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BRAVES WIN ⚾️ Kenley Jansen gets the save against his former team!.


4TH T20I. : Marco Jansen to Ishan Kishan 4 runs, India 36/2 #INDvSA @Paytm.


4TH T20I. : Marco Jansen to Ishan Kishan 4 runs, India 32/2 #INDvSA @Paytm.

Ngidi, Jansen, now Nortje, all got the ball to kick, that additional bounce, and look how the top 3 fared, but yeah, Virat Rohit KL must be replaced with these guys with World cup in Australia🥹🥹.

#INDvSA | 4th T20I FREE HIT & FOUR! Ishan Kishan sends this behind square leg for four off Marco Jansen IND 32/2 in overs Follow Live:.

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Danny Jansen for two relievers tomorrow, Ross. Get it done. #NextLevel While you’re at it, review your Manager. Charlie with the Thornton, Richards tandem again..


LIVE | Ngidi, Jansen deliver double blow in 4th T20 against India | @Sport24news.

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@hollybishu The gospel is active liberation from suffering! Not a call to forcefully suffer..

Players with more HR than singles this season (min. 5 HR): 1. Byron Buxton* 19 HR / 15 singles 2. Jordan Luplow* 9 HR / 6 singles 3. Danny Jansen 7 HR / 5 singles 4. Matt Carpenter 6 HR / 1 single *both have HR in today’s ARI/MIN game #Dbacks.

I really hope Dodgers fans are able to appreciate Kenley Jansen. That man gave this team 11 years and was one of the best closers in the league for a time. Even if he was kinda frustrating to watch the last 3-4 years he was probably the second most important Dodger of the 2010’s..

The rise of #blockchain technology has given rise to #NFTs. Join Fenwick’s IP partner Mark Jansen on June 23 for a webinar covering the legal and practical implications of the minting and sale of NFTs. Sign up:.

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tudo p vocês é drama, tudo é frescura, aí quando realmente acontece uma merda vocês pregam sobre depressão, ansiedade e etc. só acreditam quando alguém próximo faz algo, enquanto isso não acontece é besteira/frescura.


Calificación objetiva para Jansen, , REPROBADO. El peor fichaje en toda la historia de la liga MX..

@Roodenb1Andries @Hans_Jansen Dit aso kabinet veroorzaakt zelf de troep ( massa immigratie) en legt dat bij de bevolking neer. Je moet je eigen troep opruimen ( uitzetten en grenzen sluiten ) en niet afwentelen op het volk ! Wij willen geen vreemdeling zijn in eigen land ..

ابداعات المهندس theo jansen. مزيج رائع بين الفن والهندسة، ابتكر مجسمات تتحرك بواسطة الرياح.

@sam_scherer99 Jansen is gone. People gotta quit brining him up. He wanted to the to the Braves. Kimbrel will just have to figure it out or will make a change..

4th T20I: Ishan Kishan hits Marco Jansen for a 4! 36/2 ( Ov) #INDvSA.

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4th T20I: Ishan Kishan hits Marco Jansen for a 4! 32/2 ( Ov) #INDvSA.

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@jansen_jsp 2024 pemilu serentak. Apa fair treshold 20% hasil 2019 untuk pilpres 2024, bagaimana dgn partai baru?, hak warganegara berserikat dan hak pilihnya dilecehkan?? Mengapa Revisi UU Pemilu dikeluarkan dr prolegnas DPR RI?? (berikut Keputusan KPU No 1409).

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blckbx today - vrijdag 17 juni 2022 Vandaag ietsje later, maar we zijn nu live! Desk: Dutchbat III-veteraan Raf Jansen, @DavidBoerstra en wetenschapsjournalist Rypke Zeilmaker @AndereKrant Presentatie: Sanae Orchi NU LIVE: #blckbxtoday.

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Wat een overgang. Van Floor Jansen naar Froukje. De ene kan zingen en de andere niet. #Pinkpop2022.

@costa_jansen Se correr o bicho pega, se ficar o bicho come. Europa há muito tempo está saturada no geral. Mercados emergentes como o Brasil, são boas apostas. Melhor que Nigéria, Indonésia, África do Sul e Cia. Do jeito que está, a coisa vai ficar feia se este preço não ceder..

Ya se fue jansen el ya se quería ir ya desde hace un año entiendan ya déjalo ir y si Funes no da va ver jugador para que se vaya a la banca así de sencillo y si no da se va ir del equipo.

@22SanjeewaKUK @OfficialCSA Jansen is the better package I think. Parnell is a like a utility player in white ball formats but Jansen can surely be an all format star. So many transferable skills and the guy can bat a bit too.

Over the next few months, I will be tracking job recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kentucky. Here is the first visualization. KY Job Recovery by Industry for May 2022..

📍Zur Erinnerung, hier eine Message from SHAEF.🇺🇸🇷🇺🏳 🇺🇸🇷🇺 MAJ UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE.🇺🇸.

@marcelbar8 Volgens mij ontbreekt het draagvlak om miljoenen in KLM te steken ook… maar ja…..

@jansen_jsp terima kasih demokrat yg sudah mencetuskan pt 20%, jadi calonnya g banyak2 😁.

Luke Jansen posted the 5 next musics of the OST of Hands of Necromancy! You can check the playlist on youtube: You can download it for free in his website: The full game will be released on June 20!.

@AJ_Jansen_ @hollybishu There’s a big difference between suffering from taking up your cross, and suffering from abuse from self or others. Our egos are meant to suffer, not our souls.

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