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🥜 @peanuttillman really had enough Peanut Punches in his career to create a 3-minute highlight video of them 😂 (via @nflthrowback)

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꾸잉 ()

엔시티 2020 이어북 콜렉트북 포카 양도 유타 NCT 콜북 콜렉트북 포토카드 콜북제노양도 태일 쟈니 태용 유타 도영 텐 재현 윈윈 마크 런쥔 제노 해찬 재민 천러 지성 루카스 정우 쿤 샤오쥔 양양 헨드리 쇼타로 성찬

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Hardy The Coach
Hardy The Coach ()

One way to customize your CV for a job Application is to highlight action verbs like managing, analyzing & nouns like operations teams, budgets on the Job Description then include these in your CV. You can include this on skills and competencies and responsibilities sections.

Cube Draft
Cube Draft ()

@sniffygull @kstube We get to do our own. I tend to highlight my coworkers’ strengths and how they provide quality patient care. Others use it as an excuse to talk shit about each other anonymously to our managers. I still get a raise even if I don’t share donuts (which I do, Helen!!).

Nature in Digital Eye
Nature in Digital Eye ()

COVID-19: Over million years of life may have been lost due to COVID-19(Scientific Reports)

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Imagine betting on a sports outcome, then instantaneously purchasing or bidding on the actual play, highlight for historical value. #NFT

Riverside Warriors
Riverside Warriors ()

Happy Black History Month! Each day the Riverside High School Black Student Union will highlight a Black historical figure and their accomplishments. Today, we are highlighting James Baldwin. #eWarriors #ReachingHigherStandards

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Iceberg Slim
Iceberg Slim ()

Oubre works perfectly with Wiggs. While Oubre is fiery and can at times get lost in his own energy, Wiggs is the calm everpresent. Just delivers , although sometimes he has games where he’s not a highlight

Darko Belić
Darko Belić ()

@blessedmom07 Highlight of the night was Kyle and Stanley during Tobias tech free throw. I’m still laughing.

Amber 🏹
Amber 🏹 ()

@haroldharoldy31 It’s not jinxing to point out stops that highlight why Pekka has already won the Vezina. Sorry, Harold.

FOX Sports: NFL
FOX Sports: NFL ()

🥜 @peanuttillman really had enough Peanut Punches in his career to create a 3-minute highlight video of them 😂 (via @nflthrowback)

Asher Adler
Asher Adler ()

If this were text u would highlight the 5th comment / thread

irshad Mir ارشادمیر ℹ️
Irshad Mir ارشادمیر ℹ️ ()

@tiwarymanoj @iamMehrul You are brave enough to highlight any issue salute you sir🙏🏻🙏🏻


someone stop me from listening to onf’s highlight medley i just cant stop

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Richard Oeckler
Richard Oeckler ()

Nature. No joke. At 80+ mph odds are even if u see it ur super-fast mountain sled ain’t going to outrun it Plenty of science & resources available, know before u go! Or ur local avalanche center for the B-T

👯‍♀️ ()

@ribonk Ayok main ke Surabaya, nanti aku masakin Jangan lupa cek highlight IG aku untuk tau makanan mana yang kamu inginkan

Jaz! ()

either way, good intention bad intention, it was probably a highlight of my October considering I still remember it

•ainfitriyah• ()

[saya tercuri , maafkan saya] CEPATLAH NAK CUBA HIGHLIGHT BARU NI 😽✨

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DeepAyo ()

Twitter REACTS to Damian Lillard 43 pts vs New Orleans Pelicans | via @YouTube #PORvsNOP

🐿️☀️ iU ً⁷
🐿️☀️ iU ً⁷ ()

@purpleheartsid @likechizu Projectnya deserved buat kena highlight juga ka. like idol, like fans 💜

Sky ✨
Sky ✨ ()

Highlight from my most recent stream! Watch my N64 throw a fit 😂

👾Riku👾 @ BST SPAM 🚨
👾Riku👾 @ BST SPAM 🚨 ()

I think we can all agree that this was the highlight of the direct

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㎿ ウエブ ▲̴̨̊̋̐̃̀̽̽ͅ ͙͛ ͙͛ 𓁿
㎿ ウエブ ▲̴̨̊̋̐̃̀̽̽ͅ ͙͛ ͙͛ 𓁿 ()

other highlight of the day was i stopped into one of the only mask-free stores for a few months, they had the plexiglass up and were wearing masks (someone must have snitched), i stopped going today? glass gone, masks off. so relieved.

🐋 ()

@burberibaek its funny how hard they tried not to make him visible because either way his parts are always the highlight and remembered most from the songs

Lexa 🐄
Lexa 🐄 ()

highlight from the meeting: exhausted from passively listening to things unrelated to my job, i held up my cow plushie to the camera & my big boss starts showing all of her bear plushies & dancing with them.

ウラ@懺悔の書 ()


HOTOSM Philippines 🇵🇭
HOTOSM Philippines 🇵🇭 ()

#MAPAsinoKaMan is a campaign that aims to be a platform to highlight the Filipino mappers. To know more and/or participate to be featured, go to [18/18]

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M1klofn ()

m1klo highlight #7 via @YouTube pls like and subscribe guys🙏🏼🙏🏼

The_HEX_Joker (https://trovo.live/The_Joker) 777
The_HEX_Joker (https://trovo.live/The_Joker) 777 ()

@RestreamHelps Not a problem. I will be sure to highlight how the people you are partnered with @OfficialDLive is threatening / discouraging some of their verified partners from Restreaming / using your service to stream on trovo and other platforms.

XFactor ()

Limbaugh literally said we’ve had problems with chavez’s throughout history and used to highlight people dying of aids

beverly hunt
Beverly hunt ()

Shout-out to @leonbusyworking for producing this piece to highlight the accomplishments of Black PR

☚ #Bayern3Racist Äußerungen ☛
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