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As I warned these Tory MPs many times, the one thing you know with Johnson is that there will always be another scandal just around the corner. It is who he is and what he does. And no amount of media cover up can save him from his own realities.

How many times are we going to have to hear Johnson will “ listen to our concerns” every time they have had a then nothing happens..

It is embarrassing to watch that lying crook Johnson representing 🇬🇧 on the world stage. The @Conservatives need to be punished long and hard for keeping him in place.

This is courageous stuff from Simon Walters in all the circumstances. It disappoints me no other newspaper is now running with this. I ask that @Keir_Starmer demands answers about this from Johnson at #PMQs. Once again, the PM’s integrity is in question..

Another big story that should be given a lot more The Tories held their summer party last night, an event where big donors pay for access to party grandees and ministers. Tickets cost between £20k and £ A dinner with Johnson, May and Cameron sold for £120k..

What’s terrifying about Johnson’s rise to power is so many people along the way - at the Foreign Office, for example, when he tried to install his mistress in a £100k a year job - kept quiet about it at the time. Only long afterwards did it emerge too about the lockdown partying..

Excellent questioning by @johnmcdonnellMP of the Cabinet Secretary. The problem is Johnson debases and corrupts everything he touches. He should be charged with misconduct in public office..

Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, İngiltere Başbakanı Boris Johnson ile görüştü..

Johnson Foto,Johnson Foto by Yeni Şafak,Yeni Şafak on twitter tweets Johnson Foto

@PippaCrerar The “massive agenda” Johnson refers to here is keeping himself in power and, to do that, he’s having to remove our rights, trash our constitution, our democracy, our country’s economy, union and all to avoid the challenges that would dethrone him..

Labour needs to fight like fury to keep attention on the responsibility of ministers for what is happening, writes @AndrewMarr9..

📻 @ChicagoDOT Commissioner Gia Biagi is live on @wlsam890 talking about traffic safety..

Well what we have seen and can be sure of is that he has been sniffing in interviews. But who knows why. We can’t trust anything he says. Boris Johnson returns to No 10 after minor sinus operation.

Carriegate: No 10 admits pressuring The Times to drop Carrie Johnson story | The Independent.

Boris Johnson had a minor operation on his sinuses today. This makes Alistair Campbell look a complete fuckwit after accusing Boris of drug taking during an interview just after his no confidence vote by his party in which he appeared to have problems with his nose. apology?..

did I hear Johnson had an operation this morning, was it on his Brain by any chance because I swear there is something psychological wrong with someone who lies so much and believes his own lies and then pretends it was nothing to do with him..

Maybe @BorisJohnson should cut town on sugary drinks, try Coke light. #Wakefieldbyelection #TivertonandHonitonByElection.

@elrington1952 Johnson’s world beating oven ready deal is a fiasco, failed at Brexit as with every other promise he’s made Now a lame duck PM clinging on for dear life, blaming everyone for his world beating disasters, failed human being, journalist, husband, foreign sec & PM. #JohnsonOut147.

Boris Johnson health: PM taken to hospital as Dominic Raab forced to step in | Politics | News – NEWPAPER24.

“Solid Conservative government”. Johnson is so laughable. 148 of his own MPs have no confidence in him. His working majority is being eroded..


Boris Johnson is yet again not answering anything. How is he still standing there? #PMQs.

@Otto_English Isn’t that basically what Johnson’s Bullingdon Club cronies used to do back in the day?.

@MBadgr @ThatTimWalker No 10 spoke to Times before Carrie Johnson story dropped.


Good Q by Starmer - how many times has Shapps been in negotiations to solve the strike crisis? Johnson avoids answering. Swerves at Labour. #PMQs.

a refusal to answer rather than a direct lie. Johnson must be nervous. #PMQs.

Dina Asher-Smith and Katarina Johnson-Thompson confirmed for Commonwealth Games.

Boris Johnson is a hideous corrupt liar, but Keir Starmer isn’t exactly keeping to his promises. Labour desperately need a leader the Left can get behind #PMQs.

@mayaj1973 Ron Johnson is a liar and needs to be called out. Interview everyone on his staff. No one wants jail on his behalf.

Editorial: Ministers are blaming everyone but themselves for the rail strikes.

The attacks are on Boris Johnson . Carries wasn’t his first mistress that he gave money to He gave £120k to Jennifer arcuri and took get on several trips because he’s an entitled twit . The blame is Johnson’s.

Johnson County man sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for 2018 fatal hit-and-run crash.

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