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Drivers have hit protesters with their cars at least 66 times since #GeorgeFloyd was killed by police in May, @nytimes reports. ▪️7 of the incidents have been by officers ▪️About 24 cases have led to charges ▪️At least 2 people have died

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@d_sopo Sinon, où est le soutien de la population «racisée» ds cette marche ? Il est bien peu visible. Il me semble pourtant avoir vu des «blancs» lors des manifestations de protestation pour dénoncer le meurtre de #GeorgeFloyd La vie de #PhilippeMonguillot aurait-elle si peu de valeur ?

Rafelito Rojo
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PROHIBIDO OLVIDAR! Hace 45 días en USA estallaron masivas protestas debido asesinato del afro-estadounidense #GeorgeFloyd. Millones salieron a exigir fin del RACISMO, XENOFOBIA, DESIGUALDAD y fueron reprimidos el país de la libertad #DeZurdaTeam

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Mohammad Ali Zafar
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Before you read this hot take from ⁦@TheEconomist⁩, which argues liberalism will cure racism, give the magazine’s masthead a quick look #BLM #GeorgeFloyd

House Democrats
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Police brutality is a national issue. National issues require national solutions. That’s why House Democrats passed the #GeorgeFloyd Justice in Policing Act.

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“Supongo que ya saben por qué lo hice” (VIDEO) #ThierryHenry dirigió de rodillas al Montreal Impact durante más de 8 minutos, en tributo a #GeorgeFloyd

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Lake Morris
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I still question. He went off on this no problem when #kaepernick protested, but struggled to put out thoughts when #GeorgeFloyd was murdered. Silence can speak more than words sometimes.

Public News Service
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In the weeks following the police killing of #GeorgeFloyd, cities like Minneapolis are taking a long look at how their police departments should function.

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afro-carolinian s/aint
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10 cries that he couldn’t breathe. 6 months til any charges against those involved. 5 protesters arrested the same day. Something ain’t right Winston-Salem! And the parallels with #GeorgeFloyd’s murder are not lost on me. #JohnNeville

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Ich könnte mir vorstellen, das den Opfern von #GeorgeFloyd es gerade runtergehen muss wie Öl, dass in Deutschland der Serienstraftäter kurz vor der Heiligsprechung steht. Allerdings beschreibt dieser Irrsinn den Zustand sehr gut, im welchem Zustand sich unser Land befindet.

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@AFP That is just like glorifying killers of #GeorgeFloyd and thousands of victims of police violence every year. Those undisciplined fully armed cops with questionable mentality have no place in law enforcement.

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@TiffanyDCross perfect martyr #GeorgeFloyd folks 🔽🔻🔽🔻 #GeorgeFloyd was the perfect death to exploit for the far left.

Sumit Sharma
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The former US police officer charged in the death of #GeorgeFloyd told him to stop shouting and save his breath as he knelt on his neck and Floyd gasped for air,according to a newly released transcript of police body camera footage. Tell my kids i love them Floyd had said.

Sam Brady
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This is something else!!!! #GeorgeFloyd

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Drivers have hit protesters with their cars at least 66 times since #GeorgeFloyd was killed by police in May, @nytimes reports. ▪️7 of the incidents have been by officers ▪️About 24 cases have led to charges ▪️At least 2 people have died

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Steny Hoyer
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You marched. You protested. You demanded change. Now send a message to @realDonaldTrump and Senate Republicans that it’s time to pass the #GeorgeFloyd Justice in Policing Act. ✍️Sign up to be a citizen co-sponsor TODAY at

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Kunnen we een keer kappen met de ziekelijke verering van deze crimineel. Dankuwel. #GeorgeFloyd

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Miami Mundo
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Toyota despide a dos empleados por burlarse de la muerte de George Floyd (video) #GeorgeFloyd #Toyota

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El Digital Mx
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Mamá te quiero, dile a mis hijos que los audio en la grabadora de los policías revela las últimas palabras de #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter

Capital México
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Después de las protestas en Estados Unidos por la muerte de #GeorgeFloyd, y por el racismo que se vive en ese país, diversas personas han comenzado a pintar un mural con la leyenda #BlackLivesMatter frente a la Torre Trump

Asher Price
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Texas GOP is seeking more than $1 million from Houston for cancelling its convention in a city-owned building. Pointing to outdoors #georgefloyd protests supported by mayor, GOP officials claim a double-standard and ideological viewpoint discrimination.

Lauren-Brooke (L.B.) Eisen
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Outstanding reporting from @andrewbuncombe at the @independent. While covering the #GeorgeFloyd protests in Seattle, Buncombe was arrested by the police. His crime? Covering the news.

Leanna Faulk
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#GeorgeFloyd said “I can’t breathe.” 20 times in his final moments of life, according to newly released body cam footage.

Women Who Think
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He is not my America. My America is a country of hard-working, kind people of every race & ethnicity building a better world for the next generation. #GeorgeFloyd was a felon, a womanizer & an unapologetic addict who was lying right until he died. Sorry his children had to see it


@suffersf0ols I’ve been to hell and back a million times and I’m not speaking from a point of ignorance. I’ve been an LEO for many years and I’m speaking out of experience and knowledge on this matter. This IS #GeorgeFloyd and he was murdered. Not discussing this further here. Take Care.

Craig T. Nelson
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@Billyjensen. I’m listening to your @TalkIsJericho podcast. I surprised you believe the #GeorgeFloyd Murder. Haven’t you seen the multiple camera angles that don’t match up? #crisisactors

George Godoy🇦🇷🇺🇾🇨🇱🇨🇺
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Vamos assinar!!! Esta carta aberta para honrar o #GeorgeFloyd está viralizando -- e ela é emocionante:

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Derek Chauvin accused of fraudulently voting in Florida, as a Republican, despite living in Minnesota #GeorgeFloyd

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Officer told #GeorgeFloyd It takes a lot of oxygen to talk during arrest. New transcripts of the arrest have been released:

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Eric Chaloux
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Judge: Attorneys for former officers charged in #GeorgeFloyd death not to discuss case with media, public |

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NYPD arrested 2,000+ people in the first 2 weeks of protests against the police killing of #GeorgeFloyd, reports NY’s AG. 16% of Black protesters were hit w/ felony charges — compared to less than 4% of white protesters. Many New Yorkers have lost faith in law enforcement.

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