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All I’m gonna say is that I would not be pleased if I were a Marlins fan. That is all.

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Spn4ever ()

@QueenHuds I wish we got more of Jared in the white suite but I also like marks and Misha version too they all did it good and different

Jared Stout
Jared Stout ()

After owning and staring at a guitar for a full year, I have now successfully learned two full songs within the last hour and a half. Jared works in strange ways.


Used $676 Million dollars of Campaign funds in a family slush fund set up by Jared. Raised $495 million for his fake “election fraud” legal fund 02

Jared Foto,Jared Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
Jared Westbrook
Jared Westbrook ()

@LiLBiLLnation Teach me to skate and I’ll join you. I have my Vans on standby waiting for the day

Miss brightside
Miss brightside ()

Así quedé cuando buscando los actores de panic room vi que estaba Jared Leto🤡como jamás me di cuenta

Tony A. Brown, Ed.S
Tony A. Brown, Ed.S ()

2021 North Side High School Band Spring Concert Jared Nobles and Ebonee Woodland- Directors

Bradley Milne
Bradley Milne ()

Jared Leto isn’t a good enough actor to try and be the decent understanding romantic option in this film.

Alex Kane
Alex Kane ()

@Jared_Carrabis The dude was big league ready two years ago. Absolutely insane what he can do with a ball. Wizard on the mound

D.R. Sanchezviesca D.
D.R. Sanchezviesca D. ()

@ComarcaDeporte @lillingston Para mí, aparentemente tenía mejores cualidades físicas para ser más completo que Algo le faltó... Mucho, más

.🥀. ()

Breaking up right before she starts looking like Jared leto’s joker >>>>

. ()

the way jared and michaela barely get any scenes anymore omg now i know what it feels like to watch your ship lose 😒

beer and tacos
Beer and tacos ()

Jared Leto do a Heath Ledger joker impression in the end cause, he like, definitely did.

Gee_dubs44 ()

@Jared_Carrabis I have him as the 2021 AL HR King & AL MVP. I predict he hits 53 HRs this year.

Mark Edward
Mark Edward ()

Jared by Mark Edward Studio. See more:

Jared Foto,Jared Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
Nat Carolina
Nat Carolina ()

@Duraraross As someone who once felt that way about them, I think ever since Jared Leto played the joker it should be tainted for everyone

Jaredhatch ()

Attention! Did everyone know there’s a show called #PoochPerfect?!

MyHeroIsPaulWalker ()

@jarpad That was Another Awesome and Amazing New Episode of #Walker and I Love Love Loved it and I Can’t Wait to see what the rest of this Season has in Store For Us I Love This Show and I Love You Jared 😘💙

Rob Gumerson
Rob Gumerson ()

@Jared_Carrabis He’s given up 3 bombs tonight, down 6-1. Just saying Pirates, Rangers, and Tigers. He’s a bum shouldn’t draft him.

j | 🐎 #walker day! ✨
J | 🐎 #walker day! ✨ ()

@demondoyle @swinchesterism cant get over how they literally hatecrimed jared actually

Marilyn rosenberg Y yo a ti, Cas
Marilyn rosenberg Y yo a ti, Cas ()

#FineIsAFourLetterWord. That was soo good. Jared @jarpad has great acting talent but so does the rest of the cast

TV Insider
TV Insider ()

SPOILER ALERT: #Walker star Keegan Allen on Liam lying to Bret – and confessing to Cordell

Sal ()

@JaredDudley619 Hey Jared ! Heading to New York to try and cheer for my Lakers since we still can’t at Staples. Hook up a brother up with a pair of Net or Knicks tickets! 🙌🏼🙏🏼

tay ☭
Tay ☭ ()

@BhadddBhussy @toni3l7 Also my boy Jared used to post on FB that the minimum wage shouldn’t be raised because “people don’t work as hard as him” He was the co-owner of a paint-your own-pottery studio his parents bought and gifted to him.

KintsugiSammy🔞/ #WalkerFamily🍔🥗
KintsugiSammy🔞/ #WalkerFamily🍔🥗 ()

Jared in the scene with Keegan was so good. #Walker Just keeps getting better and better. #FineIsAFourLetterWord

Mona_jarpad_photo_gallery ()

Walker 1x09 Promo Rule Number 17 (HD) Jared Padalecki series via @YouTube

ILikeMovingImages ()

@Jared_Carrabis This tweet really hurts when you have the over and realize this home run was 2 hours ago

Blue Jays PBP
Blue Jays PBP ()

HIGHLIGHT: Randal Grichuk grounds out softly, third baseman Anthony Rendon to first baseman Jared Walsh. LAA vs. TOR at TD Ballpark 📽️:

Anna ()

ok but the end scene where you can see walker wanting to explode and looking angry/disgusted/sad/confused all at once ???¿¿ jared padalecki did THAT #walker

Jared Carrabis
Jared Carrabis ()

All I’m gonna say is that I would not be pleased if I were a Marlins fan. That is all.

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