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It’s obvious. Packing people in a small metal tube presents no risk of transmission. Running alone on the beach is an imminent public heath hazard.

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WFXG FOX 54 ()

The bonus is $400 for full-time workers and $200 for part-time workers to be paid out in two installments on May 30 and June 18, Kroger announced Friday.

敦盛 ()

妊娠してるのわかってたのにパワセとか言ってたのかあのとんバカ #annkw

Polchinello 🌏🌎🌍⌛ ()

The elites are sacrificing workers to keep their industries open & working Hazard pay has already been scrapped despite experts are saying that the pandemic is far from over. #DisasterCapitalism 👉 Reopening the Economy is a Death Sentence for Workers

Crazyblindslady ()

#kroger should keep hazard pay and thank you for their bonuses.

Jay ()

Jadon Sancho and Eden Hazard have the same body style and aesthetic, both dribble quite similar can’t wait to see him in the PL.

Dave Green ()

Late cycle. Channelling Chippolini on the mighty Coal Aston ascent. I take a beetle from Apperknowe to Hunday. I’ll go to that mast over there. The trip hazard of dog on elastic leash. That rook on the road looks bold. I’ll cycle round it. Apologies to @IMcMillan #cycling #bike

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Los mundos de Albertini ()

Y justo se retira Hazard con molestias, no comprendo por qué arriesga tanto el técnico suizo.

Scott Harris🗯 ()

Always lots of mentions of De Bruyne, Lukaku, Salah as players @ChelseaFC let nobody ever mentions Thorgan Hazard. NEVER even made a first team appearance 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Es un delantero que me enamora, en realidad, el Borussia en conjunto; que equipito Hazard, Sancho, todos jovenes

AS ☔️ ()

Borussia Dortmund signed Haland, Hazard and Brandt for about 60 million. Liverpool signed Naby Keitass for 70 million Levels

Pepe Cuevas ()

@AuroraV75 Por un momento he pensado que nos han robado a Hazard durante la cuarentena 😂

⚽ | B5Fútbol ()

Se suma Thorgan Hazard a la lista. El largo parate del fútbol está pasando factura en los jugadores.

Navid 🇮🇷 (Sport) ()

Thorgan Hazard sorti, il ressent une douleur apparemment. qqn compte le nb de sorti pour genes musculaire ou blessures ? on doit en etre à 7-8 sur 5 matchs.

Pablo Ferrigno Toriello ()

En el Borussia Guerreiro y Hakimi con profundidad en diagonales al área rival con éxito. Brandt y Hazard saben ser apoyos en 4C4 cuando hacen la pared hacia atrás, sus marcas llegan tarde, entretienen por dentro y al mínimo despiste buscar velocidad por bandas, bien Haaland

Football Index ()

Erling Haaland breaks the derby deadlock 🟡⚫️ The forward is on hand to finish *Hazard’s low cross to net his 10th Bundesliga goal of the season ⚽️ #BundesligaIsBack #BVBS04

Punchtweet ()

Les joueurs de Schalke à chaque accélération de Torgan Hazard 😂 #Bundesliga #BVBS04

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RosesR_Free ()

@oeste He’s starting to boss it linking up with Hazard and Hakimi. That right side will bring more goals. 3-1 final

Pete. ()

I am devastated to hear about the Loss of Hazard. May his soul RIP.

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Halaand is good but honestly most of his goals are just tap ins. Hazard deserves more for his accurate

ねそべりすもさん ()

【悲報】三四郎小宮、ニコルに嫌われるw #ナナニジ #計算中

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Paulison99 ()

@UgwunnaEjikem You talked about productivity and u claim you are Chelsea fan and watched hazard play!!....pls do research b4 u post shit!!

🥀Benitez🥀 ()

Naa golazo del Borussia Dortmund, la jugada colectiva que armaron, buenisima, exelente asistencia de Hazard, gran definicion de Haaland, pero el toque de taco de Brandt fue el armo todo. #Bundesliga

Between The Sticks ()

BVBs got some interesting false right back thing going on with Hakimi/Pisczeck on that right side, they sit defensively in a 5, but attack in a 4 with Hakimi as a winger. Along with Hazard, has given them a dangerous right attacking side, as seen on the goal #BVBS04

Carlos Navares ()

@MadriditisRMCF Con un fichaje y recuperar algún cedido seguiriamos teniendo un muy buen equipo, ademas si por fin podemos disfrutar a Hazard y Asensio toda la

Mati Albarracin ()

También con jugadores como Hakimi, Guerreiro, Hazard, Brandt y no olvidemos a la criatura de 19 años que tiene 10 goles en 9 partidos, una pavada

Ridwanullah ()

stats actually compares well with his peers bar

Nick Kapatos ()

It was a great pass from Hazard and a great finish from Haaland, but that little flick from Brandt was sublime. I seriously missed being able to watch live sports and comment about big plays online

Mweine Mamburinga ()

@benj_amin11 Yeah, that felt so in unfootball like, but good goal anyway, nice cross in from Hazard there

Ismail🇬🇲 ()

@Topmilit Don’t forget the Hazard you’re celebrating here one time scored less than 4 goals a while season in the EPL

Ted Cruz ()

It’s obvious. Packing people in a small metal tube presents no risk of transmission. Running alone on the beach is an imminent public heath hazard.

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