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All roads must end somewhere. GGs, @FPX_Esports. This year was a journey to remember. From Berlin to Madrid to Paris - Thank you for being with us every step of the way, #G2ARMY ❤.

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... Haben die Daumen gedrückt. Bitte atmet erstmal paar Tage tief durch und dann der Blick nach vorne!! #G2ARMY steht hinter euch!!!.

@G2Jankos Still love you guys and we are all with you in that sadness like real fan. #G2ARMY ❤️❤️ @G2Jankos.

Soo day after worlds still sad about @G2esports losing but this is not the end of journey. Still gonna have my polish jersey till we fall cuse If one Fall we all fall #G2ARMY.

@G2ItzzChrizZ Ihr müsst euch nicht dafür entschuldigen. Alleine was wir dieses jahr sehen konnten von euch ist mega geil gewesen. Es gibt immer schlechte Tage im Leben aber danach sollte man nicht den Kopf hängen lassen sondern einfach weiter machen #G2ARMY.

@G2Braexco Schade das es nicht geklappt hat. Kopf hoch. Ihr werdet immer unser lieblings Team bleiben. Nehnt euch Pause und dann greift in den nächsten Turnieren wieder an. #G2ARMY.

Gn8 #G2ARMY schade das es nicht gereicht hat, aber trotzdem stolz auf euch 😎.

what a knockout yesterday at the league of legends final G2 unfortunately could not win :( but you have done well in the course of the World Cup. next year you get the title, you may not be the winner of the World Cup but you are the winner of the hearts #G2ARMY #LeagueOfLegends.

atleast someone knows the reason 😅 2020 here we come #G2ARMY.

@sjokz I’m confident in them winning both spilts next year too MSI and Worlds. I feel like with more time together they can overcome everything. They are the best chance for EU to win worlds. 2019 was not the year. G2020 is the year🙏 #G2ARMY.

Todo esto hasta las 22:30 de la noche, hemos visto perder a G2 pero hemos ganado tener un meme para siempre, el FUCK de @CarlosR ✊✨ #G2ARMY.

@G2GrabbZ They beat us on EU grounds, we will beat them on Chines grounds 2020! #G2ARMY Revenge is coming!.

Thank you #G2ARMY for all of your support! As @CarlosR said, there is always tomorrow. ❤.

#G2ARMY Vaya pasada de y vaya mierda de final!! Qué cojones le ha pasado a G2?!!!.

@CarlosR next time you will get that trophy!! #G2ARMY <3 Btw I still would like to buy a G2 mousepad! :D.

All roads must end somewhere. GGs, @FPX_Esports. This year was a journey to remember. From Berlin to Madrid to Paris - Thank you for being with us every step of the way, #G2ARMY ❤.

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Grâce à ces #Worlds2019 je découvre des passionnés et des gens cools . Merci c’est fini pour la #G2ARMY je pense 😔.

@chaanchess El problema de G2 es que todavía no se ha ido Valverde. No sé cómo ocelote sigue manteniéndolo. #G2ARMY #ValverdeDimision.


¿Alguien más por aquí mirando la Final de la Copa del Mundo de @LeagueOfLegends ? 🥳 #G2ARMY ! #LolWorlds.

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@HextechThinker I want G2 to win, but I have the feeling that they will randomly get caught and lose again :( Please turn it around G2 #G2ARMY #G2WIN.

Se bastante prometedora esta partida, voy mucho con la confianza para @G2esports con esa dupla de Yasuo y Gragas. #G2ARMY #G2WIN.

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e eu q entrei na tag achando que era algo relacionado a bts hmkkkk desespero meu pai amado #G2ARMY.

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Wunder com teclado zuado, sendo campado, mas ainda botando pressão no GP #G2ARMY.

Bueno, me dispongo a ver la final de las worlds de @lol_es, un equipo español compuesto por europeos vs un equipo chino, ya va siendo hora de demostrar que los chinos no son las unicas maquinas! #G2WIN #G2ARMY.

Ok now this ksi vs logan paul fight is done TIME FOR #Worlds2019 #G2ARMY VAMOOOSSS.

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