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A little piece of me dies inside every time I hear Gronk referred to as a “former Patriot.

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Bruins are 1-0 at playoff games with gronk in attendance. Get that man to every game.

@NBCSCameraGuys @RobGronkowski Gronk and Chara are from some other species of man-giants. (See also Hagrid.).

@negev791 In an alternate universe, he and Gronk have a decade-long professional wrestling rivalry.

Não é querer dizer que o Gronk deu sorte para os mas né? Deu no que deu.

@DaleEArnold Along with the penalty and likely suspension, I think Nazem Kadri should get 10 minutes in a steel cage with Gronk..

The Pats obviously need a tight end with Gronk retiring. Both Fant and Hockenson are projected first-round picks. Irv Smith could make it three. Wonder if JRob will get a call from his old boss about moving up to grab a tight end? 🤔.

Had the honor of interviewing tonight’s Fan Banner Captain, gronk !! @nhlbruins #NHLplayoffs @tdgarden.

A lot of hate directed towards Gronk, even from the mainstream media. But this dude has done more for the community than will ever be reported. Just a good freaking guy..

#gronk looks like he might commit murder with that @NHLBruins @BruinsDaily.

@GravesZac I would pay all my money to see Gronk play hockey. Best enforcer ever..

A little piece of me dies inside every time I hear Gronk referred to as a “former Patriot.

Here’s my list of noted bruins pump up guys organized by alchol intake •Gronk | | | •McGregor | | | | | | | | •Drunk.

@SteffiMadison I yelled, “What an absolute unit!” when he I did the same when they showed Gronk..

@sully7777 Anyone else and I am mad I have to sit by that guy but Gronk would get a free pass.

One of the highlights of my life was when gronk decided to crack a beer over my head and chug it at the parade,,,,Iconic 🤩.

From Gronk to me — the @NBCSCameraGuys talk to everyone.

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@BillyCliff4 2016. No Gronk. Lit up the scoreboard in the postseason. WRs, Edelman, Hogan, Amendola and Mitchell collectively making less money than Julio Jones..

@ThatDaveBrown They were THE best offense in dvoa in 2017-2018. Mainly because of a healthy gronk, cooks, and dion Lewis..

The guy to the right of gronk is definitely a leprechaun 🍀.

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Gronk doesn’t do anything halfway! This was just before be wrecked the flag..

@ThatDaveBrown Gronk was faster, hogan was better that year, amendola, and yeah cooks. 3 quarters of gameplay is a strange sample size regardless.

Find someone who loves you as much as Gronk loves waving the Bruins flag. #StanleyCupPlayoffs.

Gronk is Boston. Also seeing Gronk all over my timeline makes me sad but happy because that man is wicked fucking awesome!.

Maple leafs weee shitting there pants before this game once they saw Gronk getting hyped.

You think Gronk’s fired up for Game 2? 😂 💪 (🎥: @NHLBruins).

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