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Remembering Oliver Hardy who died on this day aged 65 in 1957.

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Quien durante aquellos años no estuviese enamorado de Françoise Hardy o Sylvie Vartan, que levante la mano. @javiermemba regresa con sus chicas yeyés a @zendalibros.


Austin Butler, Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy will star in “Loving” and “Take Shelter” director Jeff Nichols’ next feature..

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Share your favourite photos of Ollie today. Oliver Hardy 18th Jan 1892 - 7th Aug 1957 #LaurelAndHardy.

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He’s literally going to leave in an expensive car absolutely unharmed stop trying to act hardy.

Also, @BTVDPW, paint is not infrastructure. An intermittent striped bike lane next to 30+mph cars will attract few but the hardy and many riders will just ride on the sidewalk, to the justified annoyance of walkers. Separate bike lanes from traffic and more people will ride!!.

Born on this date: Jacqueline Laurent (August 6, 1918-December 18, 2009) #DYK Louis B. Mayer suggested she try her luck in Hollywood after seeing her in a French film. She made Judge Hardy’s Children (1938) but didn’t make another American film..

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If you think you have the stomach for it, Michael Hardy gives us the gory details of Trump’s CPAC speech last night. ⬇️.

Lots of excuses about injuries coming from the cult as if they didn’t all proclaim Keith Lee, Andrade, Black, Swerve, Storm, Jeff Hardy, Brody King, and a host of others as “game changers,” pal..

마치다 케이타 인스타그램!!!! 아아악 ㅋㅋㅋ 칸타...가 아니었어 마메사부로와. 강아지보다 무는버릇이 있어. @ 마사야스 하하😂 정말이야 @ 마치다 ㅁㅏ-쿤도 먹이가 되었어요?.

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7 August, 1957 Remembering American comic actor Oliver Hardy (18 January, 1892 - 7 August, 1957) who died from cerebral thrombosis on this day in 1957 at the aged of 65 Tap Alt.

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@whenyouknow28 @donnybrats I literally thought that was the reason he watched it I never even considered the timeline! He did say it was cool that Harry was acting next to people like Tom Hardy..


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Oliver Hardy 18/01/1892 - 07/08/1957. Still making the world laugh 65 years on. Thank you for your comedy legacy, Ollie..

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The last ever official photo of Laurel and Hardy, taken in 1956. Ollie passed away on this day in 1957. They made a difference in the world..

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Matt Hardy works out of a bases-loaded jam in the 4th, and we head to the 5th in Norfolk in a 1-1 tie. Patrick Dorrian will lead us.

The Bikeriders: Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy, and Austin Butler to lead Jeff Nichols’ new film..

#四択サークル お疲れ様でした〜 珍しくあまりに人が少なかったので、予定を変えて最後まで参加しました。これから急いで帰ってご飯食べて22時からブートです(^^;;.

Hardy has done a tremendous job in that role, and I could see him taking the next step there, James Franklin said on Saturday. He has made some big plays and has really taken ownership of that spot..

@Srirachachau the way they just keep making incredible returns on the Hardy impression also love Tudyk as stuffy thespian Clayface, such a fun take.

Ici : 1. Barbara 2. Céline Dion 3. Mylène Farmer 4. Dalida 5. Véronique Sanson 6. Anne Sylvestre 7. France Gall 8. Patricia Kaas 9. Fabienne Thibeault 10. Brigitte Fontaine 11. Natasha St-Pier 12. Jeanne Mas 13. Françoise Hardy 14. Juliette 15. Shelia 16. Nicoletta.

@gutgremlins Yes, as a service worker for my entire career I over tip, along with a good review and a hardy Thank You..

@benjaminduffy One other thought - there’ve been a few questionable hammer punches thrown down on dudes already out cold on their backs…and the all-timer for that was Dan Hardy Vs Michael Bisping…the Count on color tonight 😉.

On this day August 7, 1957, the world lost one of its finest ever comic actors. Oliver Norvell Hardy passed away on 7th August 1957 from a major stroke. Babe was a true southern gentleman and a lit up the world with his wonderful talents..

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Who bought me the first cup of milk tea in the autumn. #深圳.

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めちゃ旨✨ たまごかけご飯 無肥料・無農薬のあさひ米 玉島のたまご 黄ニラ醤油 絶品でした🙏 倉敷「有鄰庵」.

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@funmicreates Dead Relatives by Lucie McKnight Hardy; Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson; Where the Wild Ladies Are by Aoko Matsuda; Ghost in the Throat by Doireann Ní Ghríofa.

ゆかりんパスタ。 見た目は良くないけど美味い。 味つけは、ゆかりふりかけ、オリーブオイル、ニンニク、ギザミ海苔だけ。.

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El 7 de agosto de 1957, #TalDiaComoHoy murió uno de los cómicos más famosos de la historia del cine, que junto a su inseparable compañero triunfó en más de 105 películas donde se mezclaban situaciones tan surrealistas como hilarantes..

@birtydave The best mate,I remember doing a City v Ipswich game in said Cup in 87 at Maine Road,lost 3-2,11,000 odd hardy souls of my mates,United fans, came up with me and watched them against Coventry in FA Cup,few more there too fortunately..

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