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When Mahmood and Blanco became Italy’s 2022 Eurovision entry with a song about love, regardless of gender or sexuality, the unexpected happened: There wasn’t much pushback. The reaction hints at how Italy, with a mixed record on LGBTQ rights, is changing..

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Ukraine 🇺🇦 win, it was written in the stars⭐️ 👏🏼 Sam Ryder for the UK United 🇬🇧 came 2nd and that’s a fantastic result, highest position for over 20 years! A great night, lots of great songs, thanks Italy for a great show 👏🏼 #TeamSpaceman #Eurovision.

@soranoshitade_ I cringe because some Dutch people keep telling how bad it is in comparison with Rotterdam last year. But honestly, to me every year the stage looks LIT and every place makes it different and unique!! Well done Italy!.

Italy must be nervous having so many dutch fans in italy since the Feyenoord incident.

@Alan_Measles No… this was my dog during Italy’s screeching.

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like listen, aside from italy, the audience was the loudest for spain no? AND COME ON, IT’S SPAIN…….


this was also my first time hearing the mahmood song for italy and i’m sorry to say but it didn’t give.

#Eurovision Italy. Very cute but why are there so many high notes they can’t hit 😅 oh gosh they’re fighting… 7/10.

@Fede_ProudOfLou praticamente la trama di tired tired sea o somewhere in southern italy.

Hearing the crowd singing along to Brividi gives me hope that Italy might just bag the win again. Fingers crossed 🤞 #Eurovision #Eurovision2022.

【amare】[アマーレ] 愛する、好きだ  【ti amo】愛してる、愛しています.

عندما كانت #إيطاليا تحكم عالم كرة القدم..

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it took 23 countries for my friends and i to realize the places they were showing were in italy.

Ob der #Eurovision2022-Gewinner hier mithalten 👇 Måneskin - Acoustic version of Zitti E Buoni Italy 🇮🇹 - #Eurovision2021 via @YouTube.

I love Italy anyway but these little clips before each song are just amazing #Eurovision.

I fully can’t believe how much Italy has messed up on the hosting this year I haven’t seen it this bad in awhile #Eurovision.

moldova has to do well, like cmon the public loved it also the diaspora in italy can vote today and they probably will vote it whatever happens i’m super proud of them #Eurovision.


Why are we still here? Italy just arrogantly announced themselves the winner #Eurovision.

Italy is an exception, you should know a thing or two about exceptions, am I right?.

Italy won this last year then the Euros so presumably if we get this we win the World Cup nah?.

“omg he was just in italy how’d he get to london so fast yada yada teleporting” planes. literal planes everyday i open this app and am shocked at how dense some of y’all are.

Best vacay for them,happy family . from Spain,Italy, Iceland❄🇪🇸🇮🇹🇮🇸❄❄💗.

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@francis_scarr Italy has canceled his residence permit How many letters are Solovyov? 🤔.

Now I can reveal more details (as voting progress) :) The battle for winner will be between following countries (unordered): UK, Ukraine, Spain, Finland & Italy..

#Eurovision Forgot we had Spain joint 2nd with France and Italy. They may win tonight. Shall see with public vote..

Rookie third baseman Alex Liddi became the first player born and raised in Italy to play in the Major Leagues when he made his debut on Wednesday night in the Mariners’ series finale against the Angels..

E vai. Fuck @rusembitaly, fuck Putin. Fuck your goons and enablers everywhere and most of all in Italy. Great show, full of weird, diverse people from free countries all around the world. Half of whom would end up in jail for some reason in Russia. #SlavaUkraine #Eurovision2022.

First UK loses Euros bc Italy played dirty, then Lewis loses F1 championship and he’s British and now they lost Eurovision omg it’s not going well for.

well looks like it didn’t come home again for the uk… and in Italy too 🙊 #eurovision.

I’m not watching #Eurovision every again. This was the last time that I watched political contest. The worst song winner? Italy deserved to win. Bye everyone, and I’m sorry for this.

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