are most exposed to #climatechange, including coastal South Asia. These children deserve a safe future on our planet. #FridaysForFuture.

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Das Deprimierende an vielen Reaktionen auf #FridaysForFuture ist die Erkenntnis, WIE viele noch immer nicht überrissen haben, wie eng das mit der Klimapolitik schon ist. Die glauben, das geht genauso wieder vorbei wie FCKW oder Tschernobyl..

Ich bin mir sicher: Die #FridaysForFuture Bewegung bringt eine neue Generation heraus, die die Politik schon bald mit gestalten wird. Politiker die heute dagegen hetzen: ihr seid ein Auslaufmodell..

I stand in solidarity with those who participated in yesterday’s youth organized climate strike. I hope everyone is inspired by this movement to continue to address climate change. #FridaysForFuture.

This is what leadership looks like #FridaysForFuture. Keep speaking out, keep stepping up, and keep strong - we hear your calls for change and must act..

@GabriCarcagnolo È monomaniacale quest’uomo! #FridaysforFuture #GretaThumberg.

Pictures From Youth Climate Strikes Around the World #FridaysForFuture.

ENTREVISTA| Vanessa Nakate, una de las caras africanas más visibles del movimiento #FridaysForFuture: Estudiamos el cambio climático en el colegio, pero de un modo que hace que la gente no sea muy consciente de que está ocurriendo de verdad.

Die Klimakämpfer: #FridaysForFuture kommt bald auch nach #Weinheim. Eine große Gruppe aus der Stadt hat sich gestern an der Demo in Mannheim beteiligt..

#klimawandel #fridaysforfuture Einfach nur mal reingucken und VERSTEHEN was WIRKLICH ist. Von wegen die Politik handelt zu.

Und auch das ist etwas, das sich dringend ändern sollte. Kriminelle gehören weder in Land- und/oder Bundestag, noch ins Europaparlament. #FridaysForFuture.

it was an honor to be your master of ceremonies today. so proud to see so many @WIHI_School students out to fight for their futures. thank you to speakers, fellow organizers, and protestors. you all rock! #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture.

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Je confirme, à quoi bon aller à l’école si je sais que je n’ai pas de futur? Rêver? si la planète ne peut pas le réaliser! Donc tous ensemble luttons! #FridaysForFuture #EnvironmentalJustice.

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According to we have already passed way over one million students on school strike today. Over 2000 places in 125 countries on all continents. And we have only just started! #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate (picture from Prague, Czech Republic).

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Amazing to see Ugandan school #climatestrike photos coming in! 🇺🇬 ❤️ You have our solidarity from all over the world today and beyond! #FridaysForFuture.

Orgullosos de ver a la juventud de este país movilizándose contra el cambio climático y contra un sistema económico que es incompatible con la vida. #FridaysForFuture Bravo 👏👏💚💜.

#FridaysforFuture las voces de los jóvenes piden responsabilidad frente al cambio climático, un movimiento global sin banderas que debe ser escuchado #Naturaliza.

So ungefähr alle meine Freunde gehen auf #fridaysforfuture Demos. Ich fahre erst Mal sechs Stunden Auto🙄.

The biggest, most urgent threat to our living planet is human-caused global warming, and adults have done virtually nothing to stop it but, sure, teens must be depressed and worried due to social media. #ClimateStrike #FridaysforFuture.

La legge di #bilancio approvata a fine 2018 non ha tolto neanche un centesimo di euro alle società dell’Oil&Gas #FridaysforFuture.

Les lycéens calédoniens se mobilisent pour le climat dans le cadre de #FridaysForFuture.

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#FridaysforFuture. È deludente che siano solo i giovani a manifestare contro il #riscaldamentoglobale, mentre noi, i loro genitori, non facciamo nulla per cambiare le cose. Serve responsabilità. E serve.

1659 school strikes are planned in 105 countries This Friday, March 15. This is a truly global movement. #FridaysForFuture #schoolstrike4climate.

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