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lot of people correctly making fun of joe rogan for inventing something and then getting mad at it but very important to remember inventing something and getting mad at it is responsible for 99% of the content on this awful website.

the key difference is that joe rogan has 3 trillion followers and when I invent something and get mad at it the only person who suffers is me, psychically.


Imagine having a son and he grows up to defend Elon Musk and Joe Rogan in the internet.

joe rogan is always like “the left is trying to silence me!!!!!!!!!” like damn I wished it worked lmao stfu.

@libsoftiktok @elonmusk I’d think this is fake if I hadn’t met people exactly like this at other tech companies. Wanna know why Spotify is buggy af on a modern iPhone, but only for episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience? Tons of people there not happy about having to work on it..

Joe Rogan mocked for ranting about fake news story on Spotify podcast – and then realising it was fake ’I can’t find it either. Dammit! It might be fake,’ he said after ranting about the untrue story.

@GBNEWS This is probably coming from their camp so if Harry is cancelled by Netflix too; they can say’ oh we didn’t want to talk about the royal family, so we parted ways.🤔Just like they did with Spotify and trying to cancel Joe Rogan to give them a reason to say they left if cancelled.

Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan has come under fire after a series of claims about Australia were proved to be completely wrong..


“Greatness and madness are next door neighbors and they often borrow each other’s sugar.” – Joe Rogan.

Watch Joe Rogan Realize In Real Time The Story He’s Ranting About Is Actually Fake News via @Yahoo Sounds like just another day in conspiracy land! 🙁😖🙉.

And so many Dumbfucks take what this Dumbfuck has to say as.

Comentarista do Ultimate, Joe Rogan sai em defesa de Charles do Bronx após falha na balança do UFC 274.

@MMAJunkie Joe Rogan also believed the Australian Government are going to ban their citizens from growing their own food..

Joe Rogan has tells himself a lie, pushes the lie on others, condemns the lie, then realizes he lied to himself, all in a 2 minute segment. Best part: his buddy trying to save the lie at the end. “Even if it’s fake, the fake is usually the warning.” YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP.

Podcast host Joe Rogan has been caught out on air after growing outraged about a supposed Australian law that would ban people from growing their own food. #9News.

@Scattersilk if kefka was real joe rogan would be the kind of mf to give him a platform to speak on.

Been studying this show last few weeks, one of the best on the internet. The young Joe Rogan Clever lads the Paul brothers, very best of luck to them. This new generation are freakin awesome….

It was fake news that Australia or New Zealand banned growing your own food and Rogan went off about it on his podcast before facing backlash..

@carlolinks A doos is a nice thing Carlyle. At least where I comes from. But yes, Joe Rogan is a box..

Joe Rogan vs Neil Young vs Freedom vs Safety vs…Nickelback? #joerogan.

Joe Rogan Foto,Joe Rogan Foto by Kenneth Holland,Kenneth Holland on twitter tweets Joe Rogan Foto

Joe Rogan, anti-vaxxer in chief, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire and all round nob-end gets owned by his own paranoia..

@HBLitherland I like crime, debate such as Joe Rogan and comedy podcasts. Ideas for wellbeing also..

WTF…“The fake is usually the warning”??? Joe Rogan & company are fucking morons!!!.

Joe Rogan, once again proving he knows a little about a lot, and a lot about fuck all.

@KnowNothingTV 25-49yo white male, no college, and desperately need someone else to blame for your own failures in life? = listens to Joe Rogan All of the above, except you went to college? = listens to Jordan Peterson.

Joe Rogan Goes On Conspiracy Theory Laden Rant About Purported Australian Agriculture Laws Only To Realize Its Fake News #estate #stock.

But imo this shooter would have been radicalised without mainstream conservatism essentially turning into Fascism Lite. He wasn’t someone (from his own words) who was big on Fox News or Joe Rogan. Just basically a guy who spent way too much time on /pol/.

@yourcompatriot need him on a joe rogan episode soooo bad you know they would be spitting facts together 💯🔥.

@DiamondandSilk “But Joe Rogan! Now there’s a guy to take medical advice from!”.

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