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Were you able to pre-order a PS5 last night? In the US, as of now, Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy, Target, & GameStop are sold out.

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C. Standiford
C. Standiford ()

It’s a liberating day: I can officially say I’m done with @GameStop. Forcing people to come physically into a store in these times to fight for FOUR PS5 consoles? BAD FORM. Thanks for nothing.

Chris ()

@videogamedeals Now that’s what I call SAVINGS!! Thanks for being THAT generous GameStop!! 😁

Call of Duty News
Call of Duty News ()

Were you able to pre-order a PS5 last night? In the US, as of now, Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy, Target, & GameStop are sold out.

Sirenizzed ()

@GameStop thank you so much for having people sign up for Pre-order information on the PS5 and then just going live and effing us all

JuniorFlow ()

@TCMF2 No! I was going to go either GameStop so I can spend my points and then remove myself from GameStop OR PlayStations website. But PlayStation never sent me an invite, and GameStop might be walk-ins so I have to find out in 2 hours

Kweku 🇬🇭 🇿🇲
Kweku 🇬🇭 🇿🇲 ()

@Romudeth Yup! Also all gamestop needs to do is price their used games at $ 🤣

Yaya Mori
Yaya Mori ()

people who preordered at GameStop going to be pissed asl. I remember what happened with PS4 LE, and they were canceling preorders left & right.

ℓιттℓє 💫 вєαи
ℓιттℓє 💫 вєαи ()

@smudgedhorizon @SweetPeachGames I went last night around 7:30 and GameStop was sold out. They only got like 12 units. Could go to Best Buy since they open at 10am

Gekigēmu ()

Lunga vita al 3DS. Ricordati di recuperare gli ultimi giochi che ti interessano intanto che si trovano ancora a 15 euro da Gamestop, prima che i collezionisti facciano alzare i prezzi

Anthony Henry
Anthony Henry ()

@NucIearThrash @PS5Console I talked to my local GameStop yesterday and they said not available until today and you had to do it in store. Hopefully it works out

Nate Thrash
Nate Thrash ()

@antknee_henry @PS5Console Good luck with that. GameStop shows them as sold out in their website meaning that they might not let you ore order it locally due to their system. But check either way. I’m going to call them once they open today at noon to see what they say.

🌌GGiAmLΣGΣNd🌌 ()

@PieBlocks @sSpectralls Digital wins. We are in 2020, GameStop is already running out of business, and you’re only going to get cents back from GameStop lmao so it doesn’t matter. Also it makes it better to game share and going halves with your friends on games. Goodnight

Catherine ()

@YongYea I have 3 preordered, 1 GameStop, 1 Amazon and 1 bestbuy. Expecting one or two to get canceled. I am not flipping any of them.

Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez ()

@yareccicortes Nahh, fam inwas on it the moment they dropped, best buy, walmart, gamestop,amazon, kohls, all i took were Ls

Kody Dotson
Kody Dotson ()

I’m just gonna try again tomorrow. I legitimately had no idea pre-orders were live today. GameStop, Amazon, Target & Best Buy are ALL sold out of both editions for the #PS5. Thanks for the “heads up,” @PlayStation. 🤬

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Armors of Stark ⎊ Buy Iron Man 1 in September ()

@WeaponXKP21 This shit was so crazy. Gamestop keep not processing my order and then an hour later I got my email confirming my pre order with a confirmation number and everything. This was beyond stressful lmaoo

alex? 🍃
Alex? 🍃 ()

yeah ill drop the extra 100 on the disc ps5 solely because 99% of my happiness stems from going to gamestop and holding that stupid little rectangle in my grubby hands

AJ Anderson
AJ Anderson ()

@Price412 I’m going to probably check at my local GameStop when I go pick up Mario see how they are fairing lol

Jedi Jay (Saints 1-0)
Jedi Jay (Saints 1-0) ()

Trying to decide if I should wake up and try to go place a PS5 preorder at GameStop tomorrow morning or wait for Preorders to go up on Amazon

Caleb Ansell
Caleb Ansell ()

@SnellSZN Nope still stuck on the same page. Saw that GameStop went live so tried to see if I could get through on there but they sold out super fast

Jennifer Stoyer
Jennifer Stoyer ()

@GameStop you guys are assholes. I signed up for the pre order list for ps5 and you sell the pre order to someone else. Fuck you guys. Im done doing business with you. Canceled all my pre orders. No wonder your company is shutting down.

Vegeta🤜🏼❇️ ()

@Nappyboy2330 That’s fuckin rough bro. When I called Best Buy they told me they had no GameStop wanted to make you buy 5 PS5 items with it to get the pre order bitches

Jose Cantu
Jose Cantu ()

@andrearene I got to Checkout on both Best Buy and Target but no. 😭 And I got blocked by Gamestop like everyone else. Lol

Molly Morrison
Molly Morrison ()

men will ask their girl to buy him a PS5 but won’t stop playing games with her, y’all worried about the wrong gamestop

“J Blaze”
“J Blaze” ()

@snkr_twitr I preordered my PS5 at my local GameStop. Might be worth checking your locals.

Teehee ()

@CaliforniaAzn @dbzfreak2 It was incredibly annoying to be working at GameStop at the time. People would ask for the difference, and if they didn’t care about exclusive titles, you were like “well processors????” and hoped it was enough

Jimmy 🏁
Jimmy 🏁 ()

If you didn’t know Make sure to hit up your local GameStop for PS5 pre orders $50 down

✨julz✨ ()

@GameStop i pre-ordered from yall literally the day the pre-order bonuses were announced. if I had known yall would cancel it I would have ordered from amazon so at least I could get it shipped by release day. wtf.

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anger lizard
Anger lizard ()

someone bully @ManedCalico into letting me invade his stream again on friday so we can laugh about gamestop probably going out of business in the near future

Daniel Prakash
Daniel Prakash ()

@OBE1plays Just Got My PS5 pre order in here in Australia 😁 EB Games aka Gamestop 😊

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